MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1382



Facing the fierce Along, Chen Fei shook his head lightly, and then his eyes were cold, and he slammed, “Go!”

Like a thunderous cry, Along suddenly shook, and the heart beat fiercely. After a short while, I didn’t recover, and the whole person was directly smashed out by an invisible force.

The throat rolled and a burst of blood spewed out. Along flew more than ten meters in the air, then fell to the ground, knocked over many things, and finally stopped at the bar entrance. The whole person passed out directly.

Such a scene made the Starry Star Bar, which had just been excited and noisy, suddenly quiet down. Everyone was full of surprise, and looked at Chen Fei in surprise, speechless.

After more than ten seconds, the stunned people recovered.

“Hey, how is this possible? A-long was defeated by a blow.”

“What happened just now? The man seemed to just roar, and then A-long flew out, how did this

happen .” “Encounter Master, this is the real master! ”

” It seems that this time the Starry Bar is going to be in trouble. ”

………… In the

noisy discussion, Chen Fei stepped up the steps and looked at the ear in front of him Nailman said coldly: “Now, do you still want to stop me?” The

earring male’s throat rolled a little, the sweat on his forehead slipped down, then he lowered his head and stood sideways. “You, please!”

Chen Fei snorted and stepped up from the earring man.

Looking at the back of Chen Fei upstairs, the ear-studded man screamed in his heart. This guy is definitely a master of martial arts, and his strength is at least above the middle of the Xuan level. For this level of warrior, for him, it is completely unattainable.

He never had any chance against Chen Fei. Now, his only expectation is that he expects Ding Shao in the private room to deal with this demon-like guy.

At the same time, in the luxurious No. 1 private room on the second floor of the bar, Ding Yi, who was fat and frivolous, was sitting on the sofa, surrounded by two girls in exposed clothing, squeezing with his hands.

On both sides of him, there are several young and fashionable younger brothers, who also hug girls one by one, playing with no scruples.

In the corner of the private room, there was a girl in ol uniform. At the moment, her hands and feet were tied up, her face shook with horror, and her body shivered.

This girl is no one else, it is Meng Yu that Chen Fei is looking for.

After the elder brothers drank a glass of wine, a thin, tall man with long hair looked at the corner, his eyes swept over Meng Yu, his mouth raised, a smile appeared, and he smiled on the sofa. The obese man said: “Ding Shao, how did you change your taste today, like this uniform style?” The

obese man heard Meng Yu’s glance, and then said out loudly: “This kind of chestless buttless, bare-rod rubbing I was n’t interested in the body of the board. I brought her over as a bait. I ’m going to deal with someone. ”

“ It turns out so! ”The long-haired tall man nodded, rubbed his hands, and continued,“ If you are not interested in Ding Shao, let me try it. I really like this kind of pure uniform girl. ”

” Do you like it? “Ding Shao looked at the long-haired man and then waved his hand,” OK, you Go play. Be careful, don’t kill it. ”

” Ding Shao rest assured, I will take pity on her

. “The long-haired man smiled and stood up quickly, and walked towards Meng Yu in the corner.

Seeing this, Meng Yu’s eyes were panic-stricken, and he wriggled strugglingly, making a whimper in his mouth.

But the more she was, the more excited the long-skinned and tall man was, approaching Meng Yu, rubbing her hands and licking her lips.

“No, don’t—” Meng Yu wanted to resist.

But her hands and feet were tied, but she was unable to resist. Only the tall and thin man was allowed to attack, and she ripped off her coat to reveal the underwear and a fair skin inside.

“Unexpectedly, it doesn’t look big outside, but it’s quite inside!” The long-haired thin man stared at Meng Yu, his eyes lit up, and the excitement in his eyes was almost overflowing.

“No, no—” Meng Yu yelled, but it had no effect. Seeing the long-haired, thin, tall man licking his lips and approaching, a line of tears came from the corner of Meng Yu’s mouth, and finally closed his eyes in despair.

Ding Shao and others on the sofa looked like a good show, watching the movements of the long-haired and tall man, and he also started to move.

Just as the good show was about to be staged, suddenly, a loud bang immediately interrupted the interest of several people in the first room.

Everyone suffocated, looked up together and looked towards the door of the room.

The exquisite and luxurious solid wood room door is directly broken into several pieces, which are everywhere.

Then a young man in his twenties came in.

Others saw this man, looking puzzled, and then stood up to drink, ready to catch people.

“Where are you stinky boy, what are you doing?”

“Damn, get out!”

“The door you kicked, kneel down, and apologize!”

… ……

While crying, Ding Shao Ding Yi on the sofa saw a sneer in the corner of his mouth when he saw the coming person and said: “Chen Fei, you are here!”

Chen Fei also saw Ding Yi at the moment, Eyes could not help squinting, and said: “It’s you!”

This fat and frivolous Ding Yi, met with Chen Ziling and Luo Feng to see the concert. At that time, this guy was very insignificant. He first spoke badly to Chen Ziling, and then moved his hand to Zhang Qiuyue. As a result, Chen Fei broke his leg and walked away.

Unexpectedly, now that one or two months have passed, this guy has appeared again, and dare to come over and revenge himself.

In the two seconds Chen Fei thought about, Meng Yu, whose jacket was almost stripped, also saw Chen Fei, and immediately shouted, “Chen Chen,

I– ” Chen Fei heard the voice and looked In the past, I saw the scene on the sofa.

Suddenly, Chen Fei glanced down and walked directly over.

The long-haired, thin, tall man who was getting ready to enjoy, was badly damaged by Chen Fei, naturally unhappy, frowning and said: “Who are you? Dare to spoil the good things of Lao Tzu, to find death is not—” Directly cold-eyed and slammed, “Go!”

At the same time, kicked out, kicking the long-haired thin tall man directly out.

Moreover, the most fatal thing is that Chen Fei’s kick was not elsewhere, and it happened to be the key part of the long-haired man.

The man covered his crotch with both hands, his face was violently blue, and his face was swollen with red. His entire cheek was distorted due to pain, and finally he fell to the ground and passed out.


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