MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1413



Suddenly, he was shocked, and he quickly ran the real breath, wanting to resist Zhuo Qingyu’s company.

But all this is too late. Zhuo Qingyu’s delicate jade hand patted on the other’s chest.

The opponent suddenly spit out a bit of blood, flew directly out, and finally landed on the ring, unable to stand up.

Immediately, the referee announced Zhuo Qingyu’s victory.

As a result, everyone did not expect it. For a time, there was a lot of discussion, and Zhuo Qingyan’s popularity rose suddenly.

Wei Tian was also surprised at the moment, “Miss Zhuo is so powerful? Worthy of being Fei Ge’s apprentice, this strength is too great.”

Guilian pouted her side, her face was very unpleasant, “What is so powerful? ” It’s just a sneak attack on the face, it’s not by virtue of strength to defeat the opponent at all. ”

Many audiences, although not as vicious as Guilian’s words, shook their heads and sighed.

“That guy, fascinated by Mei Se, was completely undefended, and was defeated by a palm, joke!”

” Why can’t even a woman bear this kind of guy, how can he be a warrior!”

“Hehe , To put it simply. If the beauty of this level of Zhuo Qingyu is in front of you, can you

hold it? ” ” It will be a skill to use your own advantages! But, relying on this kind of side door, left after all, it is still Not far away. ”


After winning the first competition, Zhuo Qingyan’s nervous face finally showed a smile and waved to Chen Fei.

Chen Fei stood up, gave her a thumbs up, and immediately clapped, “Yes, continue, you can still win.”

The competition continued, and soon, the first round of the competition was over, and then the second round of the competition was conducted.

The second round is the same as the first round, draw again to sort, two years of play.

Zhuo Qingyu reached the 16th this time, which is considered to be a relatively high position.

Soon, it was Zhuo Qingyu’s turn. She boarded her ring early, waiting for her opponent to arrive.

When the player holding the number 15 boarded the ring, Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu were taken aback.

Because, the fifteenth player, Xu Hai is Wei Hai’s group of friends.

“It’s you!” Zhuo Qingyu looked at Xu Hai, a little surprised.

Zhuo Xu laugh watching whisper, revealing a touch of pretending to be a gentleman’s smile, he said: “Miss Zhuo, we met again!”

Zhuo whisper looking serious, cold channel: “! Do not nonsense, started”

Xu With a smile, he shook his head and said, “Miss Zhuo, I believe you can see that I have reached the middle level of Xuan level. And you are only the early level of Xuan level. If you play against you, you are definitely not my opponent.”

“And I don’t want to hurt Miss Zhuo. So, I have a proposal.”

“What proposal?” Zhuo Qingyu asked.

Xu Hai smiled and said: “My proposal is very simple. In fact, I don’t value this competition very much. So, this round, I am not promoted, it is not a big deal.”

“What do you want to say?” “Zhuo Qingyu frowned.

Xu Hai continued: “What I want to say is that when I saw Miss Zhuo at your first sight, I was fascinated by your beauty and style. After going back that day, I could hardly sleep at night, all night in my mind Your face appears Miss Zhuo. I have

After falling in love with Miss Zhuo. “In the

face of my admirers, I really can’t do it.” Therefore, I suggest that, as long as Miss Zhuo agrees, you will date me for a meal after the martial arts meeting. Now this competition, I admit defeat. ”

Xu Hai said this, not only Zhuo Qingyu on the stage, but the audience at the scene were all startled, and the sound of the discussion rang out loudly.

” I rely on, what is this for! ” Still can come like this. ”

Damn, isn’t this a blatant release of water?” ”

This guy who has no martial spirit is not eligible to participate in the martial arts conference, get off!” ”

I don’t think so much, the elegant lady is so good.” Faced with such awe-inspiring, this man’s approach, I can understand. ”

Sacrifice a promotion opportunity, if you can hold the beauty back, what is it!” ”

” Others compete, he touched the sister on the ring, this guy, I like it. ” ”

……… Among the

crowd, Wei Tian was also stunned at the moment, full of surprise, speechless.

Pei Hu frowned, shook his head gently, didn’t say much, but there was a look of disappointment in his eyes.”

Guilian on the side, full of anger, stared at Zhuo Qingyu on the ring fiercely, gritted his teeth and said, “That fox spirit, what magic medicine was given to Xu Hai, made him comatose?” ”

I strongly oppose this practice. If so, then the fox simply undresses and undresses, and has fallen asleep all the way, what better!” ”


Amidst the lively discussion, Xu Hai looked at Zhuo Qingyu with a smile on his face with a confident look on his face. After all, in his opinion, his proposal was absolutely cost-effective for Zhuo Qingyu.

What’s more, he also thinks that his strength is good and elegant, and he is also worthy of Zhuo Qingyu’s beauty.

However, so he did not expect that, Zhuo whisper after listening to his proposal, looking sank, direct Leng Heng said:. “I do not need you throw in the towel, because you do not my opponent.”

Then, Zhuo whisper The graceful figure draws an arc in the air, and the true breath is like countless branches, directly attacking Xu Hai.

Xu did not expect such a result would be, suddenly looking sank, look unhappy, said:. “Zhuo whisper, I’ll give you a chance, you are ungrateful, then blame me Lashoucuihua the”

Immediately, He snorted heavily, and turned into a giant axe, Ling Ling chopped down to Zhuo Qingyu.

This attack is impressive and fierce, if it is hit. Zhuo Qingyu will definitely hurt a lot.

Faced with such a fierce blow, everyone could not help but exclaimed, some were sighing Xu Hai’s strength, and some were screaming for Zhuo Qingyu.

Only Guilian’s expression was excited, and she gritted her teeth and said, “Slay her, kill the coquette.”

“Ms. Zhuo, this is the last chance. When my offensive falls, you will never have another chance.” “Xu Hai didn’t give up at the moment and continued to speak.

Zhuo Qingyu didn’t pay attention to her at all, her beautiful posture flexibly moved on the ring, like dancing. Facing Xu Hai’s offensive of the giant axe, Zhuo Qingyu’s eyes suddenly flicked, his arms protruding forward.

In an instant, a real atmosphere like branches and vines spread quickly. Facing Xu Hai’s True Elemental Axe, he quickly entangled the Axe and made it unable to move.

“This, how could–” Xu Hai controlled Zhenyuan’s breath and wanted to split those vines, but it had no effect at all.


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