MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1392



At the moment, Huang Shuxi was full of panic and regret.

A master at the prefecture level was willing to be Chen Fei’s man. This background of Chen Fei’s strength is definitely not an ordinary existence. It may even be worse than the Yang family where Yang Tong is.

As a result, they offended Chen Fei for Yang Tong and angered such a horrible existence.

Suddenly, Huang Shuxi felt very regretful in his heart, and wished that this had never happened.

However, this is already the case, and he has no chance to choose again. In his horrified and regretful eyes, the dark god’s horror breathed over.

At the same time, a five-story building stands here on a bustling commercial street on the north side of the capital.

It is different from the bustling shops around. This large building with a busy decoration looks very deserted at the door, but occasionally a few cars drive over to enter one or two people, but then quickly leave.

Moreover, at the entrance of the building, two burly bodyguards dressed in black had cold eyes, but just glanced at them, they could scare away many eyes coming to pry.

Above this building, a few small and large words hung to form a neon sign-Night Rose.

At this time, in the “Red Rose” private room on the third floor of Night Rose, a young man in his twenties was lying on a chair in a bathrobe. The two beauties dressed below were giving him Massage your legs.

Beside this man, several companions also enjoyed it.

“Yang Shao, what happened just now? You were so angry when you answered the phone?” A red-haired companion asked.

Tong Yang heard this, suddenly unhappy, said: “.. A ungrateful thing, dare threatened to retaliate I said I want to pay the price”

!! “I rely on, who is so bold ah you dare threaten Yang Shaoshan”

“This is not Looking for your own way? Dare to move Yang Shao, Yang Shao directly

killed the guy. ” Yang Tong waved his hand:” After I rest for a day or two, after I have recovered from the injury, I will teach the guy. Give a shameless face. Things, Lao Tzu must let him know by the time, what is called strength. ”

” There is also that bitch woman, Lao Tzu fancy her, that is her blessing. Dare to refuse me, dare to do it to me, shit! “Yang Tong Scolded.

The two companions quickly echoed.

“The woman with no vision turned down Yang Shao, so I didn’t know what to say.”

“I’ve seen more of this self-sustaining woman. I got some medicine and it softened for a few times, then Yang Shao you You can play as much as you want, ”

Yang Tong said with a dismissive sneer.” I Yang Tong is playing with a woman, and I still have to rely on medicine. That is a shame on me. Looking back,

I– “while bragging, Yang Tong’s cell phone rang again, and he answered the phone with some impatience: “Wang Manager, why did you call again, bothering me and letting me take a good rest.”

“Two young masters, big The master is back. Now I am looking for you everywhere, saying that I will take you to retreat to practice. “Wang Guanjia said.

Upon hearing this, Yang Tong suddenly turned white. “What, my brother is back. He will pull me to practice. You tell me that he has gone to the field and is not in Beijing.”

“The second young master, it’s too late. The young master I already know that you are in the night rose, and now you are going over there. “Wang Guanjia said. r />

“What!” Yang Tong was frightened and couldn’t care about anything else. He sat up from the chair directly and hurriedly said, “Then I’ll go home.”

The companion next to him was surprised, “?? Young Siu, how do the what is urgent,”

Yang Tong was dressing, while the channel: “my brother came back positive but also to my side to pull me back to practice..”

Hearing this, Several of the companions also changed their faces suddenly, got up hurriedly, and began to put on their clothes.

“Yang Dashao is good at everything, but he is too strict.”

“Yeah, he is dedicated to martial arts, he joined the martial arts alliance at an early age, and he has outstanding strength. But we are not the same, he can’t meet his standards!”

“I I heard that Yang Dashao has recently improved in strength and reached the mid-level realm level. In the Qianlong list, they are all ranked in eleventh place, and they can almost enter the top ten. ”


Yang Tong Full of clothes, he said anxiously, “You guys move fast, don’t talk about my brother. My brother is a martial arts mad, he must be pulling me to martial arts martial arts this time. It’s too hard. ”

” Go, go, let’s go! “Yang Tong was ready to leave.

But at this moment, the door of the private room was banged open, and a figure stepped forward, glanced indoors, and then fell on Yang Tong. The cold voice asked: “Are you Yang Tong?”

Yang Tong looked at it. At first glance, this man, about twenty-four to four years old, was dressed in ordinary clothes and had a strange face.

Suddenly, he waved impatiently, “Who are you? Give me a break, I’m in a hurry.”

The figure in front of him refused to let go at all, but stopped Yang Tong and said in a cold voice: “The most urgent thing for you now is to think carefully about whether to crawl out or lie down.”

“What are you talking about?” Yang Tong heard the words, frowning at the man in front of him.

Immediately, behind the man, he saw Zhuo Qingyu coming out. Suddenly, Yang Tong understood, looked at the figure, and said, “You are the guy who just called me.”

Chen Fei nodded coldly: “I said, I will find you.”

“Yesterday You bullied Zhuo Qingyu, you said, what should I do? “Chen Fei said coldly.

Yang Tong glanced at Zhuo Qingyu, Chen Fei again, and then looked at the time. He seemed a little anxious, and could not help saying: “That little thing, what happened! Besides, I was beaten yesterday. I have n’t asked you to say anything, but you have found me on my head. ”

“ Small things? ”Chen Fei looked cold, looked at Yang Tong, and slapped it directly, slamming it on Yang Tong ’s face. Yang Tong’s cheeks were red and swollen.

“You, you dare to hit me!” Yang Tong was shocked and looked at Chen Fei in astonishment, covering his hot cheeks, his eyes sinking, his hatred pouring into his heart.

“Now, kneel down and apologize.” Chen Fei said coldly.

“To apologize, but also to kneel!” Yang Tong gritted his teeth, hateful, “Do you know who I am? I am Yang Family Second Young Yang Tong, my brother is Wu Lingmeng Yang Ling, my father is- ”

Crack!” Before Yang Tong finished, Chen Fei slapped his hand on Yang Tong’s face again, interrupting his words, and said coldly, “I will give you another chance to kneel and apologize. Otherwise If you want, then I will let you kneel. ”

“You dare!” Yang Tong didn’t take it seriously, “I don’t apologize today, I think what can you do? Do you dare to make trouble in the night rose, I want to see– ”


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