MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1404



For a time, people could not help but gaze fell upon Los cream, with questioning and interrogation of color, “Los cream, you said Chen Fei had offended Xingjia, now, that the situation in the end is how is it?”

At this point Luo Shuang, also blinded, panicked and waved: “I, I don’t know! At the time, Chen Fei really offended Xing Rui, this is Han Yu’s brother Han Jian, I can guarantee it ! ”

” Now, how can I explain this situation? “Someone asked.

“This Chen Fei has a close relationship with Elder Suo and calls the Master Xing uncle. This relationship and background are deeper than our Luo family! And we offended him, I am afraid in the future—” someone worried.

“In the beginning, Chen Fei was very kind to our Luo family. We even took out health pills to exchange news, but in the end we-alas, if we chose to believe him, then our Luo family, we need to go further “” There are also people with regrets on their faces.

It’s okay to say nothing like this. As soon as I said it, it seemed that everyone in the Luo family, especially the old man in Luo Dongfang, spread a lot of salt on his heart.

The old man’s face was cold, his cheeks were stiff, and he slumped on the chair without a word, and his face looked extremely gloomy.


On the other side, Chen Fei and Suolin Xing Hongqi came to the living room in the background, picked up the tea cups, and a few people chatted.

The other party gave him kindness, Chen Fei thanked him, and then asked if he could help. After all, Chen Fei still knows that no one will be good to himself for no reason. Some things, although the exchange of interests are realistic, are also convincing.

Thorin and Xing Hongqi understood Chen Fei’s meaning, and smiled, then immediately said: “Xiao Chen, in fact we have no other meaning. Just after chatting with Secretary Mu, I want to talk to Xiao Chen, let you do it for us Greetings to some senior Xuanyuan seniors. ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei suddenly realized that he understood why Sorin and Xing Hongqi valued themselves so much. It seems that they learned their relationship with the old man from Secretary Mu, so they looked at the old man’s face and gave him this.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei had to sigh with emotion in his heart. The old man was usually lascivious in front of himself, but he didn’t expect it to be famous outside, so many people gave him face.

Think of this, Chen Fei smiled and nodded down naturally, “cable elders and Xingjia main greeting, I will bring my master’s.”

“That’s the trouble Chen.”


Duo heard this, suddenly The smile spreads.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Fei did not greet him, and went directly to the business. Take out the consultation opportunity card that I just photographed, and it’s time to consult Chen Ziling’s parents.

Sorin opened a special channel and immediately asked Manager Liu to inquire about relevant information.

Less than a quarter of an hour, Liu took a special u disk back, hands and handed Chen Fei, “Mr. Chen, this is what we provide you with the clues, found in the relevant information.”

Chen Fei took the u disk, I felt my heart tremble violently, and I was a little excited.

“Thank you!” Chen Fei put away the USB flash drive, then stood up to bid farewell to Sorin and Xing Hongqi, and left the auction house.

After returning to the school apartment, Chen Fei did not open the USB flash drive by himself to view your content. Instead, he called Chen Ziling and explained the situation to her.

After hearing about Chen Ziling, he rushed to Chen Fei’s apartment.

Sitting in front of the computer, plug in the USB drive and enter the password. Suddenly, a document appeared on the computer desktop.

Chen Ziling held the mouse and moved the arrow over the document, trying to open it, but at this time, his palm shook involuntarily.

Seeing this, Chen Fei patted Chen Ziling’s shoulder gently, comforting softly: “Zi Ling, relax.”

“I’m coming!” Chen Fei held the mouse and clicked on the document.

Suddenly, the full screen of dense text was presented in front of the two, which was also mixed with some pictures and links.

The two held their breaths, without any words, staring at the screen and reading all the contents.

Half an hour later, the two of them finished reading the content, and Chen Ziling’s face showed a strange color. It seemed that the content recorded in it was unbelievable.

Chen Fei patted Chen Ziling’s shoulder and said, “Zi Ling, if you are unsure. Tomorrow, we will go to Luo’s house to make sure what is inside.”

“This–I–” Chen Ziling has some Hesitate.

Chen Fei seeing this, softly: “bad decision, do not decide, you first good rest, do not let yourself too tired and so a good mood, make a decision..”

“Ah” Chen Zi Ling nodded! , With a touch of sadness in his eyebrows.

“If you’re tired, just lie down and rest. Tonight, rest here with brother.” Chen Feirou said softly.

Chen Ziling was silent for a while, then nodded gently, stretched his arms, and said to Chen Fei with a nasal voice: “Brother, hug!”

Seeing this scene, Chen Fei seemed to remember when he was a child on Tianwu Mountain.

Chen Ziling, a younger sister who is five years younger than herself, followed her buttocks, spread her arms, and asked her to hug.

The softness in my heart was touched, and Chen Fei leaned down gently, spread his arms and embraced Chen Ziling in his arms.

A soft arms, filled with fragrant smell, but Chen Fei at the moment, does not have any strange ideas, gently picked up Chen Zi Ling, put him on the bed, softly comfort:. “Purple Spirit, have a good rest”

arms around Embracing Chen Fei’s Zi Ling, he did not want to let go of his hand at the moment, hugged Chen Fei, and pulled him to the bed too. “Brother, I want you to sleep with me like you were when I was a kid.”

“Well, OK. Brother hugs you to sleep. Xiao Ziling, good boy, tells you a story. Once upon a time, there was a mountain … “Chen Fei hugged Chen Ziling and slowly told the story of his childhood.

The next morning, golden eyes shining in from the window, spilled on the bed, and Chen Fei on the bed slowly opened his eyes.

Opening his eyes, Chen Fei felt soft in his arms. When he looked down, he found Zi Ling leaning in his arms, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and fell asleep.

Indistinctly, Chen Fei looked down at the whiteness of the collar, which also made Chen Fei’s eyes sway, and quickly withdrew his eyes, gently twitching his arm, did not want to wake Chen Ziling.

However, Chen Feigang just moved, and Chen Ziling was also awakened, rubbing his dim sleepy eyes, and immediately opened his eyes, seeing Chen Fei lying beside him, and suddenly screamed, “Brother, why are you on my bed? You Did n’t do anything to me! ”

Said, the little girl covered her chest with both hands with vigilance, a pair of black lacquered eyes rolled steadily, and a pair of prisoners looked at Chen Fei.


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