MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1417



On the other side, Lin Hao, who was coughing and coughing over his throat, finally eased over, glaring at Chen Fei fiercely, and then led by Jiang Bufan, came down from the ring and returned to the audience to give Lin Hao treatment Got up.

After this short episode, the battle on the Xuan-level realm in the ring continues. The top eight finalists in the fourth round will also have a scuffle in the end, and the final top three finalists will have the opportunity to challenge the next higher level.

The final result was almost no surprise. Although Chen Fei choked his throat and learned a lesson just now, Lin Hao did not suffer any substantial damage after all, and finally won the first place in the Xuan-level realm group competition.

After winning the championship, he looked coldly towards Chen Fei with undisguised hostility in his eyes.

And the following audience also excitedly discussed it. Lin Hao won the championship at the Xuan-level realm, which means that he can participate in the competition of the prefecture-level realm, which also means that he may meet Chen Fei.

With such a thought, the audience couldn’t help but get excited, and the situation of watching the drama was not too lively and looked forward to it.

After a short break, the competition for the warriors at the prefecture level that everyone was looking forward to was finally about to begin.

There is no doubt that the competition of the prefecture-level realm is the focus of this martial arts conference, and it is also the stage where major forces and individuals show their strength. More importantly, the top-ranked experts at the prefecture level will eventually be eligible to explore the Dragon Tomb, which is the main purpose of many experts to participate in this martial arts conference.

For a time, the scene became very lively.

Chen Fei leaning just treated Zhuo whisper, so she sat down, then got up and said: “.. I’m going to contest the ballot just things that I will get back to you fair,”

Zhuo whisper heard, Face worried, and said: “Mr. Chen, I’m fine. Don’t be impulsive, if you are in danger, I am afraid—”

Chen Fei shook his head with a smile, and said to himself: “Relax, this kind of ring, for me, there is no danger.”

Immediately, Chen Fei sorted the lottery, and then compared.

In the first round, Chen Fei was very lucky to draw one of the three challengers who had risen from the Xuan level. Although the challenger almost tried his best, he wanted to trouble Chen Fei.

But in the end, Chen Fei still defeated the opponent within three strokes and advanced smoothly to the next round.

As one of the focus of attention on the field, Chen Fei was so lucky and easily promoted, so that everyone could not help but have their own ideas, and discussed it one after another.

“I’ll rely on that, Chen Fei’s luck is too good. In the first round, I met such a weak opponent.”

“Wouldn’t Zhu Kuishan and Zhu Lao secretly help. That guy had a laugh with Zhu Lao before, relationship It looks good. ”

” No, big guys like Mr. Zhu, will do this kind of thing? ”

” However, the strength is not good, after all, it is useless. After all, when I come to the back, I will definitely encounter masters, he It’s impossible to be so lucky again, and continue to add more money. ”

……… The

first round of the test is over, and then the second round of lottery begins immediately.

This time, Chen Fei continued to be the focus of attention. Especially when his opponent was finally determined to be Lin Anshu, the scene warmed up.

“I depend on it, Lin Anshu , that’s the captain of the five- element squad wooden team!”


Emsp; “Lin Anshu is a master at the mid-level prefecture level. He exists in the twentieth place of the Qianlong List, an absolute master!”

“This time, that kid can’t be lucky anymore. Wait to see him being abused!”

……… In the

voice of discussion, Jiang Bufan Yang Ling was beside several people, Lin Hao faced with resentment and gritted his teeth: “That guy Fortunately, he met Lin Anshu ahead of time and avoided us. He must have lost. ”

Jiang Bufan glanced at Lin Hao and said indifferently:” Don’t worry, there are many opportunities for revenge. He is not a big man. The solution is to do it easily, without much effort. ”

” Yes! “Lin Hao nodded.

………… In

another crowd, Wei Tian and the group of “friends” also looked different at the moment. Wei Tian’s face was worried, and Xu Hai Pei Hu and Gui Lian, three people, gritted their teeth, full of resentment.

“That guy is going to lose.”

“Qianlong of the master on the forefront of the standings, I think he also how arrogant.”

“The best is the bitter lesson meal, let him grow a lesson.”


of attention The eyes were on, it was Chen Fei’s turn to compete on stage.

Chen Fei put his hands behind his back, walked into the ring, and looked at Lin Anshu standing opposite, and said lightly: “Lin Anshu, do you need me to do it?”

Lin Anshu opposite said, suddenly bitter, shook his head, and said to Chen Fei: Instructor Chen, I did n’t expect that I was so unlucky that I ran into you in the second round. It

was— ” Chen Fei looked at Lin Anshu ’s bitter appearance, walked over and patted him on the shoulder, comforting:“ It ’s okay, Go back and practice well. Your strength is yours, and these rankings are all false. ”

“Thank you instructor Chen for teaching.” Lin Anshu nodded with his fists, then turned to look at the referee, and said loudly, “I admit defeat.”

After that, before everyone had recovered, he walked off the ring directly.

The scene was silent until the referee announced that Chen Fei had won and he came down from the ring. The dull crowd recovered, and there was a discussion.

“I rely on, how is this going? Lin book directly throw in the towel.”

“What happened in the end? Why Lin book to throw in the towel, he’s a master list Qianlong twenty ah!”

“Absolutely shady, definitely.”

“Just now Do you remember the scene before the start of the test? That guy is an instructor of the Wuxing Squad, so Lin Anshu will automatically admit defeat! ”

” What qualifications does he have to be an instructor of the Wuxing Squad?

This guy has a deep background, in order to support him. Even the five-element team was pulled out to cooperate with him in acting. ”


A voice of doubt and discussion sounded, and some people even got up and clamored to redraw the lottery for the test.

However, the referee ignored the cry of these people, and announced the game continually.

Suddenly, there was a boo on the field, and countless audiences shouted shady and injustice, and booed.

The people on Jiang Bufan’s side seemed quite quiet at this time. They sneered with a sneer in their mouths, and whispered, “Since that is the case, then we will come to end you.”

Soon, the second round of the competition ended. Chen Fei advanced to the third round in a controversial way and became the focus of attention from the beginning.


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