MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1412



Among them, each contestant will compete one-on-one in the corresponding group according to their own strength. Finally, the top three in the low-level group are eligible to participate in the high-level competition.

The top ranked players in each group will receive corresponding rewards.

The first to start is the competition of the lowest level of the yellow level. Although the players in this level are of average strength, in the eyes of many audiences, it is simply not addictive.

But some big families and forces still look at it with relish.

Because the main function of this low-level competition is to select outstanding martial arts talents and seedlings. If you can be among the best in the Yellow Realm category and show your potential.

Many sectarians and large families on the scene will directly throw olive branches to recruit them and cultivate them well as their future martial arts talent reserve.

Of course, many of the contestants themselves are young disciples of the big family and Dazongmen. To participate in this kind of competition, one is their opportunity to exercise and experience themselves, and the other is their preparation to show themselves to the outside world and prepare for the future.

Several contests were tested at the same time, and the contest of the Huang-level realm group was conducted very quickly. Two hours later, all the top ten experts were decided.

Eight of them were young children of the big family and Zongmen, and the other two black horses were immediately recruited by Budo Meng and a big family after they made their debut.

After taking a break, the competition at the Huang Realm was over, and the next competition was at the Profound Realm.

Compared with the competition just now, the competition of the Xuan-level realm clearly increased the interest of the audience on the spot. After all, most of the audience present are in this state, and many people have also signed up to participate in the competition of this state.

At the beginning of the competition, the contestants who signed up for the contest draw on the stage, and then, in the order of the lottery numbers, the contestants with two numbers in front and behind will play for two years.

Zhuo Qingyu is now in the early stage of Xuan level, so the natural sign-up for this group is the competition of this group.

She took a deep breath, stood up from her seat, and then walked towards the ring on the lake. The girl’s face was tight, and her jade hands were tightly clenched into fists, looking a little nervous.

Seeing this, Chen Fei patted his discretionary back and said softly, “whisper, don’t be stressed, your strength is very powerful, don’t be afraid of any opponent. Because you are a disciple I taught, be confident Do you understand? ”

Zhuo Qinghua turned back, looked at Chen Fei, nodded solemnly, and said:” Mr. Chen, I understand! ”

” Okay, go! “Chen Fei nodded.

At the same time, on Wei Tian’s side, several of them were also walking towards the stage at the moment, preparing to draw lots to participate in the competition. The four of them are all warriors of the Xuan-level realm, and the sign-up is for the competition of this realm.

Soon, the result was drawn by lot. Zhuo Qingyu won the 88th pick, but it is relatively backward. You can first look at the competition of other people and explore the strength of others.

At the start of the competition, several rings are playing at the same time.

A cry, a roar of true air, a collision of flesh, and even a scream of injury continued to sound on the lake. Let the scene fall into a slightly noisy lively atmosphere.

And the surrounding audience was also mobilized by this atmosphere

, crying excitedly. Some are cheering for people they know, and some are betting directly on the roadside betting stalls to buy or lose, but it is hilarious.

Chen Fei roughly scanned the results of the various competitions. I have more confidence in Zhuo Qingyu, because the strength of these people can only be average. Although Zhuo Qingyu is not high, he practiced the exercises taught by Chen Fei, and they are still rare Aoki spirits, which are not comparable to ordinary warriors.

According to Chen Fei’s estimate, Zhuo Qingyu’s current strength and defeat of some general Xuan-level post-warriors are things that are stable. I am afraid to meet some warriors in the late period of the Xuan level and the peak realm of the Xuan level of the big sect.

In the process of watching, Chen Feidong also paid attention to the result of the comparison test of Wei Tian and several of them.

Wei Tiangang entered the early stage of the Xuan level, and his strength can only be considered average. But in the first round, he had good luck, and his opponent was also a warrior who had entered the early stage of the Xuan level.

Finally, after some fierce battle, Wei Tian barely advanced to the next round.

Among the other three, Guilian, who was in the early stage of the Xuan class, was not as lucky as Wei Tian, ​​and he directly lost in the first round. It was Xu Hai in the middle stage of the Xuan level and Pei Hu in the later stage of the Xuan level, which successfully advanced to the next round.

The test went on quickly, and it didn’t take long for Zhuo Qingyu on the 88th to appear.

The battle with Zhuo Qingyu is a casual repair of a mid-level metaphysical level, not much fame, but depending on the momentum of his body, his strength is not bad.

However, as Zhuo Qingyu took the stage, almost everyone’s eyes were attracted.

After all, at any time, beauty is a magic weapon to attract attention. Moreover, it was still in such a hot and bloody occasion, Zhuo Qingyu how a beautiful young lady stood on the ring, which aroused everyone’s attention and curiosity, and they all looked over.

Wei Tian, ​​who ended the first round of the game, naturally noticed Zhuo Qingyu on the stage and couldn’t help but stunned, then looked over to Chen Fei.

“That girl is the one that Fei Ge is following!” Wei Tian whispered.

The eliminated Guilian looked displeased and frowned: “It’s just a vase, what’s worth paying attention to. I think she can’t take the opponent’s three strokes, and she will definitely lose.”

Xu Hai’s eyes glowed and he licked his tongue. Road: “I wish she could go further. In the next round, if we can meet, we can have fun.”

Pei Hu narrowed his eyes slightly and looked away. Pay attention to the stronger opponents. Obviously, he is somewhat inferior to Zhuo Qingyu’s strength.

… ……

In this highly anticipated situation, with the referee’s announcement, the contest between Zhuo Qingyu and his opponent officially began.

That whisper opponents saw Cho’s face, but also a shock, smiling and said: “Miss Zhuo, for you, I will be lenient, after all, hurt beauty, is not a gentleman..”

Zhuo light The language frowned in disgust, and said coldly: “This is the contest, you go all out!”

“Miss Zhuo, I–” What the other party wants to say, but at this time, Zhuo Qingyu has already moved, Shocked at him.

The player didn’t even think about it, and took a hand to shoot Zhuo Qingyu’s offensive. However, when Zhuo Qingyu’s breath wrapped in real air hit the distance of less than one meter in front of him, the player was surprised to find that Zhuo Qingyu’s breath was full of oppression and even stronger than himself.


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