MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1386



Zhang Xinyu was amazed and shocked. Xing Rui ’s attention also came here, and he looked at Chen Fei again and could n’t help but ask: “Instructor Chen, what the hell happened between you and Xin Yu? How could this be the case?”

Zhang Xinyu became a fire The captain of the squad has good strength, and the relationship with Xing Rui is usually OK. Therefore, Xing Rui naturally feels a little curious about Zhang Xinyu’s present results.

Chen Fei heard and said coldly: “You ask him!”

Xing Rui immediately looked at Zhang Xinyu and asked out loud, “What the hell is going on?”

“Here, Xing Boss, I–” Zhang Xinyu was a little talkative.

Xing Rui shouted sharply, “Are you asking me to do it?”

Zhang Xinyu was startled and dared not conceal, he could only talk about the cause and effect of the matter. Moreover, Chen Fei is in front of him, he dare not make up and distort.

After listening to Xing Rui, he could not help frowning and screamed: “Zhang Xinyu, why are you so confused? For the Xia family’s private enmity, deliberately aimed at Instructor Chen. You must know that you are a member of the spirit dragon, a soldier!”

“Xing Boss , I know the wrong, I really know the wrong. Please, please give me another chance! “Zhang Xinyu pleaded.

Seeing this, Xing Rui’s face changed slightly, but he didn’t say much. Instead, he looked at Chen Fei and asked: “Instructor Chen, what should Zhang Xinyu do?”

Chen Fei glanced at him and said in a deep voice, ” Kid me Friend, threaten me, and take action against me. How do you say such behavior? ”

Zhang Xinyu heard the words and said quickly:” Instructor Chen, I absolutely don’t know about the kidnapping of your friend! I’m just Ding Jiading The bodyguard invited by the ocean, he asked me to protect his son Ding Yi. Ding Yi kidnapped Miss Meng and threatened you. I did n’t know in advance, I just— ”

Before he finished, Xing Rui screamed directly and interrupted Zhang Xinyu’s words, “Don’t make an excuse, apologize for your self-abuse!”

“Yes, Boss Xing!” Zhang Xinyu looked pale, but also knew Xing Rui was thinking of himself, not daring to hesitate, his right hand gathered a true breath, and patted directly on his left arm.

Suddenly, a click sounded, Zhang Xinyu’s left arm broke, his forehead was covered with sweat, and his face quickly paled.

“Mr. Chen, I was wrong!” Zhang Xinyu said with pain.

Xing Rui also looked at Chen Fei and said: “Chen Instructor, Xin Yu he knew wrong. If one arm is not enough, I will let him

scrap one.” Chen Fei understood Xing Rui’s meaning, after all, he and Zhang Xinyu had been in business for many years. The relationship is good. Now I admit that I am wrong, but it can help Zhang Xinyu to get a chance.

In this case, Chen Fei sold Xing Rui a favor, nodded and said to Zhang Xinyu: “Looking at Xing Rui’s face, one arm is enough. You, get up, but don’t let it appear in front of me again in the future. ”

Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you! I will never appear in front of you in the future, I will leave the capital and never come back.” Zhang Xinyu said repeatedly.

After solving Zhang Xinyu’s affairs, Chen Fei and Xing Rui’s eyes turned to Ding Yi.

“Ding Shao is right, this matter, you say, what should I do?” Xing Rui has become Chen Fei’s vanguard at the moment, and he stood up and said directly.

Ding Yi, looking for a change, looked around self-inflicted arm of Zhang Xin Yu, the face of the table

feeling more gloomy, body shivering, the channel: “Mr Heng, my father was a marine Ding, Ding is my big capital Family. You give me a face this time, and in the future, my Ding family must— ”

Before he finished speaking, Xing Rui directly interrupted his words with a cold voice, “Ding’s family is nothing, dare to talk face in front of me.”

” You- ” Ding Yi did not expect Xing Rui to not give himself to Ding’s family Face, the expression could not help but stiff.

By this time, Chen Fei looked at Ding Yi, cold channel: “The last time I destroy your legs, but you do not long memory time, have to give you some profound lessons..”

Then, Chen The breath of flying palms swelled, condensed into an air blade, and breathed a terrifying breath.

After hearing this, Ding Yi changed his face and panicked: “You, what are you doing–”

“Last time you broke your legs, you don’t remember long. Since that’s the case, there is no need to continue your legs. “” Chen Fei said coldly, and his blade was cut in his hand.

“No–” Ding Yi was terrified and struggling to escape, but in front of Chen Fei’s offensive, there was no chance at all.

With a snap, the air blade struck Ding Yi’s thigh, and the two legs flew up, and blood spewed out. Ding Yi issued a cry of pain and screaming.

Seeing this, Chen Fei frowned lightly, struck a breath, and directly stunned Ding Yi.

Then, Chen Fei walked to the sofa, hugged the panicked Meng Yu, and comforted softly: “Xiao Yu, I’m here, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Leaving Mantianxing Bar, Chen Fei sent Meng Yu Back at school, Chen Ziling was called back to let her accompany Meng Yu.

After settling in, Chen Fei was ready to go back to his apartment, but Xing Rui followed Chen Fei all the way with a smile on his face.

Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but look back at Xing Rui and said, “I’m going back to the house to rest. You still follow me. Is there anything?”

“Instructor Chen, this is the case. Me, I have a small question. I want to ask you a question.” Xing Rui’s attitude was very low at the moment, his mouth was smiling, and his speech was very respectful.

Seeing this, Chen Fei said coldly, “As a soldier, don’t be a hippie, what’s the matter, just say it, don’t hide it.”

“Yes, Instructor Chen!” Xing Rui immediately recovered his face and gave Chen Feijing A military salute immediately said, “Instructor Chen, in fact, is not a big deal. I just want to know, where did you learn such a powerful martial art strength? Can you teach me?”

Chen Fei heard, suddenly white With a glance at Xing Rui, this guy followed himself all the way, and turned out to have taken a fancy to his martial arts.

“My martial arts, you can’t learn.” Chen Fei said lightly.

“This, what martial arts, so mysterious?” Xing Rui looked curious and unbelieving, and saw Chen Fei didn’t explain it. Suddenly changed the subject and said, “Instructor Chen, do you have anything other than being a teacher?”

“What do you want to say?” Chen Fei looked at Xing Rui.

Xing Rui said: “Chen instructor, I want to say is, if you usually are free, I on behalf of our Xingjia, Chen instructors ask you to go sit in our family.”

Chen Fei Wen Yan, Xing Rui suddenly understood the meaning of this guy touches Personally refined, seeing his strength is good, this is to want to win himself for his family.

However, Chen Fei is not interested in these, so coldly said: “I usually have nothing to   spare .”


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