MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1414



“What the hell is this, how did you do it?” Xu Hai was still surprised.

Zhuo Qingyu, directly controlling the vines where the true spirit breathed out, seemed to be pulled out like a whip. In an instant, a “snap” sound, Xu Hai was directly pumped out, and he crossed the ring, and finally plopped off. Fall into the lake.

Everyone at the scene saw it, and couldn’t help but stunned, until the referee announced Zhuo Qingyu won, they only recovered, and suddenly there was a loud discussion.

In the lake water, Xu Hai, who was picked up by the staff, became completely ruined at the moment, looking embarrassed. Looking in the direction of the ring, there was a bit more resentment.

Guilian quickly hurried over, and a pair of concerned faces greeted him.

Wei Tian stood there, no movement.

Afterwards, the competition continued, and Pei Hu, who was in the late Xuan class, passed the competition smoothly and entered the third round of competition.

The third round is still the rule of drawing two games against each other. Zhuo Qingyu directly got the No. 1 draw this time and made his debut.

When the second lottery was drawn, Chen Fei could not help but stunned, a slight worry on his face. Because, this time Zhuo Qingyu’s opponent happened to be coincident, it turned out to be the most powerful Pei Hu among Wei Tian’s group of friends.

On Pei Hu’s side, Guilian and Xu Hai recovered, and seeing Pei Hu’s draw, his face suddenly appeared excited and proud.

“Boss Pei, that fox spirit met you this time. You must give Xu posters a grudge!”

“Boss Pei, I don’t know what to do, I must teach her a lesson.”

Pei Hu looked pale and calm. Tao: “My goal is to advance. Whoever blocks the road in front of me, I will knock it down.”

Soon, the third round of the competition began, Zhuo Qingyu boarded the ring, and Pei Hu also came to the stage.

Facing Zhuo Qingyu, Pei Hu looked serious, without any extra words, and said directly: “I want to advance, you stop me, then don’t blame me. You are welcome.”

Zhuo Qingyu said lightly: “The same words, I Give it to you too. ”

” Really? Since that’s the case, don’t blame me for being rude. “Pei Hu drank coldly and moved.

In an instant, Pei Hu seemed to turn into a ferocious hungry tiger, and Chaozuo whispered in a sharp motion.

At the moment, Zhuo Qingyu, in the face of Pei Hu’s offensive, seemed to be unresponsive, standing there without any movement. It was just watching Pei Hu rushed in front of him that he raised his slim jade hand to face Pei Hu’s offensive.

“React now? Late!” Pei Hu raised his mouth slightly, showing a sneer. The black tiger in his hand took the heart and arrogantly attacked the direction of Zhuo Qingyu’s heart, without any sense of pity for Xiangxiyu.

Seeing that the offensive was about to succeed, many viewers felt nervous for Zhuo Qingyu.

At this moment, Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed and shouted: ”

Okay !” With this shout of Chen Fei, Zhuo Qingyu’s slender jade hand suddenly changed direction and moved upward. stand up. In an instant, the breath on the entire ring suddenly changed.

On the wooden ring floor, countless vines that turned into a breath of vitality grew like towering trees. Instantly twisted Pei Hu.

Before Pei Hu struggled to resist, Zhuo Qing’s body leaped like a

spirit leaping lightly in the forest. His delicate fists fell on Pei Hu one after another.

After a crackling sound, Pei Hu’s mouth spouted blood, and his face became pale.

At this time, he was shocked, and a real element of breath spread out, shattering the real element vines wrapped around himself, full of anger, wanting to attack Zhuo Qingyu.

But at the moment, Zhuo Qingyan who stood in front of him said lightly: “I advise you not to do it? Otherwise, your cultivation may be scrapped.”

“What do you say! I–” Pei The tiger’s face sank, and his fury was ready to start. But his right foot had just taken a step, his face changed instantly, a black blood spit from the corner of his mouth, and his expression sank.

“You, did you poison me?” Pei Hu looked at Zhuo Qingyu in surprise and anger.

Zhuo Qingyu nodded and said: “Indeed, I had injected the toxin into you through the True Yuan vines just now. If you forcefully use the True Yuan breath now, you may be able to kill me, but in the end, your result is very It may be that the meridian burst and died. ”

” You— “Pei Hu was frightened and gritted his teeth to Zhuo Qingying.

The audience under the stage was also in an uproar, and there was a lot of discussion. Among them, the most powerful one is Guilian. “The referee, she poisoned. This is an illegal behavior. She should be sentenced to lose.”

Above the martial arts assembly, in order to ensure safety and visibility. It is indeed forbidden for players to bring poison to play. Although this may affect the performance of some drug masters, for most players, there is still an extra guarantee.

The referees listened to Gui Lian’s words and discussed each other. They looked at Zhuo Qingyu and asked, “Miss Zhuo, did you carry poison in violation of the regulations?”

Zhuo Qingyu shook his head, “I don’t have it.”

Before waiting for Pei Hu to speak, Guilian, the first one in the audience, did not believe it and said directly: “The ghost only believes you. If you are not poisoned, how can you defeat Pei Boss. Moreover, you just admitted that you used toxins just now. ”

Zuo Qingyu glanced at Guilian, and then explained aloud:” I did use poison, but this does not mean that I carried the poison. Because, the poison I used in the battle was my own coordination. The true breath is not a real toxin. ”

Wen Yan couldn’t help but surprise everyone at the scene.

“It is possible to simulate toxins with true aura, is this possible?”

“Is there such a thing?”

“How can I feel wrong, this is just an excuse for her!”

Zhuo Qing said aloud in the face of doubts. Tao: “If you don’t believe it, the referees can step forward and check it.”

Then, several referees stepped forward and checked it both by Zhuo Qingyu and Pei Hu.

Finally, several people showed surprise together and announced to everyone: “After our inspection, Miss Zhuo did not violate the rules. The game continued!”

Immediately, Zhuo Qingyu looked at Pei Hu and said coldly: “Distance toxin attack, as well as ten seconds of time, do you throw in the towel “? ”

you – “Pei tiger burst teeth, unwilling to face the color, but eventually no recourse but nodded,”! I give up, ”

Cho light After seeing the words, gently tap your fingers and enter a green breath of truth into Pei Hu’s body. Then, with a slight jump, she returned from the ring and returned to Chen Fei.

“Mr. Chen, your method really works!” Zhuo Qingying chuckled.


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