MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1400



At this point, the stage of Dr Huang also improve the tone, “and finally longevity pill bottle, missed this opportunity, since you encounter hard, you want to shoot, you had better seize the opportunity to ah!”

Moment, following a warm The cry rang out.

“50 million!”

“80 million!”

“100 million!”

“150 million!”

… The

price rose quickly, and the Luo family saw it, knowing that their previous wishful calculations had failed. . According to the current trend, this longevity pill has no possibility of price reduction, and the final price will only increase.

Luo Dongfang couldn’t sit still, knowing that he missed this opportunity, it would be difficult to meet again in the future.

At this moment, he couldn’t care about anything else, he directly quoted the price, “180 million.”

He directly quoted the price equal to the ninth bottle, and the scene suddenly became quiet. After all, at this price, the person who can bid Not much.

Just when Luo Dongfang thought he was going to succeed, a voice next to him sounded, “190 million.”

Luo Dongfang couldn’t help but gritted his teeth and raised the offer again, “200 million yuan.” The

price exceeded 200 million yuan in one fell swoop . , Suddenly caused a lot of discussion on the scene. The other party thought for a while and gritted his teeth for a price of 210 million.

Luo Dongfang ’s eyes were a little red, but he could n’t care about anything else at this moment. He continued to quote, “Two hundred and twenty million.” At

this price, after the other party hesitated, he finally shook his head and turned to the Luo family He arched his hands and said aloud; “Congratulations to Luo for getting old.”

Immediately, after signing the payment, the staff delivered the last bottle of Longevity Pill to Luodongfang.

After getting the pills, Luo Dongfang’s somber cheeks were finally better.

Relatives next to him also spoke one after another, comforting Luo Dongfang came.

“Grandpa, if you can buy this level of medicine, you can earn it if you buy it.”

“That is, money is not a problem at all. At this level of our Luo family, it is nothing at all to take out this amount of money.”

“Dad your Health and longevity, that can’t be exchanged for any amount of money. ”

… ……

Listening to the relief of his children and grandchildren, Luo Dongfang’s face got better, and he would spend another 100 million yuan to buy Changshou Pill temporarily. Opened the jade bottle and poured out a pill.

“This pill, this color, this fragrance is definitely a good thing!”

“The things auctioned by Baixiaolou Company are definitely good.”

“Sure enough, you can make a profit , and these two hundred and twenty million will not be spent.”

………… When

several people touted, Luo Feng on the side stared at the pill and frowned.

Luo Shuang saw this, and said intentionally: “Brother, what is your expression? Why did you look unhappy when Grandpa bought the good medicine?”

Suddenly, the eyes of everyone in the Luo family gathered and the old man saw Luo The expression of Feng’s face was a bit dull.

Luo Feng glared at Luo Shuang, and then immediately explained: “Grandpa, I’m not upset, just a little puzzled.”

“What doubt?” Luo Dongfang asked in a deep voice.

“It’s -” Los wind and some do not want to open, but seeing Father serious look, or a channel, “The pill taste and color, and the last time I felt Chen’s health pill almost, almost exactly the same.”

Mention to Chen

Fei, Luo family the rest of his face suddenly ugly again.

Luo Shuang first said: “Brother, you were brainwashed by Chen Fei. When you didn’t shoot it just now, you said that Changshou Pill is similar to Yangsheng Pill. Now that Changshou Pill is Yangsheng Pill, you just think so Chen Fei talks? ”

Luo Shuang’s father Luo Beihe also said:” Luo Feng, Grandpa is very happy, do you have to sweep his interest like this? ”

” No, I don’t, I just think— “Luo Feng also wanted to explain.

But at this time, his father Luo Beiling gave him a wink, and then said to Luo Dongfang: “Dad, Luo Feng he didn’t mean that, he just said casually, don’t worry about it.” The

master nodded. Waving his hand, “The following auction is about to start, pay attention to the following things!”

Although he said that, after he finished speaking, the old man couldn’t help but stared at the pill in his hand for a few more glances, and his eyebrows were lightly wrinkled Got up.

While everyone was waiting for the next auction item to start auctioning, Doctor Huang on the stage did not go down, but after communicating with the staff, he finally came directly to the stage with a document.

When everyone saw this, they couldn’t help but show their curiosity.

“What is Dr. Huang doing?”

“The bill payment document, just signed the ten bottles, did anyone pay the bill?”

“Is there any new situation?”


In the eyes of everyone curious and puzzled, Dr. Huang walked to the VIP seat No. 1 and handed the document to Chen Fei, saying: “Mr. Chen, all ten bottles of Changshou pills have been auctioned, and the total auction revenue is 15 160 million, our company deducts 10% of the handling fee, and your income is 1.404 billion, please sign it. ”

Chen Fei nodded, took the pen and paper, and signed it word.

These ten bottles of longevity pills were originally prepared by him for the Luos, but they did not expect that when they talked with the Luos, the longevity pills were not delivered. After taking over the auction at Baixiao Building, it sold more than one billion yuan, which made Chen Fei’s purse a lot.

In this way, when bidding for the consulting opportunities of Baixiao Building later, I am much more at hand and have more confidence.

… …

others heard the conversation here and couldn’t help but show curiosity.

Dr. Huang understood everyone’s curiosity and got up loudly: “Ten bottles of Changshou Pill just now, Mr. Chen Fei Chen commissioned us to auction at Baixiao Building.” As

soon as this remark came out, there was an uproar on the scene and everyone’s eyes gathered .

Someone was quite clever, immediately made a smile, and began to say hello to Chen Fei. Some people even directly asked Chen Fei if there were any longevity pills. They wanted to buy some in private.

Different from everyone’s enthusiasm, everyone in the Luo family sitting behind Chen Fei at this moment has a very gloomy expression and a stunned expression on his face.

“Changshou Pill, yes, it was Chen Fei who placed it in Baixiao Building for auction?”

” Well , what the hell is going on?”

“Is this Changshou Pill really the health pill Chen Fei gave to his father?” ”


“Isn’t it a lie to take that shit health pill as a longevity pill?” Luo Shuang said with a disgruntled face, and was very dismissive of Chen Fei’s things.

Doctor Huang, who was just in front, sank his face and said coldly: “The health pill that Mr. Chen entrusted to our company was tested by our Baixiao Building, and I personally tasted it. Is it doubting my level and my credibility of Baixiaolou Company? “In this question, Luo Shuang suddenly looked cold and wondered how to deal with it.


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