MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1402



In this situation, the other people could not help but stunned for a while, and then a discussion started.

“Jiang Shao also wanted this consultation opportunity.”

“Looking like this, Chen Fei doesn’t seem to want to let it go!”

“Competing with Jiang Shao, is he a fool?”

“That’s right, Jiang Shao’s identity and strength, Was he right? ”

………… In the

discussion, the Luo family behind Chen Fei had a somewhat gloomy face, but at the moment it was a frown, with a touch of gloating expression.

“Then Chen Fei’s brain broke? Dare to confront Jiang Shao.”

“Oh, if he just quit automatically, Jiang Shao might have remembered his kindness. Now, he is bidding with Jiang Shao, This is to offend Jiang Shao! ”

” Just because of this temperament,

he will find his own way sooner or later. ” ” He’s done, let’s watch a good show. ”

………… In the

face of Chen Fei’s bid, Jiang Fanfan seems to have some unexpected expectations He looked at Chen Fei for a few seconds, and then Shen Sheng quoted: “Two billion, I will give two billion.”

This quotation caused an uproar at the scene.

Jiang Bufan directly raised the offer of 400 million yuan this time, pushing the price to 2 billion, which is almost twice the previous price of 1 billion.

On the other hand, this quotation also means that Jiang Bufan is bound to win the competition, which is equivalent to a warning to Chen Fei.

At this time, Chen Fei, after hearing this offer, frowned lightly, and the price of 2 billion did indeed exceed his expectations. But this consultation opportunity is to help the younger sisters find the clues of their parents.

Moreover, in terms of money, Chen Fei is not short of money. Not to mention the more than one billion yuan obtained by bidding for drugs, it is said that in the past few years, Chen Fei’s business has made money, plus some big families under his control, the value of tens of billions is not a blow. Taking out billions to bid for this opportunity, Chen Fei would not care much.

Therefore, Chen Fei faced Jiang’s extraordinary strength, without any politeness, and said directly, “2.5 billion.” As

soon as this remark came out, the scene was in an uproar again. , Higher than Jiang Fanfan just now. So crazy, so powerful, surprised everyone.

“It Chen Fei, really so rich?”

“That kid in the end what is backing, so bold!”

“Unwise ah unwise, this is not a question of money, but little things Jiang face ah!”

“This He wanted to offend Jiang Shao to the death, he was   looking for his own way! ”

……… In the

lively discussion, Jiang Bufan couldn’t help but frowned, looked at Chen Fei and stared for a few seconds Zhong, then quoted: “2.7 billion.”

This time, Chen Fei was faster and unkind. “Three billion.”

“You–” Now, even Jiang is extraordinary, for this price, both feel a bit weird, and glared fiercely Chen Fei, bite Chen Sheng said, “you know what you’re doing? I said, I have this opportunity, aspirations.”

Chen Fei extraordinary look to the river, cold disdain With a grunt, he said, “I’m bound to get it? Then bid for the money, don’t play without money.”

In the face of Chen Fei’s irony, Jiang Bufan’s face was dull, his teeth creaked, he stared at Chen Fei for a

few moments , and then said: “I’m paying 3.5 billion.” Almost at the moment Jiang Jiangfan exported Chen Pegasus

follow up on the cold channel: “. four billion.”

“you -” this price, even if the river is extraordinary, are feeling the pressure, we can not follow up. He stared fiercely at Chen Fei, gritted his teeth, and wished to swallow him alive.

Chen Fei seeing, arms across his chest, sneered: “? How can I be this auction, you want to win, you would pay for it.”

“You -” Jiang extraordinary complexion reddened, glared Chen Fei, because of his anger, almost fired out of fire, and his fists were squeezed even more, wishing to shoot immediately, beating Chen Fei violently.

Chen Fei said with a sneer: “Why, I want to do it without money. When it comes to doing it, I don’t mind companionship.”

After that, Chen Fei hooked Jiang Jiangfan with a relaxed expression.

Such an expression, in Jiang Bufan’s eyes, suddenly became a mockery and contempt, making him almost angry and burning.

In an instant, when he exhaled, the true breath of his body burst out suddenly, and he was enveloped towards Chen Fei with violent energy.

Fighting seems to be on the verge.

But at this moment, Manager Liu shouted: “Jiang Shao, here is Baixiao Building, we have our rules, please remember.”

This statement is obviously with a warning meaning, although this Jiang extraordinary identity Not ordinary, but Baixiaolou Company is not a small force, let him do whatever he wants. Therefore, Manager Liu naturally has to make a reminder.

Jiang Bufan heard the voice and glanced at Manager Liu, then the angry breath on his body pressed down, and then stared at Chen Fei fiercely. He pointed his right finger and said coldly, “Very good, Chen Fei. I remember you. ”

After that, Jiang Bufan flicked his sleeve and turned to walk outside the auction house.

Chen Fei carelessly pouted, not taking Jiang’s threats seriously.

But at this time, the auction also returned to normal procedures. Manager Liu looked at Chen Fei, and his face was a little embarrassed. “Mr. Chen, according to the regulations, you just bid for a price of 4 billion yuan, so now-”

say this price, Even Manager Liu himself felt a little weird. Although the consultation opportunity of Baixiao Building is very precious, the price of 4 billion yuan is still too high, which is completely beyond the normal range.

Chen Fei didn’t care much, waved his hand and said: “Manager Liu doesn’t care, since it’s the four billion yuan I shot, then come at this price.”

“This, Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect When this happens, there will be such a thing, so— “Manager Liu still apologizes, but Chen Fei didn’t think it mattered much.

At the moment, the other guests were talking enthusiastically.

“This, Chen Fei, is too powerful, even Jiang Shao has gone away.”

“Oh, this is awesome? I don’t know if he is a catastrophe!”

“That is, what is Jiang Shao’s identity? The run-off caused Jiang Shao to lose face, and also lost this consultation opportunity. Later, he will suffer. ”

” Young man, the edge is too prosperous, and a little money is forgotten. I don’t know this world, money is not everything. ”


Several people in the Luos’ family also expressed emotion at this moment.

“Actually offended Jiang Shao, he’s dead.”

“That’s not that, Jiang Shao is not annoying person, plus the previous Xing family, this Chen Fei, finished.”

“Hehe, who made him so Great, I found it myself! ”

” There is also the lot, which is only worth one billion yuan. In the end, it cost four billion yuan, which is a big deal. ”


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