MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1399



The lights dimmed in the field, the host walked onto the stage, everyone gradually became quiet, and the auction officially began.

After a brief introduction of some rules, the host immediately started the auction.

The first auction item was a Xuan-level martial arts skill. The grade was not bad. Some families and individuals later bid for the cards and finally sold at a price of 20 million yuan.

Immediately afterwards, items were auctioned off and prices continued to rise. It didn’t take long for more than ten items to be photographed.

However, Chen Fei has not made any bids. The Luo family behind him, shot several times in the middle, photographed two martial arts exercises, and there was a burst of laughter.

There are even Luoshuang and Han Yu secretly whispering behind their backs.

“Sitting on the VIP seat one, but did not bid once, what is he doing, to watch the drama?”

“Oh, a poor ghost, no money to bid is normal.”

“That’s not the thing here, the lowest The starting price is all in the tens of millions, and it can easily exceed 100 million. It is normal for him to not afford it. ”


Ignoring their whispering, Chen Fei is waiting for the next auction item that is about to appear, because the next one It is the health pills that Baixiaolou Company auctioned for itself, which is the longevity pills on the list.

There are also many people who are as expecting as Chen Fei. After all, whether it is a rich man or a warrior, there is no resistance to the word longevity.

In the eyes and whispers whispered by everyone, the doctor Huang in a robe came out and said aloud: “This item to be auctioned next is a little special. Let me introduce it to you personally.

“This item is called Changshou Pill. As the name suggests, it has the effect of prolonging life. It can also treat many minor diseases. According to our calculations, if you take three bottles of Longevity Pill, it is very possible to prolong life by two to three years. Things— ”

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but get excited, and the discussion buzzed.

“Extended lifespan from two to three years, this is too great, I want to buy it.”

“However, what medicine has this effect, it is too much to blow! It should not be fake!”

“Fake! What are you kidding, this is Baixiaolou Company, and the appraisal is Dr. Huang, do you understand what they mean? ”

” I know Baixiaolou can’t go wrong, but this effect is still too much. ”

” In any case, this medicine has been rare for a few years, and I am going to shoot it. ”

………… In the

discussion, the Luo family behind Chen Fei also started talking about it.

“Changshou Maru, extend life. The old man needs it most, we must bid!”

“Yes, such an opportunity is really rare.”

“That is, the effect of Baixiaolou’s things is guaranteed, there will be nothing wrong. Wait for a while. Want to bid! “The

Luo family almost showed interest. ‘

Only Luo Feng frowned lightly at this moment, thought of something, and said: “Is the function of this longevity pill not the same as that of Mr. Chen’s health pill before?”

Mentioning Luo Fei suddenly looked at Chen Fei, his face It also became bad.

“Luo Feng, people who walk away with our Luo family, don’t mention it.”

“That is, brother! That so-called Chen Fei health pills, energy and longevity pill floor compared to a hundred knows it? Is not a level of existence

in.” Los cream immediately out of channels.

Even the old man, Luo Dongfang, said at the moment: “Don’t mention the past, just focus on the present.” The

old man had spoken, Luo Feng naturally dared not say anything, nodded and said, “Yes, Grandpa, I know. ”

At this time, the following discussion became more and more lively, and many people could not wait and shouted.

“Dr. Huang, don’t sell the key, let’s start auctioning!”

“That is, we can’t wait any longer.”

“How much is the auction reserve price, I’m fighting to shoot a bottle or two.”

………… In the

urging sound, Dr. Huang said loudly: ” This longevity pill was commissioned by an expert to auction us in Baixiaolou. And the stock is limited. There are only ten bottles in total, so it is very precious. ”

” Changshou pill is auctioned in bottles, and the starting price of each bottle is 5,000. Each time the price increase should not be less than one million. Now, from the first bottle, everyone can bid. ”

Almost immediately after Dr. Huang just announced the rules, the auction became lively.

“50 million!”

“52 million!”

“55 million!”

“60 million!”


The price has skyrocketed, and in less than a few minutes, it has skyrocketed to the level of 80 million, and then slowly slowed down.

The Luo family also participated in the auction, and the other party gradually bid the price to 90 million, but the other party still did not mean to stop, and continued to raise the price.

The Luo family hesitated for a while. The old man didn’t raise a sign and said: “One hundred million yuan a bottle, this price is too much. Moreover, the effect of this longevity pill is not necessarily as good as we said. We Look again, there are nine bottles in the back, maybe the price will drop. ”

Finally, the first bottle of Changshou Pill was auctioned off by a rich businessman for 100 million yuan.

Immediately, the second bottle immediately began auctioning. With the base price of the first bottle, the price of the second bottle skyrocketed more rapidly, surpassing 100 million yuan in less than a minute, and finally climbing to 120 million yuan.

Los participating once again this time to the auction in the price soared over one hundred million, so that they feel a bit surprised, Los North River watching the Father, asked: “? Dad, you also need to continue to increase the auction”

Father was silent for children, final With a sigh, he waved his hand and said: “Don’t continue. Wait for the following, I don’t believe that this group of people is irrational, and will continue to raise the price of this medicine.”

Luo Dongfang once again gave up the auction of Changshou pills, the second bottle finally It was sold at a price of 125 million.

Immediately, the third bottle began auctioning. The price of the next few bottles of medicine has rapidly broken through 100 million, and they are constantly rising. But by the time the auction reached the seventh bottle, the price had already been raised to 150 million.

At this price, the Luo family, who didn’t even get a bottle at this time, looked a little ugly.

“What’s the matter, are everyone crazy? At such a high price, prices are still increasing!”

“So many rich people have bid, and the next bottle, they should have no money!”

“Yes, our Luo family will start bidding again for the next bottle!”

………… The Luo family held this idea, and when the eighth and ninth bottles were sold at the price of 160 million and 180 million respectively When he went out, the Luo family turned pale.

Lord Luo’s calm face also showed a hint of confusion.


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