MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1387



Xing Rui hurried to continue to persuade: “Instructor Chen, in fact, my Xing family is not what I saw on the surface. We Xing family, there are still some forces behind, if you can come to our family as a guest, we are definitely very welcome.”

Said At this point, Chen Fei remembered the hidden door family mentioned by Luo Dongfang when he was in the Luo family.

Suddenly, Chen Fei moved, looked at Xing Rui, and said: “Your Xing family, is a family of hidden gates?”

Xing Rui could not help being surprised and looked at Chen Fei in surprise, “Teacher Chen, what are you doing? ? know ”

However, he immediately said to himself,” Chen instructors you are so powerful, must have their own relationship, to inquire into the family of things hidden door. ”

Chen Fei at this time the channel:” I speak and convenience Tell me about the hidden family? ”

” This– “Xing Rui hesitated slightly.

Chen Fei saw it and waved his hand: “If it’s not convenient, then forget it. When I didn’t say what I just said.”

Xing Rui quickly said: “Instructor Chen, there is nothing inconvenient, just some conventional rules.”

“Actually There is nothing so mysterious about the so-called hidden family, but it is just some big family forces that have emerged from the major martial arts schools. ”

” How to say? “Chen Fei showed curiosity.

Xing Rui continued: “Our Chinese martial arts have a long history, and the roots of many martial arts sects can be traced back hundreds of years or even thousands of years ago. The major martial arts sects now active have at least a century of history.”

“In During such a long course of development of the Budo sect, some people naturally separated from the sect and established their own forces. Most of these people inherited their martial arts as a family unit, and they also participated more deeply than the Budo sect. Come to life in the dunya. ”

“In this way, some powerful families continue to grow, and finally a family of martial arts comparable to the Zongmen has formed. Although with the development of time, such families have begun to collect outside apprentices and various disciples, but Compared to the widely adopted Budo Sect, these forces still rely on the family as the main body. ”

” And, compared to the Budo Sect, which is far away from the world. These Budo families are closer and more close to the life of the world. Participate more in the secular world. Some families have even developed a huge business empire and become a famous business family. ”

” Of course, on the basis of these families still retain the original martial foundation. After all, this is their Fundamental to development and growth. ”

” These families are the hidden family in everyone’s mouth. “Xing Rui said.

After listening, Chen Fei nodded clearly and said, “It turns out that way.”

Xing Rui squeezed out a smiling face at the moment, and said to Chen Fei: “Instructor Chen, our Xing family, in the family of the hidden door, although it is counted Not top-notch, but pretty good. Do you have any interest— ”

Chen Fei refused directly after he finished speaking:” I’m not interested. ”

Then Chen Fei thought of something and looked at Xing Rui said:” Yes If your Xing family can help me one thing, I can promise you a condition of Xing family. ”

Xing Rui, who just looked dull, was overjoyed by the words, and quickly said:” Really? Chen Jiaoguan, what’s the matter, you say ? ”

Chen Fei immediately pulled out his cell phone, bring some information to see Xing Rui, but explained:” I want to investigate this information with

people and things associated with, and now we have to investigate, these things should be and Los home . some of the information relationship ”

Xing Rui looked at the data, do not know the feeling,” to find information, to find someone to such a thing, not our Xingjia good, probably -. ”

While talking, Xing Rui suddenly thought of something and clapped: “Oh, I thought of a place where they can definitely find this information.”

“Where?” Chen Fei asked.

Xing Rui’s eyes brightened, “Baixiao Building.”

“Baixiao Building, the top-notch presence in the prefecture-level sect gate.” Chen Fei thought of the Baixiao Building, which is famous for circulating resource information.

Xing Rui shook his head and said, “Instructor Chen, I’m not talking about the Baixiao Tower of the martial arts gate. It’s a company in Beijing.”

“Company? Is there such a company?” Chen Fei surprised.

Xing Ruidao said: “This company is similar to the business of Budo Xiaozongmen Baixiaolou, and it is also a place where all kinds of information and resources are bought and sold. Moreover, some people say that the company of Biaoxiaolou Baidulou is sent by someone sent to set up, However, this news has not been confirmed. ”

” This Baixiaolou company will hold an auction every once in a while, inviting major forces in Beijing and even the entire China to participate. ”

” At the auction, you can auction each There are also antiques such as the company ’s antique watches, as well as martial arts related things such as elixir and herbal exercises, as well as some hidden materials and news, and they can also be auctioned. ”

“ When the instructor Chen takes a consultation opportunity, you can. Let Baixiaolou Company help to query the corresponding information. They are professional and definitely better than us to find some. ”

Chen Fei finished listening and nodded.” If that is the case, it would be good. Please help me to contact me. I’m going to participate in the auction of

Baixiaolou . ” ” Yes, instructor Chen, don’t worry, I will immediately contact the people in Baixiaolou’s company. Properly done. “Xing Rui said.

Subsequently, Xing Rui excitedly bid farewell to Chen Fei and left Beijing University.

Chen Fei waited for Xing Rui’s news while continuing to attend classes on campus, but the days were calm.

This afternoon, Chen Fei picked up the lesson plan and was going to the classroom. As a result, when I walked to the door of the classroom, I saw Zhuo Qingyu walking in the classroom with this wide-brimmed hat, and it seemed that he was deliberately avoiding himself.

Such appearance made Chen Fei have to pay attention and shouted Zhuo Qingyu: “Qi Yu, you come here!”

“Chen, Mr. Chen, I–” Zhuo Qingyu heard the shout and stood still, facing this side He came over but pressed his head lower.

“Whisper, I have been busy in Linglong recently, so I can’t take care of you. How is your martial art progress?” Chen Fei asked.

“Also, it’s okay!” Zhuo Qingyu whispered softly.

Seeing this, Chen Fei was even more puzzled. “Whisper, what’s the matter with you? What happened?”

“No, nothing—” Zhuo Qing’s tone flustered.

In this situation, Chen Fei naturally sensed something was wrong and took off the hat on Zhuo Qingyu’s head.

Immediately, Chen Fei saw Zhuo Qingyu’s delicate and white cheeks, which were covered with bruises at this moment, and even the eyes were slightly red and swollen, which was obviously beaten.

Suddenly, Chen Fei looked sad and said angrily: “What’s going on? Whisper, how did you make it like this? Who hit you?”


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