MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1418



And when he was drawn by lot and his opponent was determined to be Lin Hao. The scene boiled directly.

“I’m relying on Lin Hao. It’s not that the enemy doesn’t get together!”

“Although Lin Hao’s talent is not bad, but after all, it is still the top level of the Xuan level, and there is still a gap in strength!”

“Promoted from the Xuan level. Of the three people, Chen Fei met two successively. This shady scene is too obvious. ”

” I don’t think so. You see, Jiang Fanfan Jiang Shao is giving Lin Hao an opportunity, and Lin Hao is impossible. When the water is released, perhaps unexpected results may come. ”


Jiang Fanfan, Lin Hao ’s eyes were cold and fierce, with a revenge of excitement, he gritted his teeth and said,“ I have to do things just now Revenge back. Let him know that I am not offended by Lin Hao. ”

Jiang Bufan on the side but calm expression, said:” Then Chen Fei has a little strength, you are not necessarily his opponent. ”

Lin Hao gritted his teeth and said:” Big deal, I use that trick. ”

” Are you sure you want to use that trick at this time? “Jiang Bufan asked.

Lin Hao nodded: “I have never been insulted so much since I debuted. I must find it back, otherwise, what other face of Lin Hao will continue to mix.”

Jiang Bufan was silent for a while, then nodded. : “Since you have decided, go for it. Of course, if the situation is critical, you don’t have to carry it hard, and admit defeat. Behind, there is Yang Ling and me. That Chen Fei, can’t escape.”

“Jiang Shao , I understand. “Lin Hao nodded, then his face was cold and revenge, and stepped onto the ring.

On the ring, Chen Fei coldly watched Lin Hao coming up, his eyes cold, and he said nothing.

Lin Hao raised his lips slightly and sneered: “I just found you the humiliation you gave me a while ago.”

After that, Lin Hao moved directly, without reservation, and directly pulled out his long sword , Cleave in the air, with a fierce killing intention, whistling.

The strong roaring sound drove the terrifying coercion and shocked the audience on the shore.

“This is Lin Hao angry, and one to play hardball.”

“Lin Hao is indeed the genius ah. This momentum, not worse than some of the ground-level fighter and he’s promising unlimited ah!”

“Is I just wanted Lin Hao to lose. But now I ’m afraid I will win! ”

…… Beside

Wei Tian, ​​the few“ friends ”were also happily talking about it.

“Haha, I’ve run into a hard stubble, and I’m going to be deflated.”

“If he loses, then he becomes the biggest joke in this competition. In the last round, he also won the 20th Lin Anshu of Qianlong. In the next round, he lost to Lin Hao

, who is at the top of the Xuan level. Haha! ” ” He was a joke, but now it’s just a bigger joke. ”

………… In

a mocking voice, Chen Fei faced Lin Hao fiercely ‘S attack, standing on the spot, his face indifferent and unmoving, didn’t mean to panic at all.

“You—” Lin Hao couldn’t help but frown, and immediately shouted loudly, “Give me death.” In

an instant, the sword in his hand shouted, and the volley turned into a giant sword, with terror. The pressure of chopping down.

Faced with such an attack

The situation, Chen Fei looked indifferent, shook his head gently, and then raised his right arm, popping a finger at the giant sword falling in the air.

“Ding” a crisp sound of gold and iron clashes, and immediately, the giant sword in the sky shattered directly, and it disintegrated into countless strength. The long sword in Lin Hao’s hand also made a squeaky noise, and a crack appeared on the surface, which shattered and fell to the ground, and made a ding dong dong sound.

“You–” Lin Hao was shocked. He didn’t expect that Chen Fei’s strength was so powerful, he broke his struggling blow with one finger.

After throwing away the hilt in his hand, Lin Hao’s face sank, and he gritted his teeth, whispering, “It seems that only the trick is used.”

Immediately, Lin Hao stomped his feet on the ring, and his eyes were scarlet, with a real breath inside. A crazy surge began, and a lingering red breath appeared on the surface of the body.

The breath continued to spread, and Lin Hao’s momentum quickly rose.

Feeling this change in momentum, the audience couldn’t help but be surprised.

“What’s going on? How did Lin Hao suddenly become so much stronger?”

“Then, that’s blood-burning power.”

“What, turned out to be blood-burning power. Burning your own blood gas to improve your strength in a short time However, this kind of exercise is also very damaging to your body! Is it necessary for Lin Hao to fight this way? ”


At the time when everyone was discussing, Lin Hao’s momentum had soared to the extreme. Compared with real prefects, they are not too much.

Lin Hao’s mouth sneered with pride, lingering in the red light, stepping towards Chen Fei step by step.

Chen Fei narrowed his eyes slightly and took a step back.

Upon seeing this, Lin Hao sneered, “I want to escape, or do I want to delay the time? However, I tell you, this is useless. My blood burning skill was improved by the Jiang family, as long as it is supplemented with drugs, the injury It ’s not big. I can launch blood burning three times in succession, what do you fight against me! ”

After that, Lin Hao laughed and oppressed Chen Fei, his body became more and more powerful, a good thing is an invisible The monster approached step by step.

The audience at the lake was surprised when they saw such a situation.

“Jiangjia’s blood-burning skill has been improved! The Jiang family is too powerful!”

“Will the blood-burning skill be launched three times in succession, wouldn’t that be a surge in strength, and you can play against more levels.”

“In this way, there will still be opponents of the Jiang family in the future .” ? ”


screams, Chen Fei arrogant face of oppression over Lin Hao, gently shook his head, lightly cold channel:” you ask me what that fight with you that I let you? Look, what do I fight against you. ”

After that, Chen Fei raised his right hand, and a blue true breath gathered in his palm.

The true breath condenses and turns into a fresh blue lotus. The lotus petals swayed with the wind and swayed gently, intoxicating them involuntarily.

“Go!” Chen Fei raised his right hand and gently patted forward, and the blue lotus in the palm of his hand flew directly to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao saw this, his eyes narrowed. Although he only felt a faint cold breath from the lotus, there was no threat beyond that.

Immediately, he stepped back a few steps, shot a vigour, and slammed into the blue lotus.

Surprisingly, the blue lotus, after being bombarded by Lin Hao’s energies, immediately shattered, raised countless debris, and sprinkled in the air.


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