MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1393



Not waiting for Yang Tong to finish, Chen Fei’s eyes flashed coldly, kicked directly, and hit Yang Tong’s right leg calf.

Suddenly, there was a crisp click, Yang Tong’s right leg and calf were broken directly, and the whole person knelt on the ground with a click, and made a very painful howl.

“Ah–you, how dare you–” Yang Tong’s cheeks swelled red, staring at Chen Fei in pain.

Chen Fei’s eyes were cold, “Aren’t you apologizing? There is another leg, do you still need to taste it again?”

“I–” Yang Tong’s eyes flashed, hesitant.

At this moment, a sound of footsteps sounded, and a straight figure entered the private room.

With a sharp glance at the human figure, Yang Tong, who was kneeling and crying on the ground, could not help but gaze. He said: “Yang Tong!”

Hearing the cry, Yang Tong looked up with pain and saw the man in front of him. Excited, “Brother, you’re here. I was beaten, and help me quickly.”

“That’s what he hit, you quickly teach him, hurry up!” Yang Tong pointed to Chen Fei, shouting with resentment. Road.

The pretty figure walked over to Yang Tong, looked down at his brother’s injury, his eyes suddenly cooled down, and helped his brother Yang Tong up. Then he stared at Chen Fei with a cold voice, “Did you hurt my brother like this?”

Chen Fei looked at the man in front of him at the moment, about twenty-nine to nine years old, with a capable flat head, The face is cold and serious, with a clean and neat temperament in the action.

It is not difficult to guess that this person should be Yang Tong in Yang Tong’s mouth, the brother in the martial arts league.

Facing Yang Ling, Chen Fei looked indifferent, “I hurt him.”

“It’s you!” Yang Ling’s eyes were colder, “Why did you hurt my brother? I hope you’d better come up with a reasonable explanation, otherwise, I will let you know what regrets.”

Chen Fei said: “He bullied my friend This is what he asked for, and it ’s not enough. If he does n’t apologize, I will continue to interrupt his other leg. ”

“ You— ”Yang Ling did n’t expect Chen Fei to be so arrogant, he said in front of himself To break the leg of his brother, his eyes narrowed, his eyes cold.

However, he was not an impulsive person, and he did not immediately start. Instead, he looked at his younger brother Yang Tong and said, “What the hell is going on?”

Yang Tong’s eyes flickered, and he was unwilling to speak.

However, in the face of Yang Ling’s cold eyes, he did not dare not to speak, and finally quickly told the matter again.

After listening, Yang Ling looked down, then looked at Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingying, and said: “My brother confessed to her yesterday. She didn’t agree and beat my brother. As a result, she was beaten by the martial artists Fight. Now, you have to interrupt my brother’s two legs in revenge. ”

” Do you think that my Yang family is bullying? “Yang Ling sighed and snorted.

Chen Fei heard that his expression was also cold. He looked at Yang Ling and said with a sneer: “Yang Tong’s harassment and teasing of light words are overwritten with a sentence of confession.”

“Since that is the case, then I express this to your mother After a while, there must be no problem. “Chen Fei asked.

“You’re bold!” Yang Ling heard the words, instantly angry, gloomy, staring at Chen Fei, his breath began to surge.

Yang Tong agitated and cheered
“Brother, this guy is so arrogant, he dare to scold his mother, you must teach him hard.”

“Kneel down!” Yang Ling drank aloud, and his body was pressed toward Chen Fei.

Chen Fei sneered, without refusing to face the impact of Yang Ling’s momentum, and said at the same time: “Why, to your family, the same behavior will not work. Then to my friends, you should also be subject to the same Punishment! ”

After finishing, Chen Fei turned to Yang Tong and snorted directly.” Kneel down! ”

Colleagues who spoke, Chen Fei struck Yang Tong’s left leg.

Yang Tong was injured in the right leg and finally stood up on one foot. Now facing Chen Fei’s offensive, he can’t avoid it at all. He can only watch the energy striking at himself, showing his fright.

Yang Ling saw it on the side and shouted angrily: “You dare!”

At the same time, Yang Ling shot out a vigorous effort, wanting to beat Chen Fei’s vigorous shot.

But Chen Fei was not idle, and once again shot a breath that directly hit Yang Ling’s energy and shattered it.

Then, Yang Tong’s side screamed past, and Yang Tong’s left leg snapped. The whole person lost his support in an instant, slammed and fell heavily on the ground, making a roar, and then an extremely painful howl.

Yangling looked down on the ground suffering roll brother, suddenly cold eyes, with bloodshot eye, glared Chen Fei, teeth and said: “! You shit”

moment, Yangling shock over, the momentum is pressing, sharp attacks, anxious to Chen Flying and swallowing in general.

Chen Fei snorted coldly, and moved like a clock, with a palm shot.

“Booming”, the two’s energies collided together, and the air seemed to be squeezed to burst, making a thunderous popping sound, the breath spread out, crushing the surrounding debris.

“You actually–” Yang Ling didn’t expect Chen Fei to be able to resist his offensive, and he was surprised for a moment.

However, Chen Fei looked cold and calmly said, “Is this surprised? I haven’t

exerted my strength yet?” Immediately, Chen Fei shook his shoulders, his body shook, and a force came out like a majestic look. The waves made Yang Ling caught off guard and couldn’t resist at all. He was bombed and flew out.

Finally, Yang Ling’s mouth oozed a touch of blood.

He wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and stared at Chen Fei with a somber gaze, and said with a deep voice: “You angered me, and then, I’m going to be real.”

Chen Fei said lightly: “Then do it, I don’t want to waste too much time. ”

” You-find death-“Yang Ling shouted again, struck Chen Fei again.

But at this moment, a thick voice sounded, “Yang Ling, stop it!”

Hearing the voice, everyone looked at it in unison. I saw the person in his thirties, with a burly figure, standing there like a boulder.

“Lin Hu, why are you here? What do you mean by letting me stop?” Yang Ling was shocked at first, because he didn’t expect his colleague Lin Hu in the Budo League to appear here. After being surprised, he questioned coldly.

Lin Hu did not answer Yang Ling’s question, but looked at Chen Fei, bowed his head respectfully and nodded, saying: “Mr. Chen, you are here!”

Chen Fei was also surprised when he saw Lin Hu. This Lin Hu, when he was in Xiangjiang, came over with his sister Lin Lu to inform him about Qianlong.


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