MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1398



Luo Beihe immediately supported the old man, and his face was warm. “Dad, you slow down. I heard that there will be good things in this auction in Baixiao Building. Take a

picture for your dad. “The old man nodded with a smile, and then surrounded by a group of people, a look that Chen Fei did not know, walked past Chen Fei and completely regarded him as air.

Luo Shuang hugged Han Yu’s arm, and the two girls looked at Chen Fei with a frown, snorted coldly, disdainful and contemptuous.

In response, Ji Dongyang and Situ Kong and others beside Chen Fei frowned, looking at Chen Fei.

“Mr. Chen, the Luo family is so disrespectful to you? Or, let’s snatch them when the auction goes down?”

“Yes, we can’t let them succeed.”

Chen Fei waved his hand and said lightly: “No need, you shoot You just need to take care of your own things. There is no need to control others. ”

The location of the auction venue is basically ranked according to the power of each house . The strong ones sit in the front row, and the weak ones can only sit back.

The Luo family has a good position, and the position is naturally good. It is arranged in the middle of the second row.

The only people who can be ranked in front of them are the Yang family Xing family, which is related to the Yinmen family, and some VIPs who are closely related to Baixiaolou.

After the Luo family sat down, Luo Shuang turned to look at Chen Fei, who was still chatting behind, and could not help but show a sneer of sneer. “Oh, that guy dared to come to this occasion, he didn’t look at his weight, he can compete. Who has it? Hide it in the back corner and watch it silently. ”

Luo Feng frowned, disgruntled:” Luo Shuang, don’t say that, Mr. Chen. ”

“Brother, why are you protecting Chen Fei so much? Everyone has fallen out with our Luo family. Besides, that Chen Ziling has also explicitly rejected you. Do you still have to face someone’s hot ass coldly. Luo’s face is gone. “Luo Shuang said.

Mentioning Chen Ziling, Luo Feng couldn’t help but look down, he didn’t want to say anything, he could only sigh and bowed his head.

Seeing this, Han Yu could not help but change his complexion, his eyes slightly dimmed.

At this moment, Manager Liu of Baixiao Building came out, and many people suddenly stood up and greeted Manager Liu with enthusiasm.

Even the Luo family is no exception. The old man, Luo Dongfang, stood up personally and shook hands with Manager Liu.

Everyone is so polite, it’s not how powerful Manager Liu himself is. It is the Baixiao Building Company represented by Manager Liu, and even the Baixiao Building at the prefectural level standing behind him.

These big families in Beijing are still inferior to the behemoth such as the prefecture-level sect.

Manager Liu has been used to this kind of scene for a long time, and after a few words of greeting with everyone, he immediately walked towards the back.

Everyone’s eyes were immediately driven by Manager Liu, and they looked back, and at the same time couldn’t help but get curious.

“What is Manager Liu going to do in the back, and are there any guests who are worthy of greeting by Manager Liu?”

“No, it is worthwhile for Manager Liu to greet him personally. It has been arranged in the first few rows, how could he sit back?”

“Maybe ? is there anything of it. ”


the buzz in the crowd, smiling Liu, walked directly in front of Chen Fei, Ju a

bow, take the initiative to reach out and said:.” Mr. Chen, you’re here. ”

Chen Fei nodded and shook hands with Manager Liu, “Well, the previous thing, trouble Manager Liu.”

“No trouble, no trouble.” Manager Liu quickly waved his hand, “but I want to thank Mr. Chen, you, you The ten bottles of health pills that we took out have attracted a lot of attention since we launched them, and even many foreign tycoons have come here this time to shoot a bottle or two. ”

” Yes, but I’m on the auction list, how? Didn’t see the health pills? “Chen Fei asked.

Manager Liu said with a smile: “We have carried out some packaging and promotion on Mr. Chen’s health pills, and changed the name to auction. The twelfth auction item, Changshou Pill, is Mr. Chen’s health pills.”

“It turns out so!” Chen Fei suddenly realized.

Manager Liu immediately lowered his voice and said to Chen Fei: “The last item is the auction of our consulting qualification in Baixiao Building. There are no competitive competitors this time. The price of one billion I said before, Mr. Chen, you should be stable. . ”

Chen Fei heard this, his face showing a hint of a smile on Liu said:.” Thank you, Liu Xiao hundred floor kindness, I got it. ”

Liu smiled and said:.” He is too serious wait for the next auction ends, A senior from Baizonglou Zongmen wants to see you, Mr. Chen. I do n’t know

you— ” ” It is an honor for the seniors of Baixiaolou Zongmen to come and see me. I will take the initiative to visit. ”

“He is polite.” Liu laughed, then looked at the time, the initiative to invite Chen Fei said, “the auction is about to begin, Mr. Chen, please go to number one in front of the VIP seats holing it!” “I

sat One VIP Xi? Wouldn’t it be a problem for Manager Liu? “Chen Fei knew the rules of the seats at the venue, so he originally planned to sit in the last corner and not compete with those people.

Manager Liu said with a smile: “Mr. Chen, you are Xing Rui’s friend, and we are the guests of Baixiao Building. It should be in that position.”

“Since that is the case, then I would like to thank Manager Liu.” People, since this is the case, then go sit.

So, under the personal welcome of Manager Liu, Chen Fei went straight to the first VIP seat in the middle of the first row of the auction and sat down directly.

As a result, it caused a lot of people’s attention and hot discussion, and they looked at it one by one, pointing and pointing.

Those who didn’t know Chen Fei started to ask around and learned that this person was coming.

Those who know Chen Fei are talking about Chen Fei’s identity and status, and want to know when he is so close to Baixiaolou Company.

The Luo family was behind Chen Fei. Luo Shuang and Han Yu, who were disdainful at first, saw Chen Fei sitting in front of them all at once. The position of the most distinguished guest could not help but stunned, and then frowned, puzzled.

“What’s going on? What did Manager Liu do, how did he get the kid to sit on the VIP seat?”

” Are there any mistakes, so many big men, why should he sit there?”

“Isn’t it? What’s wrong, no matter how much it counts, it’s not his turn to sit? ”


Luo Shuang Han Yu and Luo Beihe are full of doubts. The rest of the Luo family also have a lot of frowns.

It was still the oldest son Luo Dongfang, who frowned, then coughed, and whispered, “It doesn’t matter where others sit, it doesn’t matter to us, just do our own Luo family’s business.”

“Yes!” Luo family is quiet Down, but looking at Chen Fei’s back in front, still puzzled.


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