MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1415



Chen Fei said softly: “Pei Hu is a warrior in the realm of the late Xuan level. The realm is higher than yours. And his combat experience is very rich. If you fight hard with him. Even if you can win, you will be injured. Not light. So, I let you take advantage of Aoki spirit, use the wooden floor on the ring, arrange the true vines in advance, and then use the true aura toxin to control each other. In this way, you can almost guarantee your unscathed victory. ”

Zhuo Qingyu nodded, but then said with regret, and said: “But, Mr. Chen, in this way, my hole cards are all revealed. If you meet a powerful opponent later, they may have

Be prepared. In this way, I can’t take it any further. ” Chen Fei smiled and said:” It’s good to be able to get to this step. After all, by this round, almost all the players behind are mysterious. It ’s a normal thing in the late stage and even at the top level of the Xuan class. It ’s normal for you to be out of control. ”

“ At that time, you will grasp the rhythm. If you feel invincible, you will take the initiative to admit defeat. I ’ll take you to this martial arts meeting to let you Experienced, not let you come desperately, understand? “Chen Fei asked.

Although Zhuo Qingyu had some regrets, he nodded seriously.

At this time, the following game continues. But the focus of the audience’s discussion is still on Zhuo Qingyu.

After all, Zhuo Qingyu, a stunning beauty, won three consecutive rounds, and the amazing way of winning in the third round really surprised many people.

Even some of the big guys sitting on the VIP seats, now with their eyes shining, began to pay attention to Zhuo Qingyu.

“That girl, less than two years old now. Mysterious realm of early-stage, mid-level will be able to leapfrog beat Hyun Hyun level and even the late, great potential. I want us to recruit her into the organization.”

“If only to see the state and age, The 20-year-old Xuan-level early master can only be regarded as average. However, the winning method she showed in the previous round is really special and deserves special attention. ”

“True vitality turned into vines and toxins. This attack is unpredictable. It is really rare!”

Even the big brother Zhu Kuishan looked at Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu who were interested at the moment. Speaking: “Xiao Chen, if I guessed right. Xiao Zhuo’s physique should be biased towards the wood attribute, with a quality similar to Mu

Linggen .” Chen Fei nodded and said, “Zhu Laohuo has golden eyes. ”

He didn’t name Zhuo Qingyu’s physique of Aoki Spiritual Body. After all, Mu Linggen is very rare and coveted.” The Aoki spirit body is the rare and rare physique. If it is exposed, it will inevitably lead to prying eyes, which is not a good thing for the current Zhuo Qingyu.

Then, turning to Zhulao Zhuo whisper, she asked: “Cho, you have no interest in joining our alliance ah Budo If you agree, I can take you as a disciple, how??”

His words, the crowd around Can’t help but be surprised, with a look of surprise and envy on his face.

Everyone knows the status of Zhu Kuishan, the master of martial arts league, master of Shenlongbang. Such a big man, to open his own disciples, this is how many young warriors dream of opportunities.

They looked at each other urgently, wishing to speak softly for Zhuo, and immediately agreed to come down.

But this time Zhuo whisper, but color cheeky hesitation, looked at Chen

Fei, Zhu looked at the Kuishan, eventually shook his head and said:. “Thank you Zhulao love, but I have been a teacher thanks to Chen so, I

can’t– ” Zhu Kuishan didn’t force him, nodded and said:” Since that’s the case, then I won’t say much. Of course, if you need any help in the future, you can come to Budo League to find me. ”

” Thank you Zhu! ” Zhuo Qingyu thanked respectfully.

The people around him, at this time, their eyes were rounded, stunned, almost crazy.

They couldn’t understand it at all. The reason Zhuo Qingyu gave up being a disciple to Zhu Kuishan turned out to be Chen Fei as a teacher. In their view, Chen Fei and Zhu Kuishan are totally incomparable.

Even if Chen Fei has an unreal name in the Qianlong list, it is still far from Zhu Kuishan and Zhu Lao.

But the result was that Zhuo Qingyu gave up a great opportunity and obediently became Chen Fei’s apprentice. This really makes them unable to understand.

For a time, Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu became the focus of discussion.

Some people even shouted and persuaded Zhuo Qingyu directly, while others complained that Chen Fei was too selfish and should let go, let Zhuo Qingyu leave and accept better teaching.

For these, Chen Fei ignored them and continued to watch the game.

Soon, the third round of the game was over. The next round is the fourth round, which is also a game that everyone pays close attention to. Because after the third round, there were only 16 players left.

After this fourth round of competition, the top eight of the Xuan-level realm category will be decided. Corresponding rewards will be issued accordingly. It can be said that by this round, it is the ultimate goal of many players.

The fourth round was still a two-to-two draw. Zhuo Qingyu won the 16th draw this time, but it was the last game to compete.

The previous competition is going on, and the one who has reached this stage is basically the martial arts of the late Xuan level and the peak level of Xuan level. Zhuo Qingyu in the early stage of Xuanji, among these people, is a special existence.

Compare the end of a field, the beginning of a field. In the end, it was finally the last game, Zhuo Qingyu’s turn came to power.

As the biggest dark horse in the meta-level competition, it is also the focus of everyone’s attention. Zhuo Qingyu came to power on the stage, and suddenly aroused cheers and discussion.

However, when Zhuo Qingyu’s opponent stood up, the warm cheers turned into exclamation and worrying discussion.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but show curiosity and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Lu explained beside him: “The opponent who spoke lightly is Lin Hao, he is our Beijing martial arts community, A well-known genius among the younger generation. Just at the age of eighteen, he has reached the peak of the Xuan level. In the previous three rounds, all of them defeated the opponent by one trick, and did not give the opponent any chance. ”

” And Lin Hao has another identity. He is the righteous son adopted by the Jiang family from an early age. To some extent, he is Jiang’s younger brother. ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei frowned, raising his head towards that Lin Hao looked at the direction.

As expected, Lin Hao sat beside Jiang Bufan. At this point, Jiang Bufan said something to him. He stood up and walked towards the ring.

Jiang Fanfan seems to be aware of Chen Fei’s gaze. Turned his head and looked over at him, the corner of his mouth gently raised, showing a sneer.


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