MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1410



Guilian was jealous and displeased, sneered, and said ironically: “I don’t have much strength, and I dare to learn others to accept students. It’s funny. This kind of person can teach a good apprentice.”

Chen Fei Ignoring their cynicism and ignoring a few people. Then he said to Wei Tian: “It’s almost time to start taking a seat. We were over there yesterday. Are you going to pass

Wei Tian ?” Wei Tian shook his head and said, “My brother, my seat is here.”

“Well, I’ll see you after the Budo meeting.” Chen Fei waved his hand and walked to a seating area with Zhuo Qingyu.

Wei Tian also turned and walked towards his seating area.

But Guilian beside him was still full of jealousy and displeasure, and sneered sarcastically: “There is a VIP area where the martial arts players sit. What is he pretending to be, and he deliberately went there, it is ridiculous.”

“Wait It ’s fun to be kicked out. ”Xu Hai also looks good.

Wei Tian frowned, trying to refute anything.

But at this moment, they saw a man and a woman and two young men waved towards Chen Fei, walked over quickly, and also shouted enthusiastically.

“Mr. Chen, you are here, please.”

“Mr. Chen, this is Miss Zhuo. Please sit down!”

This kind of greeting scene is very common. In general, there is nothing special. But at the moment, the two people who warmly greeted Chen Fei made everyone feel a little surprised.

Because the man and the woman were the disciples Lin Hu and Lin Lu, the disciples of the martial arts Zhu Kuishan. They were both strong and ranked 12th and 18th in the Qianlong List. They were also popular candidates for this martial arts conference.

Such a hot star player quickly greeted Chen Fei, which naturally aroused everyone’s attention and doubts.

When Wei Tian saw this, a string in his mind jumped fiercely. He seemed to have thought of something. He looked up in the direction of Chen Fei and couldn’t help but say, “Could it be that Chen Fei, the No. 1 Qianlong leader, really It’s Fei Ge? ”

Wen Yan and Xu Hai beside them suddenly sneered.

“Wei Tian, ​​are you stupid! That guy is the first in the Qianlong list. What are you kidding?”

“Lin Lu and Lin Hu greeted each other, it doesn’t mean anything. Perhaps, what kind of means did he use. I’ve seen more guys with swollen faces and fat faces. Ha ha! “”

“” But-“Wei Tian still feels more and more likely.

And here, after Chen Fei and Lin Hu Lin Lu finished their greetings, a team of people in uniform walked past Wei Tian from behind them.

See these people’s uniforms, Xu their eyes could not help but changed changed, quickly stood to the side, fear and cheeky look of envy, “is the five elements Linglong team of people!”

The street people look at this at the moment Group of people, pointing and talking.

“The people from the Five Elements Team are here, this momentum is too powerful, and it is worthy of the elite of the Spirit Dragon!”

“That’s not true, the five captains of the Five Elements Team are all in the top 20 of the Qianlong List. One of the popular candidates for this competition. ”

” However, Zhang Xinyu, the captain of the Fire Squad, was changed. I heard that it was related to their new instructor. ”

” Yes, I have heard of this. Originally their instructor Xing Rui, the captain of the Jin team, was temporarily replaced. I do n’t know where it is. ”

“ A person who can suppress the leader of the Wuxing team as an instructor is definitely not simple. ”

& Em

sp; ………

in the voice of everyone, the group of five elements walked to the VIP seating area, and then walked together in front of Chen Fei, neatly stood up and saluted, shouting in unison: “Instructor Good! ”

Chen Fei nodded and said lightly:” Well, relax in public, don’t be so serious. ”

” Yes, Instructor Chen! “Said the five-element team.

Immediately, several people laughed and chatted.

While others saw this, they were frying and boiling, and there was a heated discussion.

“You hear me? Just Five teams of people shouting that young people instructor, he really is the team to change the five elements of the new instructor?”

“Looks very ordinary, ah, he can become instructors Five squad?”

“Vain, to The person who is an instructor is absolutely good. ”

” That is to say, Lin Lu and Lin Hu were also very enthusiastic to them just now. Such a person is definitely not simple. ”

………… In the

heated discussion, Wei Tian couldn’t help but be stunned. Eyes, an unbelievable and excited look, said: “This, this-Fei Ge is really the first Chen Fei in Qianlong List!”

Xu Hai beside them, frowning, almost instinctively Want to refute Wei Tian’s words. In their impressions, how can such an ordinary Chen Fei get hooked with Qianlong List first.

But they could not explain why Lin Hu and Lin Lu were so respectful to Chen Fei, and why the people of Wuxing Squad called him an instructor.

There is almost only one explanation for all of this. Chen Fei is the first existence of Qianlong, and it is impossible to explain these phenomena at all.

“Isn’t that kid really–” Pei Hu frowned, his face still full of incredible colors.



won’t– ” “Impossible, why– ” Xu Hai and Gui Lian still couldn’t believe it.

However, at this moment, a staff member came over and said, “Chen Fei, is Mr. Chen Fei Chen, the No. 1 Qianlong List? Is it possible for you to sign and register.”

Chen Fei nodded and took the pen Wow, I signed it up.

This time, fully confirmed Chen Fei’s identity. Let the incredible people have to believe the facts in front of them, watching this scene with surprise.

“Hey, how is this possible? He, he turned out to be the No. 1 master of Qianlong.” Xu Hai and Gui Lian said with surprise, their voices were incredulous, and their faces sank, revealing fear and fear. “Here, we offended him,

if– ” Speaking of which, even the calm Pei Hu couldn’t help but look dull, showing a disturbed look.

Just when everyone was surprised and uneasy, Chen Fei side chatted for a while.

Suddenly a hearty laugh sounded, “You are Chen Fei!”

Chen Fei heard, turned his head, and then saw a sixty-year-old man with a smile on his face, a burly man came towards himself and patted himself Smiled: “Xiao Chen, I finally saw you.”

Lin Hu and Lin Lu quickly introduced to the side: “Mr. Chen, this is our master.”

Hearing this, Chen Fei moved, he Knowing that Lin Hu and Lin Lu’s master is Zhu Kuishan, one of the masters of the Budo League, a master of the late stage level, and the existence of the 16th place in the Shenlong List.

“Old Zhu!” Chen Fei bowed slightly, greeting respectfully.

Zhu Chen Fei Kuishan patted on the back and hearty smiles:. “. Boy, do not be so polite little random, call me on the line gourmet”


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