MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1389



The entrance to the martial arts hall was bustling and staffed.

Seeing that someone was looking for fault in front of the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum, he was suddenly surprised and curious, and immediately hurried in, watching the lively crowd.

At this time, inside the martial arts hall, members of the martial arts hall who heard the movement outside also came out to gather around.


“Dare to be in our Shuxi Martial Arts   Hall , boy, you are not guts!”

“Go back!”

… In

a burst of anger, Chen Fei coldly said: “Let your host Huang Shuxi come to see me ”

” Boy, what kind of thing are you! You said you want to see our host? “”

“Go on your own, don’t let us do it.”

“Something wrong, we have trouble coming to the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum. Looking for the way to death. ”


Due to scolding, a group of disciples gathered around, looking fierce and terrifying.

Chen Fei started without hesitation, rushed directly into the crowd, and crackled.

Suddenly a screaming sounded, the group of disciples in the martial arts, all flew out in less than three minutes, lying on the ground and howling, they all lost their fighting power.

Such a neat solution to more than a dozen disciples of the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum could not help but surprise all the people watching from behind and those from the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum.

Someone hurried back, and it seemed to inform the situation.

Chen Fei then proceeded step by step with Zhuo Qingyu and went directly into the hall of Wuguan.

The decoration in the hall is the kind of retro Chinese decoration. The uppermost position in the middle is a wooden Taishi chair, and the lower two sides are two rows of wooden seats.

Behind the Taishi chair, there is a huge calligraphy and painting on which there are four large characters of “Budao Supreme” written in running script.

“Budou Supreme! These places are also worthy of these four characters.” Chen Fei saw it, sneered, and pointed his finger directly, striding across with a vigorous effort, and immediately cut the huge calligraphy and painting directly, and it fell. Down.

Then, Chen Fei stepped forward, and the Malaysian gold knife sat in the Taishi chair. His eyes were cold, with an unspeakable sense of majesty.

Behind them came to see the lively people, seeing Chen Fei so daring, could not help but be curious and amazed, and discussed.

“This kid, what’s the reason, so fierce? Trouble in the Shuxi Wuguan.”

“Huangshuxi is a martial artist in the later stage of the Xuan level, is this guy dead?”

“You don’t know this! Look at the two actions you just made This guy is obviously a master of martial arts, and his strength is not even weaker than that of Huang Shuxi, so dare to be so bold. ”

” Even if his strength is not weaker than Huang Shuxi. But Huang Shuxi has been in the capital for so many years, his network and power base are not A little powerful martial arts Maotou kid can handle it. In short, the kid is still too frizzy and not stable enough. ”

” Yeah, Huang Shuxi didn’t say it himself. In his martial arts for so many years, he collected such powerful family martial arts The children of the family have this relationship, and behind Huang Shuxi is equivalent to having a lot of backers! ”

” In short, this kid is still too impulsive. There are any grudges, you can talk about it, he rushed directly to the Shuxi Wuguan, It ’s still too rash. ”


Just as everyone sighed, a footstep approached towards here.

Everyone’s eyes immediately looked at it, and they saw a burly, majestic middle-aged man in his forties or forties who came with a group of people.

Everyone immediately recognized that this middle-aged man was the attention of the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum.

The one or two dozen people who followed behind Huang Shuxi were basically disciples of Huang Shuxi. They were the backbone of the Shuxi martial arts hall.

On the side of Huang Shuxi, there is a girl in her early twenties. The girl’s head is slightly raised, and there is a smug and proud sneer on her face.

Zhuo whisper introduced: “.. That is the main hall Huang Shu-West’s daughter Huang Qian my initial discussion to say, when is her first with people my hands,”

Chen Fei heard, eyes narrowed, watching the oncoming A group of people whispered softly to Zhuo Qing: “Who has acted on you, this time I will let them all pay the price.”

At the moment, Huang Shuxi and his party also entered the hall.

At a glance, they saw Chen Fei sitting in the first Taishi chair, and the huge paintings hanging behind him also fell in half and fell to the place.

Such a situation suddenly made the disciples behind Huang Shuxi angry, staring at Chen Fei one by one, almost burst into flames in his eyes.

“Who told you to sit in Master’s position, get down!”

“Dare to come to my Shuxi Wuguan to make trouble and find something dead.”

“Get out, kneel and admit your mistake!”


With a scream, Huang Shuxi was after all an old fritter for years in Beijing, but it was not as impulsive as a young man. He narrowed his eyes slightly, stared at Chen Fei for a few seconds, and found that the person in front of him did not seem to know himself, and it was simply There was no impression, so he said: “This gentleman, I don’t seem to know you. You come to my Shuxi Wuguan to make trouble, what do you mean?”

Chen Fei snorted, pointing to Zhuo Qingyu around him , Coldly said: “She, do you know? Today, I was just asking for an argument for her.”

Huang Shuxi saw Zhuo Qingyu, froze for a moment, but did not remember it for a while. It was his daughter Huang Qian who reminded him in his ear that he remembered Zhuo Qingyu.

After all, in his eyes of Huang Shuxi, there are not many students concerned, and even less attention is paid. Basically, they are the children of various family powers in Beijing. For ordinary students, he would never take a second look or even care about memorizing.

So, for Zhuo Qingyu, although he had touched his hands, he didn’t pay much attention to it. After all, in his opinion, teaching a student is not a big deal at all.

Now, there are still people looking for this little thing, but Huang Shuxi was a little surprised.

After a little consternation, Huang Shuxi looked at Chen Fei and said, “It turned out to be the person called by Miss Zhuo. You said you want to ask for an explanation, I don’t know what you want to ask for?”

Chen Fei glanced at Zhuo Qing Then, Zhuo Qingyu immediately stood up and said loudly: “I am a student in the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum. Yesterday, when I was practicing martial arts, I was harassed by student Yang Tong. As a result, the martial arts not only did not call me Instead, he stopped me and asked me to apologize to Yang Tong for confessing mistakes. ”

” I want to ask Master Huang, what does this mean? Shuxi Martial Arts Museum, so black and white? “Zhuo Qing said with an angry face.

On the side, Huang Qian said, immediately excited, pointing at Zhuo Qing said: “Black and white? What identity is Yang Tong, what is your identity, how can Yang Shao—”


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