MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1385



Seeing this, Chen Fei was slightly surprised. It seems that Xing Rui has some brains and knows that he thinks independently, not the kind of gunpowder pail that was ignited by a few words and burned at one point.

After teaching Zhang Xinyu, Xing Rui’s eyes fell on Chen Fei again, and he said, “If you want to be my Xing Rui’s instructor, let me see, what are you doing!”

Xing Rui immediately started. The attack, like a keen cheetah, with a residual image, impacted Chen Fei.

The impinging airflow burst, and there was a long whistle, which made people feel scalp tingling, and a chill came out of him.

“This is the strength of the late prefecture level, Xing Boss is not the loss of Xing Boss!” Zhang Xinyu saw this, could not help but shouted excitedly.

Ding Yi was also surprised, and looked at Xing Rui’s eyes a little shocked.

When his father Ding Haiyang invited Xing Rui back home, Ding Yi had seen the medium-term strength of Ding Yi showing. That kind of powerful crushing power shocked Ding Yi at that time and saw the strength of the martial arts strongman.

However, compared with Xing Rui, Zhang Xinyu’s strength at that time was still weak. The coercion and momentum Xing Rui now brings to people makes Ding Yi, a layman who is not a warrior, feel it.

At this moment, Ding Yi finally understood why Zhang Xinyu wanted to hold himself, saying that Xing Rui was very powerful.

Apart from the shock, Ding Yi’s face also showed a look of excitement. Xing Rui was so powerful, then Chen Fei was definitely not his opponent. To some extent, he can also help him to teach Chen Fei.

Therefore, Xing Rui’s dislike of Ding Yi’s disdain just now dissipated a lot.

Just when everyone in the private room was shocked and oppressed by Xing Rui’s strength, Chen Fei looked at Xing Rui, who was on the oncoming face, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he nodded lightly. “It’s indeed the late prefecture level Strength, at this age, has the strength of the late prefecture level, which is really good. ”

” Take my first move, and then comment on me! “Xing Rui snorted coldly, fisting like a tiger, roaring and roaring, directly hitting Chen Fei’s chest .


Facing Xing Rui’s fierce offensive, Chen Fei frowned, showing a solemn look on his face. The breath of the true element in the body began to surge, and finally gathered on the right palm of Chen Fei through the meridians.

The original ordinary palm is now as clean as jade, haunting and exuding a hazy mist, dreamlike and astounding.

“Hua Li whistle, carving insect skills!” Xing Rui saw it, snorted coldly, the momentum was even more fierce, the tigers of the Tiger’s Mountain forest rushed out, and a critical fatal blow would be issued.

Just when Xing Rui struggled hard, Chen Fei’s right palm was slapped forward, and Xing Rui’s fist was caught.

In an instant, a “snap” sounded crisply, the two collided, and the strong wind screamed like an explosion spreading out all around.

Xing Rui first felt his direct fist hit a very hard wall, then, a huge and huge force came back, and directly hit Chen Xing Rui’s right arm from Chen Fei’s palm.

“Not good–” Xing Rui felt this energy and couldn’t help being shocked. He quickly closed his fist and stepped back at the same time, trying to avoid this majestic breath.

Although Xing Rui’s movements are fast enough, his speed is still slow


The majestic breath swept out in an instant, and followed Xing Rui’s arm as he shoved hard. Xing Rui’s body, like a rag bag, flew directly out, and finally hit the wall heavily, smashed a partition wall directly, flew to the next room, and slid over the sofa coffee table, and finally mouth Spitting out a bit of blood, it stopped without difficulty.

Such a result is really unpredictable to everyone.

Zhang Xinyu and Ding Yi, who had just been excited, didn’t dissipate the smiles on their faces at this moment, they immediately solidified on their faces, and transformed into a bitter smile that was uglier than crying.

“Here, what’s going on? Xing Rui lost, and he lost in one move!”

“Zhang Xinyu, this is the master you said? Are you fooling me?”

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. That’s Xing Boss, that is the realm of the late prefecture level, the seventh master of Qianlong List, how could it be-”


In a cry of shock, there was a burst of noise in the next room, a mess, Xing Rui crawled from inside He got up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and rubbed his right arm and walked back.

“Chen Fei, your strength is too great. I can’t resist your palm. What level of strength did you reach, the pinnacle of the prefecture level, or that you have reached the level of heaven level. However, heaven It ’s not possible, after all, it ’s too far away … ”The

gray-faced Xing Rui, without everyone ’s imagined anger, but with a smile, a curious and enthusiastic look, joined Chen Fei and kept talking in his mouth. .

Even Chen Fei looked surprised at Xing Rui at the moment, with a strange look on his face, and with a little doubt in his eyes.

Seeing this, Xing Rui smiled and said, “Don’t look at me like this. I don’t have any hostility towards you. It’s just that I am a person who has always worshipped the strong. Then I absolutely cannot accept it. ”

” Now, I have seen your strength. You can even say that your strength is beyond my expectations, so I approve of you as an instructor. “Xing Rui grinned.

After a pause, he immediately thought of something, stood upright in front of Chen Fei, and looked solemnly at a military salute. Apology. ”

Xing Rui’s temperament surprised Chen Fei. However, the other party was not hostile, and it was also a good thing for Chen Fei.

He nodded to Xing Rui, and immediately said: “I accept your apology. However, the punishment for returning to the team is still indispensable. After returning to the team, you can clean the toilet in the base!”

“Yes!” Xing Rui said .

Seeing this scene, Zhang Xinyu was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that Xing Rui, who regarded himself as a backer, had softened Chen Fei’s clothes, and even agreed to clean the toilet without hesitation.

You know, in the former Linglong base, even Director Mu would not give Xing Rui such an order.

After all, Xing Rui is the strongest member of the five-element team, and at the same time he is still a member of the Xing family in Beijing. With such a strong strength and huge background, Xing Rui is among the spirit dragons and can be said to be a maverick existence.

But now, after such a daunting and maverick Xing Rui, after one move, he directly softened Chen Fei.


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