MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1409



Upon seeing this, the stall owner said immediately, “Would you like to bet on Jiang Fanfan and Jiang Shao, almost earning no money!”

Several people heard the news and looked at the betting situation of others, most of them Almost all are extraordinary. Although the odds are relatively low, the risk is also very low, as long as there is enough money to bet, you can almost make a profit.

Thinking of this, several people suddenly moved.

Xu Hai and Gui Lian glanced at each other, then they drew out the bank card, and handed it over, saying, “We are extraordinary, 50 million each.”

On the other side, Pei Hu also took out the bank card and handed it over , “I bet 100 million.” The

three of them are all betting. Only Wei Tian frowned at the moment, and there was a worry on his face. He couldn’t help but say: “Do you want to think about it again, this is too risky. ”

Wen Yan, Xu Hai gave Wei Tian an unpleasant glance, and said,” The man who practiced martial arts has no such guts, so what else to play! ”

” That is, Wei Tian, ​​you are no wonder. Not as good as Xu Hai and Pei Boss. “Gui Lian also said ironically.

Pei Hu looked at Wei Tian, ​​and his voice was not too salty: “Wei Tian don’t want to bet if you don’t want to play, anyway, it’s also a matter of voluntary will.”

Immediately, the three quickly went through the procedures and transferred the money Put it on.

Wei Tian frowned deeper, and suddenly thought of something, he could not help but ask: “Yes, boss, you said Jiang Bufan is the hottest. But he only ranked second in the Qianlong list. As for the player, why is he not a popular candidate? ”

This question was asked, and Xu Hai and Gui Lian were also stunned. Their eyes were puzzled, and their expressions were slightly panic. After all, their money has just been pushed up, and if a hot player emerges at this time, they will be too late to cry.

So, the eyes of several people looked at the boss in unison.

The boss heard the words, smiled, and said, “A few of us are not from Beijing? You don’t know much about Qianlong List?”

“We are not.” A few people nodded.

The boss immediately explained: “This is the case. When the Qianlong Ranking was announced this time, Jiang Bufan was supposed to be the top priority in everyone’s expectations. But he did not expect that a black horse was killed at the time. What is it called Chen Fei. It directly overwhelmed Jiang Fanfan and became No. 1 in Qianlong List. ”

” Chen Fei! “Wei Tian couldn’t help but reveal a look of surprise, and couldn’t help but think of Chen Fei. This Chen Fei is a flying brother, is n’t

it— ” Xu Hai and Gui Lian on the side obviously understood Wei Tian’s thoughts and couldn’t help but sneer.

“Wei Tian, ​​are you confused? The first master of the Qianlong list, can you be a friend of no grade?”

“Oh, Wei Tian, ​​you were stimulated by yesterday’s things. Want a powerful one Friends want to be crazy! ”


Wei Tian frowned, ignoring their sarcasm, but continued to inquire to the boss,” Boss, then Chen Fei, the No. 1 Qianlong leader, why not be a popular candidate? Did n’t he participate? ”The

boss shook his head and said,“ It ’s not like that. According to the information we got, this time Chen Fei also participated in the contest. However, after rising to the top of the Qianlong list before, he was concerned There is very little information, and there is no information about his battles. Therefore, we have no way of knowing his combat effectiveness. There are also rumors that this Chen Fei

has a relationship in the Budo League, so he can airborne to that position. ”

“In the final analysis, Chen Fei, the No. 1 Qianlong list, did not show a convincing combat effectiveness. Therefore, it is natural for popular candidates to not have his honey name.”

Many other people beside him were also on the sidelines. The nodded discussion echoed. Most of the words are optimistic about Jiang Wanfan and questioning Chen Fei.

After all, such an infamous and unsuccessful person suddenly landed first in the Submarine Dragon List, which itself caused a lot of trouble. It is natural for people to inertia to doubt.

The boss looked at Wei Tian, ​​who nodded, and smiled, “How is it, young man? Do you want to bet too, and Jiang Jiang is almost profitable.”

Wei Tian paused, and finally shook his head, saying: “Forget it , I’m not interested in these. “The

boss heard that and turned his head suddenly, not much interested in him.

Wei Tian then stepped away, and Xu Hai and the three of them came over with the bet cards.

“Wei Tian, ​​do you have no money? Or should I borrow your order and play with it. You can give me 5% interest back!” Xu Hai said.

Gui Lian also immediately said: “I thought you were an atmospheric person before, but I didn’t expect to be such a small family guy, it was boring.”

Wei Tian frowned and ignored them and was about to speed up the pace. But at this moment, a voice rang out, “Wei Tian!”

Turned his head and looked, Wei Tian found that Chen Fei was walking towards this side with a smile.

Suddenly, Wei Tian showed a surprised smile, “Fei Brother, why are you here?”

Chen Fei smiled and said: “Did I not say yesterday? I also signed up for the martial arts meeting.”

“This, I–” Wei Tian was a little embarrassed when it came to this. Yesterday, Xu Hai satirized Wei Tian constantly. It was not a simple matter to get the qualifications for the martial arts competition. Therefore, Wei Tian subconsciously meant that Chen Fei could not participate.

The three people on the side of Xu Hai saw Chen Fei at the moment, and his face sank, revealing an unpleasant look.

“Participate in Budokai? Oh, do not know is not bluffing?”

“When the time to see through, and it is humiliating, but some people so thick skinned, shame is not a big deal! Ha ha!”


Wei Tian didn’t pay attention to their irony, but took the initiative to walk towards Chen Fei, and then saw Zhuo Qingyu who was beside Chen Fei, and could not help showing a look of surprise. “Fei Brother, this

is– ” Chen Fei smiled. Dao: “This is Zhuo Qingyu, my-friend. Come and take part in the martial arts conference and exercise.”

“Qi Yu, this is Wei Tian, ​​my good brother.” Chen Fei introduced Zhuo Qingyu.

Zhuo Qingyu nodded to Wei Tian, ​​bowed respectfully and greeted: “Mr. Wei, I am a teacher of Chen, he taught me martial arts.”

Wei Tian quickly waved his hand and said, “Ms. Zhuo No need to be so polite. Just call me Weitian. ”

Aside, Xu Hai’s eyes at this moment could not help being attracted by Zhuo Qingyu.

Especially the two men, Xu Hai and Pei Hu, who saw Zhuo Qingyu, a pure and slightly shy girl, couldn’t help but shining his eyes and running wildly in his heart.

“This Chen Fei had

shit luck , and even accepted such a beautiful apprentice.” “Damn, why am I not so lucky. I’m not much stronger than him.”


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