MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1388



“Teacher Chen, me, I’m fine. I’m just not careful by myself—” Zhuo Qingyu was still hiding.

Zhuo Chen Fei both hands whisper shoulder, Chen Sheng said: “.. Whisper, you are my students, it is now my friend, you hurt, that I will give you back fair”

“But, I—not a big deal, the other party— ”Zhuo Qing said hesitantly.

Chen Fei looked at Zhuo Qingyu’s eyes and said seriously, “whisper, don’t worry about the other party’s background and power. I can tell you seriously that there are few people who can move me in Beijing and even the entire China. ”

Despite telling me, what the hell is going on? Who hurt you? I’ll go find them to get justice, it will be fine.”

Zhuo Qingyu looked at Chen Fei’s serious eyes and paused. Immediately nodded and said, “Mr. Chen, I will tell you all that this is the case …”

Chen Fei listened carefully and soon figured out what was going on.

In fact, the initial cause of this incident is also related to Chen Fei. Since Zhuo Qingyu followed Chen Fei to learn martial arts, Zhuo Qingyu entered the martial arts.

She is a rare Aoki spirit body. Needless to say, her practice speed is very fast. In just a few months, it has now crossed the Huang-level realm and reached the initial level of the Xuan level, which is considered a rapid progress.

However, although Zhuo Qingyu has a good cultivation base, after all, he is still a novice in martial arts and lacks actual combat experience. Although Chen Fei also taught Zhuo Qingyu some martial arts, he sometimes practiced with her.

But during this time, there were many things, and Chen Fei didn’t have much time to practice with Zhuo Qingyan. Therefore, Chen Fei suggested that Zhuo Qingyu find a martial arts hall and sign up to participate in the study. Once you can learn something from other martial arts and develop your knowledge, you can also learn from others in the martial arts. Experience opportunities.

Zhuo Qingyu listened to Chen Fei’s suggestion and went out to find a martial arts museum called “Shuxi Martial Art Museum”, signed up for a study class, and studied in the martial arts museum.

The owner of this Shuxi martial arts museum is called Huang Shuxi, a warrior who came to Beijing from Shudi more than thirty years ago. Because of his limited talent and martial arts strength, he did not have much success.

However, with his many years of experience in the capital and the contacts he has known for so many years, and his own strength in the later period of the Xuan level, he opened this Shuxi martial arts hall and received apprentices to learn art. Have a certain reputation and strength in the industry.

It was precisely because of the reputation of the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum that Zhuo Qingyu signed up for the class of the Shuxi Martial Arts Museum.

The first few times I started learning, Zhuo Qingyu felt good. This Shuxi Martial Arts Museum was indeed very professional, and there were many warriors in it. Zhuo Qingyu had discussions with them and improved the actual combat experience.

Only from half a month ago, a new student named Yang Tong came from the martial arts hall. This guy usually hangs on his son when he is not here to study in the martial arts hall, but to play with girls.

Zhuo Qingyu’s good looks naturally attracted Yang Tong’s attention, so he stared at Zhuo Qingyu and pursued it.

Zhuo Qingping was unhappy and directly rejected Yang Tong’s pursuit. But Yang Tong still pursues constantly, sending flowers and gifts every day, and inviting them constantly. Zhuo whisper could not bear to dwell, and that direct Tong Yang moving from

hands up.

That Yang Tong was a kind of martial arts dude, not an opponent of Zhuo Qingyu. He was knocked to the ground by Zhuo Qingyu, but was slightly injured.

Zhuo Qingyu didn’t think there was anything, but did not expect that Yang Tong immediately called Huang Qian, the daughter of Huang Shuxi, the owner of the museum, and took a group of people from the Wuguan, directly surrounded Zhuo Qingyu and asked her to give An argument.

Zhuo Qingyu struggled to defend himself and explained to Huang Qian the cause and effect of the matter. But Huang Qian did not listen to Zhuo Qingyan’s words at all, but instead asked her to apologize to Yang Tong for confessing her mistake.

Zhuo Qing spoke angrily, and clashed with the other party. The other party thought that relying on a large number of people could easily defeat Zhuo Qingyu. As a result, I didn’t expect that although Zhuo Qingyu’s realm of strength was in the early stage of Xuan-level, the fighting strength was similar to that of some mid-level Xuan-level people.

For a time, a group of them was actually repelled by Zhuo Qingyu. That Huang Qian, also received Zhuo Qing whisper.

In fact, this is also normal. After all, Zhuo Qingyu is a rare Aoki spirit body, and the practice techniques are also the top-level exercises taught by Chen Fei. The strength of self-cultivation is naturally not comparable to that of ordinary warriors.

After Huang Qian was taught by Zhuo Qingyu, he was so angry that he shouted his father, Huang Shuxi, the owner of Wuguan, and forced Zhuo Qingyu to apologize to Yang Tong.

Zhuo Qingyu couldn’t obey, then Huang Shuxi actually started to Zhuo Qingyu himself. Zhuo Qingyu was not Huang Shuxi’s opponent, so he was injured and became what Chen Fei now sees.

After Chen Fei listened, his face sank directly, and there was a chill on his face. He said with a deep voice: “Shu Xiwuguan, Huangshuxi Huang Qian Yangtong. Let’s go, we will now go to Shuxi Wuguan, this time Things, I have to get a fair deal. ”

” But, Mr. Chen, you still have classes, and I don’t have any serious injuries. Huang Shuxi, as the owner of the martial arts hall, had to take into account the reputation of the martial arts hall, but he still did not fight me hard “Zhuo Qingyu persuaded.

Chen Fei’s eyes were cold, and he said coldly: “If he dared to fight hard, then he would not have existed in the Huangshu West and Shuxi Wuguan.”

“I will ask the school for leave for the course. We will go to the Shuxi Wuguan now .” “” Chen Fei made a decisive decision, not Zhuo Qingyu decided to pull her directly and left.

An hour later, a car stopped at the door of Shuxi Wuguan. Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingqing got off the bus and looked up at the bustling Wuguan, as well as the brilliantly decorated plaque on the Wuguan, with a sneer on his face. .

Immediately, Chen Fei stepped directly towards the martial arts hall, striding meteor.

As he walked to the door, the two disciples guarding the door stopped and said, “Stop, who are you? Do you have any evidence–”

Chen Fei coldly swept at the two disciples, Shen said: “I am Those who come to discuss the story, let your host Huang Shuxi come out! ”

” To discuss the story! ”

” See also our host. “The

two guard disciples heard each other’s words and glanced at each other, then their faces quickly sank and their muscles were tight. , Stared at Chen Fei.

“Stinky boy, do you want to find fault? You are in the wrong place,

get away !” “If you don’t want to die, just get away.”

Chen Fei looked cold and didn’t tell them much. The guard disciple was thrown out, and then strode inside the Chaowu Hall with a stride.


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