MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1397



After a few seconds, Dr. Huang slowly poured a pill out of the jade bottle, placed it on the palm of his hand, and narrowed his eyes to observe carefully. As he observed, the expression on his face became more and more serious.

Immediately, he scraped some powder from the pill and tasted it gently with the tip of his tongue.

Then, his face began to change, frowning and grinning, his muscles trembling, and he seemed to feel something unusual. He directly delivered the pill in his mouth and began to taste it carefully.

After a while of tasting, Dr. Huang’s eyes suddenly turned up, his expression became excited, and he looked at Chen Fei, and said, “Here, how is this pill done? How did you do this?”

Chen Fei Upon seeing this, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and said, “Dr. Huang, how about my pills, now I can judge it!”

At this moment, Manager Liu and Xing Rui also looked over curiously, looking forward with expectation.

Doctor Huang sighed aloud and said, “This pill is a veritable name. The effect of the drug does have an effect of prolonging life. It is even said that the effect of the pill is more powerful than what Mr. Chen just publicized. It is possible to extend life for two years or even three years. ”

” Dr. Huang, is this true? “Manager Liu was also excited at the moment.

After all, as the manager of Baixiaolou Company, he knows what the rich and powerful want, the power and money, they all want it, but to say that they are most yearning, it must be longevity.

These rich and powerful martial artists, the more they stand at the top, the more they fear death and the more they pursue longevity.

The drug Chen Fei actually had the effect of prolonging life, and the effect was so remarkable. If this news is released, the entire capital city’s wealthy circle will probably be mad.

Dr. Huang also obviously knows the value of this medicine, excitedly: “Really, absolutely true. I have tasted this medicine with a very special effect, in a way I did not expect to achieve longevity and longevity.”

Chen Fei hugged his arms and looked at it all with a smile.

Upon seeing this, Dr. Huang came to Chen Fei, bowed, and said, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, I just had no eyes.”

Chen Fei lifted Dr. Huang up with a smile . , I want to say sorry. Just now I made an apology for Huang Lao, but I also ask you to forgive me. ”

” It’s my fault, I should apologize. “Huang Lao sighed.

“It should be me–” Chen Feidao.

Xing Rui could not stand to the side, smiled and said:. “Elder Huang, Chen Fei, misunderstanding lifted, it would be all right, go apologize to apologize, you do not bother, Liu tert be worried to death,”

At this point, Liu The manager rubbed his hands, looking anxious and excited, and came over to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, how many stocks of your health pills. What price do you want to auction, do you have any concerns, there are

No— ” Chen Fei smiled and said,” There are not many stocks of this health pill. There are only ten bottles in total. As for the price, you will deal with it according to market conditions! ”

” There are only ten bottles! “Manager Liu had some regrets.

Doctor Huang glared at him, and said, “You don’t think there are ten bottles of this panacea for longevity and life. You think this is Chinese cabbage


“Yes, yes, I’m greedy.” Manager Liu smiled. To Chen Feidao, “Since that is the case, I will arrange for Mr. Chen to auction the health pills. Mr. Chen is assured that I will definitely shoot the highest price.”

“Manager Liu, you do things, I’m relieved.” Chen Fei smiled.

Immediately, Chen Fei and Xing Rui got up and left, Manager Liu and Dr. Huang got up and sent the two downstairs to the company. Until the two got on the bus and left, they still waved farewell reluctantly.

Three days later, the auction of Baixiao Building officially started. This time, Xing Rui was not required to notify. On the side of Baixiaolou Company, Manager Liu sent someone to pick up Chen Fei.

The location of the auction is set in a theater, which is not small in size. More than 500 people have sat there. Almost half of the people in the wealthy circle of the Beijing family have come.

Chen Fei walked in all the way and naturally met many people. Although he didn’t know many people in the circle of Beijing, he knew some people. When Chen Fei came in, he couldn’t help but come to say hello.

There are people from the Zhong family, Ji Dongyang from Dongyang Entertainment, and Situ Kong from Situ College.

Of course, there are naturally enemies with friends. Many people look at them with a chill, their expressions are obviously very unpleasant.

Chen Fei looked at it a little and counted several families and forces that had conflicted with him.

There were people from the Ding family who were broken by Chen Fei and engaged in foreign trade transportation business.

There were Yang family members who had just played against Chen Fei and had a background from the martial arts league, Yang Ling Yang Tong.

The most complicated relationship is the Luo and Han families who are coming to Chen Fei.

Luo Feng and Chen Fei have a good relationship. Han Jian is a subordinate of Chen Fei in the five-element team. If the two are related, they should be good with Chen Fei.

But some time ago, because of the gathering in the courtyard house, Han Yu of the Han family and Luo Shuang of Luo Feng’s sister were unhappy with Chen Fei and Chen Ziling.

Later, because of Chen Zhiling’s investigation of clues, the matter of going to the Luo family ancestral hall, the two sides broke up. Although it is not a big hatred, this Liangzi is considered to be settled.

Therefore, the Luo family who were approaching at this moment saw Chen Fei here, and his eyes became a little strange.

Luo Feng speeded up his steps and stepped out, trying to say hello to Chen Fei, but before he stepped out, Luo Shuang was caught behind him, “Brother, what are you doing! Then Chen Fei and our Luo family fell down, What are you doing with him now? ”

” Luo Shuang, our Luo family has no conflict with Chen Fei, why should we do this step. Besides, Mr. Chen’s strength is very good, to make such a strong martial art friend, it is also to my Luo family A good thing! “Luo Feng defended.

Luo Shuang bulged his mouth and said: “Brother, you are all right. But at that time the choice under normal circumstances. And now, this Chen Fei offended Xing Rui, that’s Xing Rui Rui. Offended such a big man, it would be no good for our Luo family to continue to interact with him. ”

” But-“Luo Feng also wanted to argue and refute.

But at this time, Luo Dongfang, the old man next to him, coughed and interrupted Luo Feng’s words, and said with a deep voice: “The auction is about to begin. Luo Feng, don’t waste time, go and arrange a seat.”

“Yes, Grandpa! “Luo Feng heard that with a helpless look, he could only cast an apologetic look at Chen Fei, then bowed his head and walked past Chen Fei in a hurry.


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