MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1407



Under the outbreak, Zhuo Qingyu’s current combat power, defeating the ordinary mid-level and even late-level martial arts warriors, are all very likely things.

It is still one day before the competition. Chen Fei did not continue to train, but let Zhuo Qingyu take a good rest day, adjust his physical condition to the best, and greet the upcoming Dabi.

Chen Fei also took leave from the school in preparation for the Budo Assembly.

However, he had just returned to the apartment, they received a phone call, a look at the name of the caller, Chen Fei surprised, quickly connected to the phone, “Wei-day, how are you free to call me up?”

Phone Wei Tian’s grinning voice sounded, “Fei Ge, I haven’t seen

you for a long time.” “Yeah, you are calling me now, what’s the matter?” Chen Fei asked.

Wei Tian smiled and said: “Feige, this is the case. I have come to Beijing, are you free? I want to invite you out to have a meal together.”

“You have come to Beijing?” Chen Fei surprised, “What are you doing here?” Forget it, you asked, where are you, let’s meet and talk! ”

” Well, Brother Fei, I’m at the Saint Laurent Hotel, are you convenient to come over? “Wei Tiandao.

Chen Fei immediately said: “The Saint Laurent Hotel, not far from me, you wait, I will come in half an hour.”

Hang up the phone, Chen Fei went out immediately, pilgrimage to the Laurent Hotel.

Soon, Chen Fei arrived at the door of the hotel. He just got out of the car and stood at the door of the hotel to welcome Wei Tian. He greeted him with a smile and gave Chen Fei a big hug, “Feige, you are here, Long time no see. ”

” Yeah, long time no see. “Chen Fei and Wei Tian hugged.

Wei Tian then smiled and greeted Chen Fei: “Brother Fei, I booked a private room inside, let’s go in and eat and talk.”

“Well!” Chen Fei nodded and walked side by side toward the hotel, and asked, “Wei Tian, ​​what’s the matter with you coming to Beijing this time?”

Wei Tian laughed: “Fei Ge, I When I came to Beijing at this time, it was naturally for the

Budo Assembly. “” Budo Assembly. “Chen Fei was a little surprised.

Wei-day explains: “Allen, more than a year, I exile, can not idle, has experience in martial arts, and now, my strength can improve a lot.”

Said, Wei-day dissemination of some of his body The real breath.

Chen Fei felt it a bit, Wei Tian’s realm has reached the early stage of Xuan level, which is good for a warrior of his age.

“Progress is good, I can look forward to your performance at the Budo Conference.” Chen Fei patted Wei Tian on the shoulder.

Wei Tian smiled, “Then borrow your good words from Brother Fei. By the way, Brother Fei, I came with a few friends this time. They are in the private room and wait for everyone to know each other.”

” Good! “Chen Fei smiled.

The two entered the private room. Chen Fei saw three people sitting on the round table at a glance.

Three men, two men and a woman, one of them is slightly older, about thirty-four or five years old, with a calm face and a serious expression.

The remaining men and women are relatively young, and they look about twenty-six or sixty years old.

Chen Fei pointed to the young man and introduced to Chen Fei: “Fei Ge, this is Xu Hai.”

He also introduced the young woman, “Fei Ge, this is

Gui Lian .” & Emsp

Finally, he pointed to the stable man and introduced, “Brother Fei, this is Pei Hu.”

“We are friends of martial artists whom we met during our training. This time we came to Beijing to participate in the martial arts conference.” Wei Tian smiled. Said.

Immediately, he introduced Chen Fei to the three people: “Everyone, this is the brother

Chen Feifei who talked to you.” After the introduction, Chen Fei nodded and smiled at them, reaching out and greeting : “Hello , I am Chen Fei. ”

However, the three of them looked at Chen Fei’s eyes a little surprised, then hummed, and didn’t get up in the seat, they seemed not very enthusiastic about Chen Fei.

Especially the young man Xu Hai, with a glance at the corner of his mouth, with a sneer of laughter, “Wei Tian, ​​this is what you said is a very powerful flying brother, I don’t think so?”

Wen Yan, Wei Tian Can’t help but look down, stared at Xu Hai, and said, “Xu Hai, are you questioning me? Fei Ge’s strength is beyond your control.”

“Is it?” Convinced, a slight shock in the body, a burst of real breath burst out, looking at Chen Fei, a posture ready to use force.

The woman on the side Guilian immediately opened her mouth and said, “Wei Tian, ​​aren’t you bragging! Xu Hai is a warrior from the three fist gates, and it’s not comparable to casual training!”

Chen Fei felt the breath of the two. This Xu Hai is around the middle stage of the Xuan class, and the woman Guilian is weaker, only the early stage of the Xuan class. For the warrior of this level, for Chen Fei, it is almost the same as the ants.

Therefore, Chen Fei had no interest in the two of them. After glancing at it, he turned his head straight away.

However, his action fell into the eyes of the two, but it became a performance that did not dare to show weakness. They made the two appear more arrogant and mocked Chen Fei coldly.

“What’s wrong with this? Retreat, don’t you dare to practice with me?”

“Wei Tian, ​​your brother Fei bragging about this kind of virtue, really disappointed me!”

“Xu Hai, Gui Lian. You Do n’t go too far, Fei Ge is so strong, you ’re not interested in worrying about you, you do n’t have to be intimate. ”Wei Tian’s face sank at the moment, his expression was angry.

Opposite that Xu Hai was also angry and shot the case: “Wei Tian, ​​it’s you who is too much! You said that you want to introduce the master to us, and the result is to bring this kind of mercy, which is a waste of ours. Time. ”

Guilian also said with a curse:” That is, the martial arts meeting will start tomorrow. With this time, it might as well be practiced for a while. As a result, it is a waste of time to come here— ”

” You-“Wei Tian is angry, It’s almost time to shoot the case.

At this time, the steady man Pei Hu, who had not spoken, frowned and said, “Okay, don’t quarrel.”

Obviously, this Pei Hu is the most prestigious existence among several people. When he drank him, everyone closed Shangzui looked at it.

Pei Hu said in a deep voice: “Since everyone has agreed to act together, don’t be noisy because of such trivial matters. We can’t compare to those big forces. We must unite together and hold groups to keep warm, maybe there are only a few opportunities, Do you understand? ”

Wei Tian nodded, but the opposite woman Guilian still pouted, with an unpleasant expression, said out loudly:” Unity is natural. Only, we said four people well, Now Wei Tian brings another person over. What does it mean? Want us to bring and share our resources? You know, we got a lot of qualifications to participate in the martial arts conference, but it took a lot of effort. “While talking, Xu Hai Nodded aside, an expression of approval. Even Pei Hu frowned slightly at the moment.


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