MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1394



Chen Fei looked at Lin Hu and said, “Lin Hu, why are you here? Is something wrong?”

Lin Hu nodded and said, “Mr. Chen, I do have a problem. It’s just that now–”

said Lin. The tiger looked at Chen Fei and Yang Ling, with doubts and inquiries in his eyes.

Chen Fei straightened Yang Tong’s eyes and said lightly: “It’s nothing serious, just teach a guy who doesn’t know what to do.”

Yang Ling on the side heard a deep expression, his expression was furious, and his body exploded, so he would attack Chen Fei.

But Lin Hu stepped forward and stopped in front of Chen Fei, stopped Yang Ling and said, “Yang Ling, what are you doing!”

“Lin Hu, I want to ask you what you want to do!” Yang Ling gritted his teeth and said, “This guy I broke my brother ’s legs, and now I ’m going to get justice for my brother. Are you sure you want to stop me? ”

“ This— ”Lin Hu was stunned for a moment, but the two of them had such a conflict.

However, after a pause, Lin Hu said, “Yang Ling, I believe that Mr. Chen has his own reason for doing this.”

“What do you mean? He abolished my brother’s legs, but he justified ? “Yang Ling shouted angrily.

Lin Hudao: “I don’t mean that. Your brother Yang Tong’s virtue, everyone knows. And, I also know Mr. Chen, he is by no means unreasonable.”

“If you step back, if you really want Do it with Mr. Chen. Then you will definitely regret it, because Mr. Chen, he is the first existence of Qianlong List. ”

” What! “Wen Yan, Yang Ling’s face was amazed, his eyes gathered on Chen Fei, face It is unbelievable.

As a disciple of Martial Arts League, he is also the eleventh existence of Qianlong. It is naturally clear to the people ranked above the Qianlong List. A few months ago, the sudden emergence of Chen Fei, who ranked first, was caused a lot of trouble in the Budo League, and many people secretly questioned the official Ranking.

Even Yang Ling was dissatisfied, secretly dissatisfied with this ranking, and he was dissatisfied with Chen Fei.

However, although they were dissatisfied, in front of the official Budo League, they have always been firm in their rankings and have no intention of changing. Therefore, Chen Fei, the first guy in the Qianlong list, is also very low-key and doesn’t show up at all. Everyone doesn’t know where he is.

As a result, he appeared in front of him like this, and broke his brother’s legs. This made Yang Ling feel a little unbelievable.

“He is Chen Fei who is the first in Qianlong’s list, overtaking Jiang Fanfan’s first?” Yang Ling frowned.

Lin Hu said coldly, “Do you think it makes sense to lie about this kind of thing?”

“Now, do you still want to do it with Mr. Chen?” Lin Hu looked at Yang Ling and asked.

Yang Ling’s face sank, his expression hesitated.

The ranking of Chen Fei Qianlong’s ranking is very scary. Under normal circumstances, Yang Ling, who is ranked eleven, naturally dares not play against Chen Fei. He knows that he is definitely not an opponent.

But Chen Fei, the number one ranking, has been questioned constantly. Therefore, Yang Ling naturally doubted Chen Fei’s strength.

“If you want to get started, I don’t have time to waste with you!” Chen Fei looked at the hesitant Yang Ling and sneered.

After hearing it, Yang Ling’s expression fell, and his face

After a flash of anger, Yang Ling has never been looked down upon by others like this, and he could n’t help but whisper: “Then I ’m going to look at it today, what is your so-called Qianlong list, what strength is occupying this position? ? “During the

speech, Yang Ling’s body exploded with a cold expression, and he was about to attack.

Upon seeing this, Lin Hu frowned, and the breath on his body also burst out, so he had to resist Yang Ling’s offensive.

Seeing this, Chen Fei patted Lin Hu’s shoulder and said lightly: “You and he are both people of the Budo League, and they are also colleagues. It is not very good for you to do it. It is better for me to come by myself!”

“Mr. Chen, This— “Lin Hu wanted to say something, but finally nodded and retreated.

Chen Fei looked at Yang Ling and stood straight, with a cold expression, beckoning to Yang Ling and said lightly: “I have limited time, you go.”

“You-find death-” Yang Ling snorted, the momentum was violent, When it raged, it was necessary to attack Chen Fei.

But at this critical moment, a ringing of the mobile phone rang and immediately interrupted Yang Ling’s movements, which forced him to stop and find out his phone. As soon as he saw the name of the electric display and his expression changed, he immediately connected the phone. “Jiang Shao, I’m here. Do you have any orders?”

“Oh, that’s it! I-yes, I’ll do it right away.” Yang Ling hesitated a little, and immediately agreed to hang up.

Mentioning his brother Yang Tong, Yang Ling glared at Chen Fei, and then walked toward the door of the private room. “Fortunately today, I have something to do. I will spare you this time. But next time you won’t be like this. A good opportunity, hum! ”

After that, Yang Ling left quickly.

Chen Fei didn’t care about this, but put his eyes back on Lin Hu and said, “Lin Hu, what are you doing with me?”

Lin Hu glanced at Zhuo Qingyu and looked at Chen Fei with a look of inquiry.

Chen Fei understood what he meant, and waved his hand: “The whisper is my friend, so I do n’t need to hide her.”

Lin Hu nodded and said, “In fact, it is not a confidential matter. The upcoming Budo Conference, Mr. Chen Do you know? ”

” I heard something! “Chen Fei nodded.

Lin Hu continued: “Mr. Chen, actually, I came here to find you this time. It was on behalf of my Master and Budo Alliance that I invited Mr. Chen to participate in this martial arts conference.”

“Participate in the martial arts conference!” Shaking his head, “It’s not necessary, I’m not interested in this kind of competition.”

With Chen Fei’s current strength, this competition in the competition has no challenge for Chen Fei. Chen Fei was naturally not interested, so he directly refused.

Lin Hu heard the words and quickly persuaded: “Mr. Chen, this martial arts conference is the prosperity of our entire martial arts community in China. Overseas Chinese from all over the country and even overseas will come to attend this martial arts conference. Gathering is a good opportunity for everyone to discuss. ”

” And, the results of this martial arts competition will also be linked to the ranking of Qianlong. After the martial arts conference, Qianlong will be updated once. If you do n’t participate, Mr. Chen The ranking on the Qianlong list is very likely to fall. ”

Chen Fei heard, smiled and said:” Slip down, I do n’t care much about this ranking. Besides, the ranking is lower, maybe there is less trouble. “When he said this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but think of Yang Ling’s affairs just now, and frowned gently.


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