MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1403



Ignoring these cynicisms, Chen Fei said to Manager Liu: “Manager Liu, it’s only 4 billion. I can afford this amount of money. Let’s go through the procedures!”

Manager Liu still apologized and apologized to Chen Fei. Start the process.

The following guests are still talking about this.

Just as Manager Liu’s procedures were about to be completed, a voice rang out, “Manager Liu, no need.”

Hearing the voice, everyone looked up and found a man in his fifties or sixties , Came out with a smile.

Just when everyone was wondering who the man was, Manager Liu was surprised, turned around and bowed respectfully: “Elder Suo, you are here.”

After saluting, Manager Liu immediately introduced Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, this This is Elder Sorinso, our Baixiao Tower. As I mentioned to you just now, this is the elder Suomen who wants to raise your high ancestor in Baixiao Tower. ”

Chen Fei heard that he looked at this Elder Suo Nodded and greeted: “Elder Suo is good, this is Chen Fei.”

“Mr. Chen! I should have come out earlier to greet you, Mr. Chen. It is really embarrassing.” This elder Suo, yes Chen Fei’s attitude was unexpectedly respectful.

“Elder Zuo is polite.” Chen Fei smiled, and then looked at Manager Liu.

Manager Liu also showed a curious and inquiring look and looked at Elder Suo. Elder Suo originally planned to meet Chen Fei in private, but now he came out ahead of time. It must be something.

At this moment, many of the guests sitting below saw the scene at the moment, and they couldn’t help but be surprised. The voice of the discussion buzzed.

“The man who is the ancestor of Baixiaolou is the manager of Manager Liu, a real big man!”

“Baixiaolou Zongmen, that’s the Zongmen of the prefecture-level pinnacle, the real Dazongmen.”

“Elder Sorin, I have heard that he is a master of martial arts, and I heard that he has reached the level of the prefecture-level pinnacle!” ”

This kind of big man, come forward at this moment and talk to Chen Fei. Why?”

“This, maybe there is some business!”


When everyone was surprised and guessed, Sorin smiled and looked at Chen Fei immediately told Manager Liu: “The last lot, the 4 billion bid, free Mr. Chen!”

“Ah, free orders!” Now, Manager Liu was shocked.

With such a big order, Elder Soling even waived Chen Fei directly. You know, this is not a little money, but a huge asset of up to 4 billion.

Many of the guests at the scene, those sitting in the back row, did not reach the total assets of 4 billion.

As a result, Sorin said in a sentence that he had directly reduced the four billion yuan to Chen Fei, which is really surprising.

Even Chen Fei looked at Suolin with surprise, “Elder Suo, this-thank you. However, there are rules for doing business, this money, let me come out!”

Suolin smiled, He waved his hand: “Mr. Chen does not need to care. Four billion yuan is nothing to Bai Xiao Lou. Moreover, it is an honor for us to meet such a friend as Mr. Chen. Its value is far higher than four. One billion. ”

Soon, without waiting for Chen Fei to say anything, Solin said directly to Manager Liu:” Let’s go through the formalities. If the account is checked above, you say I ordered it. ”

” Yes, Elder Suo! ” , And then quickly completed the formalities. Finally handed a special card to Chen Fei, “Mr. Chen, this is me

We have a consultation opportunity in Baixiao Building. With this card, you can consult Baixiaolou at any time. ”

Chen Fei nodded, put away the card,

and said thank you. Seeing this, everyone with emotion underneath couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and his face was full of surprise.

He was still mocking Chen Fei for 4 billion. Buying a piece of news is that everyone in the Luo family who is injustice is completely speechless at this moment, and his eyes are particularly gloomy.

Luo Beihe saw this and gritted his teeth: “Father, don’t think too much. Even if the kid saved the four billion, it would be fine. After all, he offended the Xing family, which is not easy to fool, when the Xing family retaliated, I was afraid that he would have no money to spend his life. ”

That’s it! Luo Shuang also said loudly.

Luo Dongfang heard that his dark cheeks had improved slightly.

But at this moment, Chen Fei, who had collected the cards and was about to leave, suddenly heard a familiar cry, “Instructor Chen. ”

Then he saw a figure running from the background and came to Chen Fei with great interest, shouting:” Instructor Chen. ” “The

person who came was not someone else, it was Xing Rui. This surprised Chen Fei and asked,” Xing Rui, why are you here? ” Is there anything to find me? ”

Xing Rui smiled and said:” Chen instructors, my dad wanted to meet you. I know you are here for the auction, so I brought him over. ”

After finishing speaking, Xing Rui turned and looked, and in the darkness behind the scenes, he immediately came out of a burly man in his forties or forties.

This man came out, and many guests at the scene immediately exclaimed. After all, for this person, They are more familiar.

This man is Xing Hongqi, the head of the Xing family in Beijing, who is also Xing Rui’s father. Although the Xing family is low-key, Xing Hongqi is also famous in the capital because of the hidden family behind him.

Even the people of Luojialuo Dongfangzi’s generation, in front of Xing Hongqi, should be lower in grade.

“Good Lord Xing!” Chen Fei looked at the man and greeted him.

The man smiled and patted Chen Fei on the shoulder, saying: “You are Chen Fei Xiao Chen, Xing Rui mentioned you to me. His arrogant temperament, thanks to Xiao Chen, tempered him a little bit before Let him grow! For this, I would like to thank you Xiao Chen! ”

Chen Fei heard, smiled and said:” Master Xing is polite, I didn’t do anything. ”

” Xiao Chen, you’re welcome, call me Uncle will do. “Xing Hongqi patted Chen Fei’s shoulder and said,” Go, let’s go in and chat. ”

Sorin nodded and said,” There is a living room inside, let’s go in. ”

Chen Fei nodded and walked between the two men Among the guys, walk inside.

Outside, the guests sitting in their seats were dumbfounded and surprised when they saw this scene.

“Here, what’s going on? How can even the Master Xing have a relationship with Chen Fei.”

“It’s not as simple as a relationship, it’s completely intimate!”

“What the hell is that kid? The elders, Master Xing, were even more jealous of him. ”

Everyone was puzzled, and everyone on the Luo family was shocked.

In particular, Luo Fei, who just said that Chen Fei offended the Xing family and did not end well, opened his mouth at the moment and was completely speechless.

The others in the Luo family were also shocked and looked at the direction of Chen Fei’s departure, unable to speak for long.

They really don’t understand why the Xing family, who should have been Chen Fei’s enemies, suddenly had such a good relationship with Chen Fei.


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