MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1416



Seeing this sneer, Chen Fei suddenly felt something wrong, and the expression on his face could not help but dignified.

He looked at Zhuo Qingyu on the stage and said directly: “whisper, remember what I just said, do your best, understand?”

Zhuo Qingyu froze for a moment, then nodded to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, I understand! ”

Lin Lu saw this, looked at Chen Fei, and said with a smile:” You have no confidence in your apprentice? Before she started, let her do what she could. ”

Chen Fei shook his head and said,” I’m not without confidence . ” It ’s just a whisper above martial arts, just a novice. Not counting her previous experience, she officially followed me to learn martial arts, and it was only three months. So, I would n’t expect too much from her. “After

hearing this, Lin Lu looked stunned and looked at Chen Fei in surprise and speechlessness.

“In three months, I reached the early stage of the Xuan level? I still directly skip the level battle, is this still a human being?”

Chen Fei did not answer Lin Lu’s consternation, because Lin Hao had already boarded the ring at this time, he and Zhuo The whispering competition is about to begin.

Lin Hao finally came to power and stood opposite Zhuo Qingyu. There was a wicked smile in the corner of his mouth and said, “Originally, I couldn’t bear to deal with such a beautiful woman as you.”

“But, who made your so-called master , Offended me Jiang Shao. Then I can only give you a lesson. “Lin Hao said confidently and proudly.

Zhuo Qingyu frowned, not speaking, but stepped back a few steps. Zhenyuan breathed down the plank above the ring and started the layout ahead of time.

When the referee announced the start, Zhuo Qingyu didn’t hesitate and launched his offensive almost immediately.

The true breath hidden on the wooden planks of the ring, like the sky full of vines, and like countless trees, suddenly exploded and launched an attack on Lin Hao.

This move was considered very fast, but the opposite Lin Hao, with a smile on his lips, showed a sneer, “Is this still a move? It has no effect on me.” At

the moment of speaking, Lin Hao pulled out a long sword, as if The phantom dance started.

The long sword roared and turned into a sword flower, which directly shattered all the vines transformed by Zhuo Qingyu’s true spirit. He couldn’t get close to his body at all. As for the toxins that turned into real ones, Lin Hao could not be poisoned even when he could not get close.

Seeing Zhenyuan vines broken, Zhuo Qingyan gritted his teeth and quickly opened the distance to launch an offensive.

But Lin Hao’s movements were faster, the long sword with cold light directly cut off all of Zhuo Qingyu’s offensives. Then Long Sword volleyed, bursting out in the air with a very fierce gas, as if relying on the sky long sword, volley chopped down to Zhuo Qing whisper.

This sword, fierce and fast, with a terrible chill, almost cuts off everything that stands in front of it.

Feeling the horrible pressure contained in this sword, Zhuo Qingyu frowned and bit his lips. Although he was unwilling, he knew that with his current strength, he could not resist this sword.

So she shouted: “I admit-”

But, waiting for the last “lost” word to scream out, the opposite Lin Hao suddenly speeded up again, leaning against the sky sword and screaming in the air, with a harsh cold light, huh He chopped down at Zhuo Qingyu.

Zhuo Qingyu didn’t expect that he would concede defeat, but the opponent had to shoot. Fundamental to

less than dodge, could only watch as the sword towards his Cleave down, the eyes reveal horror of color.

At this moment, Chen Fei in the audience saw this scene, frowning, and shouted: “Zhuo Qingyu has already conceded defeat, stop!”

But Lin Hao on the opposite side turned a deaf ear, and the attack was faster.

Seeing this, Chen Fei was furious, and his figure moved, and he crossed over directly towards the ring.

Although Chen Fei’s speed is already fast, his distance is still too far after all. When he rushed to the edge of the ring, Lin Hao’s sword had already struck Zhuo Qingyu.

Zhuo Qingyu couldn’t resist, a blood stain was pulled out of the clothes instantly, and his face quickly paled.

The long sword is still going deeper, almost cutting off half of Zhuo Qingyu’s shoulders and arms.

In such a critical moment, Chen Fei popped a pride, at the last moment, he missed Lin Hao’s long sword, wiped Zhuo Qingyu’s arm, and slashed fiercely on the ring, splitting the ring directly into two halves. .

“Light whisper!” Chen Fei rushed to Zhuo Qingyu, hugging Zhuo Qingyu, who was covered in blood and pale.

But at this time, Lin Hao, who was blocked by Chen Fei, didn’t hold his hand. The sword changed direction and danced again. He even split directly against Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu.

Seeing this, Chen Fei was so furious that he waved a breath and directly smashed Lin Hao’s long sword.

Then, almost teleporting, Chen Fei rushed to Lin Hao, strangled his throat, his eyes scarlet, coldly said: “You are

looking for death!” Lin Hao looked pale, and said: “You, you foul!” ”

At this moment, Jiang Bufan also screamed and leapt from the seat to the ring. He screamed:” Chen Fei, what are you doing? Players compete normally, you suddenly enter the court to attack players, what is this behavior? ”

Chen Fei coldly said: “Just now Zhuo Qingyu has said his confession. Why did he attack?”

Lin Hao said: “I didn’t hear her confess! So I continued to attack.”

“No, you Do you think I will listen to this kind of nonsense? “Chen Fei said angrily, strangling Lin Hao’s throat harder, pinching Lin Hao’s eyes white.

Jiang Bufan saw this and said with a deep voice: “Chen Fei, you are provoking our entire martial arts conference, provoking all the judges and VIPs. If you continue to do so, I don’t mind beheading you on the spot.”

“Behead me , Are you qualified? “Chen Feihan said.

“Death!” Jiang Bufan snorted coldly, and his momentum exploded, and he was about to fight with Chen Fei.

But at this time, Lin Lu and Lin Hu also jumped onto the ring.

“Chen Fei, don’t be impulsive.”

“You are working on Lin Hao now, that is what Jiang Fanfan wants to see. When the time comes, Shao Donghua will take advantage of it, not only you and Miss Zhuo will be in danger.”

… …… In the

persuasion, Zhu Kuishan and Zhu Lao’s voice also sounded, “Xiao Chen, as a judge of the Budo Conference, I will resolve the matter fairly.”

Lin Lu also quickly said: “Chen Fei, the most important thing now is The thing is to hurry up and whisper. She is injured and still bleeding! ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei finally suppressed the anger in his heart, snorted coldly, let go of Lin Hao loosely, dropped it on the ground, then turned and hugged Zhuo Qingyu whispered and returned to the audience.


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