MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1396



Manager Liu shook his head and said: “Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry. The consulting opportunity of Bai Xiaolou belongs to the rare auction item of our company. There is only one opportunity every month, and there are many people who want to consult and get answers. ”

So, I’m very sorry, I can’t sell the consultation opportunity to you privately!”

Chen Fei was slightly disappointed, but he also understood each other and said: “It’s all bad, didn’t figure out the situation, so Manager Liu is embarrassed.” Since that is the case, I will wait for the auction to start, and then go to auction. ”

” Thank you Mr. Chen for understanding! “Manager Liu nodded and then said to Chen Feidao,” Mr. Chen, you are Xing Rui’s friend, I can’t let you come to nothing. ” Trip. In this way, I will give you a thorough understanding in advance. According to the previous auction experience and data, a consultation opportunity, under normal circumstances, it will probably be about one billion yuan. ”

” One billion yuan! “This price is not low, especially It’s just buying a consulting opportunity, it looks even more expensive. However, for Chen Fei, it is not too expensive. Chen Fei nodded and thought to himself, and smiled at Manager Liu, “Thank you Manager Liu.”

“No thanks, Mr. Chen, you are Xing Rui’s friend, that is my Liu Yuanfu’s Friend. “Manager Liu said, selling Xing Rui’s face.

Immediately, he continued: “Mr. Chen, I heard Xing Rui say. You are a martial artist and a doctor. I heard that you are still very good at medicine formulas and the like.”

“If Mr. Chen is interested, You can also take out some formulas or medicines and put them in our Baixiaolou company for auction. “Manager Liu said.

Chen Fei didn’t think about this. After thinking about it, Chen Fei knew a lot about the recipe, but if it came out for auction, it would be worthless. In terms of medicines, I just have the health pills that I have refined before and I can take them out for auction.

In this way, you can also return funds for yourself to avoid any accidents at the auction.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei said, “When it comes to this, I really have something to auction.”

“What?” Manager Liu said with interest.

Immediately, Chen Fei drew out a small jade bottle, which was the health pill that was prepared to be exchanged at the Luo family. It is not a problem to extend the life span of one or two years. ”

Manager Liu Wenyan, a face that was originally very interested, was a little silent at the moment. After all, in his opinion, what functions of Shujin Huoqing clearing heat and detoxification are too tasteless. As for longevity and longevity, this is what many people are after, but it is only the effect of extending life for one or two years. In his view, it is a bit overblown.

“Yangsheng Pill, this is the first time I heard about this medicine.” Manager Liu was interested in it.

Chen Feidao: “This is my own refining.”

Hearing this, Manager Liu’s interest was even

weaker , saying: “Mr. Chen, if the amount is too small, if this drug is auctioned, I am afraid— ” Chen Fei understands the other party Means, “Manager Liu, my medicine is not an ordinary health medicine. The effect I just said is not exaggerated. If Manager Liu does not believe it, you can ask a professional to identify it.”

Wen Yan , Manager Liu frowned lightly.

Xing Rui immediately said: “Uncle Liu, Instructor Chen is not an ordinary person, what he brought out is absolutely unusual


“Really?” Manager Liu was a little disapproved, but still looked at Xing Rui’s face and picked The phone commanded.

Before long, a white-haired old man in a robe appeared in the office.

Manager Liu saw the coming person and said, “Dr. Huang, how about this pill?”

“What is this?” Dr. Huang glanced at the pill and seemed a little disappointed.

Manager Liu said: “It’s some health-preserving medicine, which is said to have the effect of prolonging life. If you take it for a long time, you can even prolong your life.”

Huang Yan immediately sneered. “Joke! It’s completely nonsense. In a year or two, do you know what this means? Even the cherished heaven-grade medicinal materials have no such effect. This area of ​​pills, dare to say that prolonging life and extending life is a baloney. ”

Manager Liu glanced at Chen Fei and immediately Tao: “Yellow Doctor, look at the pill and talk about it.” As

soon as Dr. Huang flicked his robe, he disdained: “This exaggerated thing, I don’t even need to look at it, I know it is fake. Manager Liu, this kind of thing in the future Do n’t let me come, it ’s a waste of time. ”

After that, Dr. Huang turned and left.

Manager Liu looked at Chen Fei and said nothing.

Xing Rui also felt a little embarrassed at the moment. After all, both sides are people he knows and counts as his friends.

Just when Xing Rui wanted to say something good and relax. Chen Fei stepped forward and said: “If the appraiser of Baixiao Building is of this level, then I would have doubted the authority of Baixiao Building.” As

soon as this remark came out, Manager Liu and Doctor Huang looked the same Qi Wei changed, and his eyes turned to Chen Fei.

Dr. Huang turned around and looked at Chen Fei coldly, said coldly: “What do you say?”

“I said that you are not good enough, you can’t even see the efficacy of the drug, how to be an appraiser?” Chen Fei is not polite .

“You said that my level is not enough? Do you know who I am? I have worked in the Royal Hospital for 15 years. I used to be a sacred hand of Chinese medicine and worked in Baixiao Building for more than 20 years. I have handled thousands of drug formulas. You Question my level? “Dr. Huang said excitedly.

Chen Fei looked at Doctor Huang and said indifferently, “So what? Your qualifications are so deep that you can’t see my medicine, but the level is not enough.”

“Crazy man, how dare you–” Doctor Huang is excited and angry , Staring at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei said indifferently: “I am a arrogant, you know it after you have tasted my medicine.”

“Do you want to excite me?” Dr. Huang said, and then there was a silence, cold voice, “Then I will let you completely Give up, I will taste your pills now, if he does not have the effect you said. Then, you kneel and apologize to me, and get out of the capital from now on. ”

” Yes! “Chen Fei said lightly.

Seeing things getting more and more stiff, Xing Rui looked anxious, came over and wanted to say something, but was stopped by Chen Fei, “I am confident in my medicine.”

Immediately, under the watch of several people , Dr. Huang began tasting drugs.

When he opened the jade bottle, a faint smell of medicine came out. Manager Liu and Xing Rui didn’t think there was anything, but after Dr. Huang smelled the smell, his face suddenly changed. His original disdainful expression became a little solemn.


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