MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1408



Wei Tian looked dull, and wanted to explain.

However, at this time Chen Fei stood up and glanced at them and said: “If you are worried that I will take up your resources, then it is not necessary. I already have the qualifications for the martial arts competition. I will not fight Your idea! ”

Wen Yan said, a few people on the other side could not help but stunned, looking a little surprised, but then showed a look of disbelief.

In this regard, Chen Fei was not interested in explaining what they proved, patting Wei Tian on the shoulder and laughing: “Wei Tian, ​​the school has something to do, I will go back. After the martial arts meeting, let’s talk!

” Fei Ge, I– “Wei Tian hurried to get up, and originally wanted to persuade Chen Fei to stay, but turned around to look at the expressions of several other people, and suddenly changed his expression, to Chen Fei Road,” Fei Ge, I will send you. ”

” Well “Chen Fei nodded and left the room together.

When he walked to the door of the hotel, Wei Tian looked at Chen Fei apologetically, “Brother Fei, I’m really sorry. I wanted to introduce a friend, everyone knows. But I didn’t expect that they even–”

Chen Fei smiled. Waving his hand: “It’s nothing, Jianghu Wudao, the interests of the head, people are vigilant, this kind of thing is normal. You are well prepared to strive for a good performance at the martial arts meeting tomorrow.”

“Well, I will.” Wei Tian nodded firmly. , Sent Chen Fei into the car and watched him leave.

Immediately, he returned to the hotel and looked at the smiling Xu Hai and Gui Lian who were eating and drinking. They couldn’t help but glared at them. “Xu Hai, Gui Lian, what did you mean just now? I brought Fei Ge, Why are you doing that? ”

Guilian put down the tableware, sneered, and looked at Wei Tiandao: “Wei Tian, ​​don’t say you don’t have your careful thoughts. On your way, you are constantly bragging about what you are doing, it is nothing more than trying to make Pei Bo we took him to one, to participate in this martial Assembly. but you have to know, participate in the martial arts of the General Assembly of resources and places of our own-earned, you have to give to outsiders, after we agree? ” ”

I do not It doesn’t mean that. Besides, Brother Fei is so powerful. He wants to participate in the martial arts conference. It doesn’t need me at all. Are you worrying too much? “Wei Tian defended.

But the two had an expression of disbelief, but Xu Hai sneered and said sarcastically: “Strong strength? Just him, you are making fun. Just now he came in, but I explored his strength, but there was no real fluctuation. One Look at the guy who has no power, you say that he is powerful, don’t be funny! ”

” That is, Wei Tian, ​​you have to remember that you were allied with us, don’t forget your status. “Guilian said coldly.

“The two of you–” Wei Weiwei clenched his fists, gurgling, and wished he would start his hand immediately.

At this point, Pei Pei tiger boss knocked the table, Chen Sheng said: “Tomorrow martial Assembly, and to trouble infighting, do not at this time, after the end of martial Assembly to say.”

Wei-day look at a few people, while changing complexion Finally, he shook his hand fiercely and turned to leave the private room. “I will stop eating and go back to the house to practice.”

Looking at the background of Wei Tian’s departure, Xu Hai looked at Pei Hu and said, “Bai Pei, look this time. People, it ’s not so accurate! ”

Gui Lian also said at once:“ I thought he was a hard-working person who collected resources well. But he also had these careful thoughts. ”

Boss Pei frowned, paused, and immediately Speaking out: “The martial arts

conference is about to start. If you want to dissolve, let’s talk later.”

“Humph, then bear with this kid for a few more days.” Xu Hai and Guilian snorted softly and said.

……… The

next day, Chen Fei got up early in the morning and left Zhuocheng University with Zhuo Qingyu to drive to the place where the Budo Conference was held.

The location of this martial arts meeting was held at Yangui Lake in the northern suburbs of Beijing. The suburbs were sparsely populated, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the scenery was good. It was very suitable for this martial arts meeting.

Along the way, Chen Fei saw a lot of vehicles heading for Yangui Lake, all of whom were sitting on magnificent martial artists. Some people with flamboyant personality even broke out in the car directly, and clamored for whoever refused to accept it all the way.

After driving for about an hour and a half, I finally reached my destination.

The parking lot walked towards the lake not far away, and around the huge Yangui Lake, a layer of stands was laid out at this moment, and each area was divided for the participants and guests to watch.

In the lake, there are a few steel rings, which is obviously the place to compare. Among them, the huge two-story ring at the heart of the lake should be the main ring of this competition.

The game has not started, but the whole Yangui Lake is very lively at the moment. The familiar warriors greet each other, and the unfamiliar warriors also greet each other.

There are even savvy merchants who set up business directly at the lake. All kinds of exercises, martial arts, weapons, weapons, medicine and other things began to sell out.

Of course, various gambling games are naturally indispensable.

Among them, the most popular one is naturally the bet of the competition champion. Each popular player has been selected long ago, and the relevant information is also directly marked on the gambling booth. Everyone analyzes the possibility of choosing the championship after each, and Deliberate betting.

At this time, Wei Tian, ​​Xu Hai Guilian and Pei Hu walked to the biggest betting booth.

Xu Hai and Gui Lian looked interested, and when they walked over, Xu Hai said, “Let’s go bet too!”

“That is, if we can win, we will all lose in the next competition. The trip is also worth it. “Guilian quickly helped.

Wei Tian was not interested, but seeing Pei Hu walked with the two, he could only walk past.

See the arrival of new customers, stall enthusiastic introduction up, “? A few, there is no candidate wants to bet ah”

Xu channel: “We do not know, can you tell me about it?”

Stall Very familiar, immediately patted his chest and said: “Naturally. You can see, the 20 people on the list are the hottest people to win the championship. They are basically the top 20 of the original Qianlong.

“Who is the hottest one?” Guilian asked so much impatiently.

The stall owner smiled when he heard it, and then moved his finger to the top name.

He said, “If you want to talk about the hottest players, it is natural that Jiang Fanfan is missing.” “How do you say?” Xu Hai asked.

Stall said: “Jiang Jiang less extraordinary, but that alliance of martial arts people, the second highest Qianlong List, and the legend he had hidden door family background so powerful people, the most popular of the natural..”

After listening to Xu Hai and Guilian, and even Pei Hu, couldn’t help but brighten their eyes, showing a look of excitement.


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