MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1406



Listening quietly, Chen Fei quickly sorted out the causes and consequences of the matter.

Luobeixi, as the youngest daughter of the Luo family, has been clever and clever since childhood, so he is naturally loved and cultivated as a family hope since childhood.

However, what Luo Dongfang didn’t expect was that although his little daughter had a good IQ, she didn’t have much interest in business, but instead she had a strong interest in martial arts.

At the beginning, Luo Dongfang didn’t agree with her daughter’s development in this area. But Luobeixi’s temperament is stubborn, and he secretly learns martial arts, and also shows his talents for martial arts.

Under such circumstances, Luo Dongfang’s attitude slowly softened and changed, and began to accept the matter of Luo Beixi learning martial arts. Until later, Luo Beixi met Jiang Han, a son of the martial arts, and the attitude of the entire Luo family was directly changed. He strongly supported Luo Dongfang to learn martial arts, and even constantly hinted that Luo Beixi and Jiang Han went closer.

The reason for all this is because Jiang Han’s identity is unusual, he is a member of the Jiang family of the hidden family.

Although the Luo family is good, it is only for ordinary people. Compared with the huge and powerful family power of the Yinmen family, the Luo family is a bit different.

Therefore, if Luo Beixi and Jiang Han have the opportunity to come together, the Luo family is naturally very happy. Even Luo Dongfang visited the Jiang family in person, and the matter was concealed in secret.

What made them happy was that Jiang Han seemed to like Luobeixi too, saying that he would consider marrying Luobeixi. As a result, the entire Luo family was very excited, and even held Luo Beixi as a baby.

However, Luo Beixi himself has always had a relatively general attitude towards Jiang Han, saying that he just regarded him as an ordinary martial arts friend, and had no plans to be a lover.

However, the Luo family and Jiang Han did not care about these. They thought that with Jiang Han’s status and strength, it would be a matter of time to win Luo Beixi’s heart.

However, what they didn’t expect was that Jiang Bian, who was originally ready to show his hand at that year’s martial arts conference, had proposed to Luo Beixi in public after winning the championship. However, in the finals of the Budo Conference, he lost to Chen Mochi, the largest group of dark horses at that time.

This Chen Mochi was originally unknown, but he suddenly rose in just a few years, and became the leader of the younger generation. Later, after investigation, it was learned that Chen Mochi had entered the dragon tomb. His martial arts progress should be inseparable from the dragon tomb.

Jiang Han and the Luo family’s marriage proposal was disrupted, and worse, Chen Mochi met Luo Beixi after winning the championship. The two fell in love at first sight and quickly fell in love. Chen Mochi even came to the Luo family to raise relatives.

Originally, as the new generation champion of the martial arts world, Chen Mochi at that time had unlimited potential and strength, and it was not wrong to match Luobeixi with improper households.

However, the Luo family saw Jiang Han’s identity background, and was somewhat dismissed by Chen Mochi, and immediately rejected Chen Mochi’s relatives. Then, the Luo family immediately contacted the Jiang family and quickly settled the marriage between Luo Beixi and Jiang Han, preparing to forcibly marry Luo Beixi into the Jiang family.

Such a forced marriage, Luo Beixi naturally did not agree, almost upset at home. On the day of his last marriage, he fled the wedding scene and eloped with Chen Mochi.

For the Jiang family, such behavior was a huge shame and face. Jiang’s family was furious, immediately on two

people issued a fatwa.

Although the Luos were worried about the Luobei Stream, they did not dare to resist the Jiangs, so they watched silently and did not dare to express their dissatisfaction with the Jiangs. After all, their Luo family also made mistakes in this matter. If the Jiang family blamed them, their Luo family would probably suffer.

Later, the chase lasted for more than a year. The Jiang family withdrew. According to their accounts, both Chen Mochi and Luobei Stream were killed. The Jiang family’s revenge was completed, and the matter ceased.

The Luo family did not dare to ask more, but accepted the result silently, and then lived cautiously.

Since then, because of fears of the Jiang family’s dissatisfaction, the Luo family directly sealed all matters related to Luobei Creek. It is forbidden for people inside and outside the family to mention this matter again, as if nothing happened.

Until now, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling came to the Luo family, and then mentioned the things of the year, which made this dust that has been sealed for nearly two decades, and once again spoke out from the Luo family.

After listening to all of this, Chen Fei looked at his sister Chen Ziling. Among the clues investigated by Chen Ziling, there was an accessory that marked a special pattern, and the information found in the Luo family ancestral hall was that pattern. A pattern dedicated to Miss Luo Beixi.

If all this is true, Chen Ziling’s identity is also coming out.

She is the daughter of Luo Beixi, and her father is probably the dark horse Chen Mochi.

As for whether the two were chased to death by the Jiang family, what happened in the process of chasing and killing caused Luobeixi to be adopted by the old man. All of this, only the parties will know.

“Zi Ling, are you okay?” Chen Fei asked softly.

Chen Ziling smiled lightly, unable to tell what he looked like. After a pause, he said, “Brother, I’m fine.”

Chen Fei continued: “Zi Ling, do you have anything else to ask? ”

Chen Zi Ling heard this, looked at Los home crowd, this also want to ask some things about Los North Creek. It was just that she saw Luo Dongfang’s flashing and panic things, and she felt a little irritable in her heart, and had no interest in continuing to ask.

Luo Dongfang was able to force his daughter to marry Jiang Han for the benefit. For the so-called family safety, let the Jiang family pursue their own daughter. Those who can do these things, Chen Ziling feels sick at first glance.

Without much stay, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling immediately left the Luos.

After returning to school, Chen Fei took a leave of absence from Chen Ziling, and rented a suite outside the school to let Chen Ziling live inside and take a good rest.

On the side of Chen Fei, while continuing to take classes in the school, he ran towards the Linglong Base and continued training for the Wuxing Squad.

In this way, time passed quickly, and the day of the Budo Assembly is coming soon. In the capital, there are obviously more warriors coming and going than usual, and the hotels are almost full. There are warriors who come to participate, and some guests who just come to watch.

As the martial arts conference was approaching, Chen Fei specially trained Zhuo Qingyu, but her actual combat ability had increased a lot.

Despite the current Zhuo Qingyu, there is still only the realm of the early Xuan level. But after all, she practiced the advanced exercises given by Chen Fei, plus her rare Aoki spirit body, and the quality of the true breath is much higher than that of ordinary martial arts.


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