MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1384



With a sigh, Zhang Xinyu gritted his teeth fiercely, stepped out, walked towards Chen Fei, and said in a deep voice: “Chen Fei, I am Ding Shao’s bodyguard. If you want to hurt Ding Shao, then pass me!” ”

Chen Fei seeing this, lightly:.” originally, you used to see on Linglong identity, I do not want your hands, but being the case, then blame me polite. ”

Carter, Chen Fei physique of a move, It seemed to be teleporting, and appeared directly in front of Zhang Xinyu.

Before Zhang Xinyu responded, a huge force ran into Zhang Xinyu’s chest and directly flew him out.

With blood spraying in his mouth, Zhang Xinyu flew out, and finally hit the wall with a loud noise, then slowly fell down, and then lay motionless on the ground.

Then, Chen Fei stepped towards Ding Yi.

Seeing this, Ding Yi was dumbfounded. He didn’t even think that Zhang Xinyu, who was so powerful, was blown away by Chen Fei.

Hurrying to Zhang Xinyu, Ding Yi kicked him a few feet, “You act as Lao Tzu, you lose, and vomit blood! Quickly, get Lao Tzu, continue to fight, quick–”

But, no matter what Ding Yi Kicked, Zhang Xinyu struggled to stand up from the ground, but the blood in his mouth was spurting more and more.

And here, Chen Fei has stepped forward to Ding Yi. “Last time, I warned you that there will be no such thing for the second time.”

“You, don’t come over–” Ding Yi looked closer. Chen Fei’s expression couldn’t help but panic, his body kept receding.

“I’ve given you a chance, but you don’t know how to repent. Instead, you have to be intimate and dare to kidnap my friend.” Chen Fei said coldly, “It seems that my lesson last time was too light.”

Talker, Chen Fei’s palms were vigorously surging, as if the sharp blade swallowed the appalling cold light.

Seeing this, Ding Yi couldn’t help but think of the painful memories of his broken legs last time. The muscles on his face shook fiercely and waved in fright: “Don’t, don’t-I’m wrong, I’m willing to compensate, you Anything I want, I am willing to give it. My Ding family is rich, and I— ”

” Do you think that what you said is attractive to me? “Chen Fei’s voice was cold, and the anger in his hand was about to fall Come.

Ding Yi was so scared that he closed his eyes and exclaimed.

But at this critical moment, a sound of footsteps rang in the corridor, and then a voice of a man asking, “Well, which private room is Zhang Xinyu in? He told me that he is here with you.”

Hearing this voice In the private room, everyone was surprised. Zhang Xinyu, who was lying on the ground motionless and spitting blood in his mouth, could not help but radiate his eyes with excitement, and shouted hard, “Boss Xing, I am here, I am here!”

Immediately, the sound of footsteps in the corridor approached this way.

Everyone in the private room looked at the door. So, everyone saw a young man in his thirties, with a flat head and a determined face, who came in.

“Huh, what’s the matter! Am I going in the wrong place?” The young man couldn’t help but stunned when he saw the situation inside the house.

Zhang Xinyu climbed up from the ground with pain, and shouted hard: ”

Yes, Mr. Xing, I’m here.”

The young man at the door heard the voice and looked at him, seeing Zhang Xinyu’s injured appearance. Can’t help but be surprised: “Xin Yu, why are you like this?”

Zhang Xinyu hurriedly said: “Boss Xing, it’s a long story. Then Chen Fei is here. I’m the one who hurt him. He’s going to abolish me. Please ask Boss Xing to make the decision for me.”

After that, Zhang Xinyu was full of resentment. Pointed to Chen Fei.

The young man looked in the direction of Zhang Xinyu, fell on Chen Fei, looked at Chen Fei, and then said in a deep voice: “You are Chen Fei?”

At this time, Zhang Xinyu was full of excitement and anticipation. Yi channel: “… less Ding, who is Xing Rui, my boss before the team captain of the five elements of gold squad, is also the capital Xingjia people that Xing Chen Fei offend the boss, he finished,”

Ding Yi, although I do n’t know anything about martial arts, but I also know the strength of the Wuxing Squad. When I heard Zhang Xinyu ’s words, I could n’t help but illuminate my eyes and show excitement. I stared at Chen Fei fiercely and gritted his teeth. Let’s teach the arrogant guy. ”

At this moment, Chen Fei has also guessed the identity of the man in front of him. He should be the captain of the five-element team Jin team Xing Rui. That is the candidate of the instructor Zhang Xinyu has always highly recommended, and at the same time, he is also a family of the hidden family who is very afraid of the Luo family.

However, regardless of the other party’s identity, Chen Fei was not afraid. While the other party was looking at himself, he also looked over and nodded: “I am Chen Fei? Are you the captain of Wuxing Squad Gold Squad Xing Rui?”

Xing Rui nodded Tao: “I am! You are the instructor of our five-element team?”

Chen Fei said lightly: “I am. If I remember correctly, today is more than the day you returned to the team. You missed a day of training.”

Xing Ruiwen Yan said, squinting, Shen Sheng said: “Training? I want to know, are you qualified to train me?”

“I am qualified, and now you are your instructors. Are you sure, you want to do it to me?” Chen Fei looked at Xing Rui and said lightly.

At this point, Zhang Xin Yu out of channels in the side: “Xing boss, is this guy through the back door, robbed originally belonged to your instructor position you soon teach him, let him know that whatever the outcome..”

Ding Yi and although it is not clear What happened between Xing Rui and Chen Fei, but also echoed: “Mr. Xing, you help me solve this guy. That is my friend of Ding Yi, a friend of my Ding family. My Ding family will definitely repay it. ”

” Boss Xing, Chen Fei is so mad, relying on Deputy Secretary Mu to stand up and act wildly in the spirit dragon. Many team members are miserable and dissatisfied with him, looking forward to your return! ” Talking constantly, using all kinds of words to stir Xing Rui’s nerves.

Chen Fei heard the words and stared at Zhang Xinyu, with a chill in his eyes.

At the moment, Xing Rui turned his head and stared at Zhang Xinyu. He said with a deep voice: “Xin Yu, stop talking, who he is, I will judge by myself, without you telling me.”

Zhang Xinyu heard, His face was stiff, and he closed his mouth and dared not speak.

Immediately, Xing Rui looked at Ding Yi again and said coldly: “Ding’s friend, in my eyes, is worthless.”

” You- ” Ding Yi did not expect to be so ignored by Ding’s family. Annoyed, instinctively wanted to refute two sentences, but was immediately pulled by Zhang Xinyu.


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