MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1383



When the other elder brothers saw this, they could not help but change their colors. The expression on their faces was frightened and angry. They stared at Chen Fei, and looked alert.

Only Ding Yi, sitting calmly on the sofa at the moment, holding two beautiful women in her arms, looked at Chen Fei, and said: “Good skills, temper is still so violent! It seems that you haven’t changed!”

Immediately, his eyes dimmed, his tone changed, and he said coldly: “However, at that concert, Luo Feng supported you. And now, who else will support you?”

Chen Fei stepped directly towards Ding. Yi walked with a somber expression, “Who supports me, you don’t need to worry about you. What you have to worry about now is, who will support you?”

After that, Chen Fei blasted out and attacked Ding Yi directly.

Upon seeing this, Ding Yi was also taken aback. It seemed that Chen Fei was so decisive that he even started directly.

Panic appeared on his face, he quickly released the girl in her arms, rolled over from the sofa, and dodged Chen Fei’s attack.

At the same time, he shouted loudly, “Bodyguard, come on, bodyguard, hurry up!”

With Ding Yi’s cry, a figure appeared in front of Ding Yi, stopping Chen Fei’s offensive.

At the same time, a strong burst of energy erupted, and a small whirlwind was set up directly in the booth, which shattered the debris on the table.

Upon seeing this, Ding Yi could not help being relieved, stood up straight, arranged his clothes, and stood with his group of fox friends. Then some dissatisfied looked at his bodyguard and frowned: “You are late!” The

bodyguard said to Ding Yi: “You haven’t been injured yet, I haven’t been late.”

Wen Yan said that Ding Yi didn’t speak.

Seeing the other brothers, he couldn’t help showing curiosity.

“Ding Shao, this is your bodyguard? This is too arrogant!”

“Otherwise, we will teach him a meal, somehow.”

“Ding Shao, where did you call the bodyguard, why is it so? It ’s a rule. Otherwise, I ’ll introduce one to you! ”


Ding Yi heard the words, but waved his hand and said,“ This new bodyguard was found by my dad. His temper is a bit big, but my dad said, his strong strength. I also tried the strength of very powerful indeed, it seems to have reached the mid-level realm. ” ”

What, mid-level! so much! ” ”

ground-level master, it is absolutely master, the real master ah! ”

Yes, Dean Situkong of Situ College is only at the realm level. Now, Ding Shao you have found a prefect master to be a bodyguard. It’s really awesome.”

“No wonder some temper, prestige master, Understandable. ”

……… After

listening to the compliments of the companions, Ding Yi showed a smile on his face, and his dissatisfaction with his new bodyguard also slightly reduced.

Immediately, he continued to say, “Moreover, my dad said it. This guy has an extraordinary identity. He came out of the spirit dragon. He was originally an elite inside. He was expelled for some reason, so he came to my house. Be a bodyguard. ”

” I depend, Spirit Dragon, that’s the special forces! ”

” The elite in the special forces, wouldn’t that be the king of soldiers. ”

” Yes, what kind of wolf swords and tigers. ”

” It ’s awesome, and it ’s the

Ding family. Let the special forces of the Linglong troops be the bodyguards and have cards!


listening to the hype, Ding Yi look more and more proud of the heart, illegal channels, “Dad gave me this look of the bodyguard comes in really good, strong identity. Follow me out, he does have a face.”

On When Ding Yi smiled smugly, suddenly, he found that his bodyguard blocked Chen Fei for himself, and then stood there without action.

Moreover, he even shuddered, and it looked a little scared.

In this situation, Ding Yi frowned, and said, “What are you doing, let’s do it! Teach me that guy, hurry up!”

But, Ding Yi’s words didn’t do anything, and the bodyguard trembled Even more powerful, and even took a few steps back.

At this point it touches, opposite Chen Fei, looking at the front of the bodyguards, his face showing a look of surprise, “Zhang Xin Yu, when you actually bodyguards!”

Across this bodyguard was none other than the original five elements Linglong fire squad team captain Zhang Xinyu.

Zhang Xinyu heard the words, the muscles on his face trembled for a few seconds, staring at Chen Fei for a few seconds, his expression was resentful and fearful, and gritted his teeth: “It’s all thanks to you, if not

you– ” Chen Fei frowned. Shaking hands to interrupt Zhang Xinyu’s words, coldly said: “All the results are caused by your own behavior. Don’t blame this and that like a complaint.”

“Now, I want to teach Ding Yi, Do you want to stop me? “Chen Fei asked directly.

Zhang Xinyu heard the words, his expression suddenly stiffened, froze in place, and he could not decide for a while.

To say that he is against Chen Fei, he definitely doesn’t want to. After all, Chen Fei’s strength, but he has experienced it firsthand, that is not directly able to resist.

But if you run away, the job you find yourself will be over. His reputation in the industry is completely over. After all, the Ding family is not a nuisance, the Ding family head Ding Haiyang, but a ruthless character.

“My patience is limited! If you don’t let go, I will start.” Chen Fei said coldly, stepping towards Zhang Xinyu.

Zhang Xinyu suddenly shuddered and couldn’t help but stepped back a few steps.

Feeling the terrible coercion of Chen Fei, Zhang Xinyu couldn’t help but tremble in his heart, and then backed away, came to Ding Yi and said, “Ding Shao, this is not a good thing for Chen Fei, we apologize for admitting it! ”

Here, Ding Yi is proud of his companion again, bragging about how powerful his new bodyguard is and how big he is.

As a result, Zhang Xin Yu turned back without a fight back, which is equivalent to direct he publicly smoked a slap in the face Ding Yi, Ding Yi’s face suddenly let down cold, “What did you say!”

Zhang Xin Yu do not know, quickly Explained in a low voice: “Ding Shao, this Chen Fei I know, he is very strong, I am not his opponent. If we start, we will definitely lose! So, we still serve soft, revenge Let’s go back and talk about it! ”

” Serve soft! “Ding Yi was really angry,” Zhang Xinyu, my dad spent hundreds of millions of dollars to invite you to be a bodyguard, is it for you to be a tortoise? You fucking this is What are you doing, retreat without a fight! ”

” Go , give Lao Tzu immediately, don’t defeat Chen Fei, don’t you fucking come back. “Ding Yi roared.

Zhang Xinyu was scolded and flushed, and his heart was indignant, but now he is no longer the squad leader in the spirit dragon. In the outside world, sometimes I have to bow my head.


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