MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1381



Beside this man with earrings, at this time, a young man in uniform with a handsome face leaned on him intimately, with a tender smile, and said softly: “A Qiang, today’s business is good, we should be able to make a lot of money “Oh!” The

earring man hooked the bartender’s chin and smiled: “The money for individual customers is nothing. Today, it’s mainly the noble guest in the private room No. 1. Greeting him is the most important thing. , Understand! ”

” Aqiang, you mean the guy who brought the woman over, is he very powerful? “The bartender asked.

Earring man smiled and said: “It’s not a problem that is not terrible, it’s Ding’s family and Ding Shao, the real big man. One word can determine the life and death of my bar, what do you say?”

“So powerful!” Surprised.

“Okay, well greet the guests. I went upstairs to see, hello to Ding Shao today, we will be developed later.” After that, the earring man stood up straight, twisted his body, and walked upstairs.

Qingxiu bartender smiled and watched the earring man walk upstairs.

And at this moment, a voice came from the front of the bar, “Hello, may I ask, have you seen this girl?” The

bartender looked around and found a young man in his twenties holding a mobile phone, In the phone is a picture of a young girl. At the first sight of this girl, the bartender felt a little familiar, because the girl was not someone else, it was the girl that Nadine brought to the private room.

Suddenly, the bartender couldn’t help but exclaimed, “It’s not–”

Realizing that he might have missed his mouth, the bartender quickly covered his mouth, shook his head, and then looked in the direction of the stud man.

At this moment, the earring man noticed the movement here, stopped, turned his head and looked over, asking: “What’s going on?”

Without waiting for the bartender to answer, he saw the photos on his phone, his eyes chilled and his eyes flashed sharply.

However, after all, he was a business man. He quickly concealed his coldness, looked at the interrogative young man, and shook his head: “I’m sorry, sir, we haven’t seen this girl. You can look elsewhere. “”

The person who asked the question was naturally Chen Fei.

Although the strangeness in the eyes of the bartender and the earring man only flashed through, Chen Fei still captured this keenly. Instead of leaving, he continued to say: “If I can, I want to go to the bread room. ”

Wen Yan, the earring man ’s face was a little bit heavy, and he said lowly:” Sir, the private rooms are all the VIPs of our Starry Bar. And, that ’s personal privacy, let you go in to find someone, I am afraid not It’s too convenient! ”

The stud man said politely, but at the same time, he had already beckoned the security guard, and more than ten burly strong men had now surrounded Chen Fei.

Chen Fei naturally sensed this, his eyes also cooled down, and said: “Convenient and inconvenient, I will talk to the guests in the private room, this will not bother you.”

Chen Fei stepped directly , You have to walk upstairs to the private room.

However earrings male looking sank, stopped directly in front of Chen Fei, cold channel: “!! This gentleman, like you insist forcing, I am afraid it inappropriate I advise you, or go back”

Yuehua Jian, security has been around Come over, it is time to start.

Chen Fei glanced at the security guards, then looked at the Studded Man, and said in a   deep voice :

“What if I have to go up?” The

Studded Man snorted coldly and glared at Chen Fei: “Then don’t blame me for being welcome. I’m full The Star Bar has never been dared to break through. ”

“Really? Then I will be the first to give it a try today.” Chen Fei said coldly, stepping forward directly.

Upon seeing this, the earring man waved his hand and said sharply: “Do it!” In

an instant, the four closest bodyguards rushed towards Chen Fei together.

However, before the four people approached, Chen Fei directly waved his hands and feet, and the four bodyguards did not see what Chen Fei did, and then made a wailing noise. Many things were smashed.

“This–” The earring man was shocked when he saw it, his eyes narrowed, and he said coldly, “It turns out to be a trainer, with two children, no wonder it’s so arrogant.”

“However, you think you have those two , I will be able to bar the stars wanton disregard it? “earrings male Chen Sheng Li he, then look to the security people, the channel,” Aaron, you come. I want his two arms! ”

with In the words of the stud man, a fierce-looking man with tattoos and a bald head came out of the security crowd.

Just seeing the man appearing in the room, there was a sound of discussion throughout the bar, and everyone’s eyes looked over here.

“Who is that guy? It looks very powerful!”

“Aren’t you a regular customer, don’t you even know the star-beater Aron?”

“Brother, this is my first time, this Aron Is it very powerful? ”

” That’s not a problem that is not very powerful . Let me tell you this, Along is a martial artist, and his strength has reached the level of the early Xuan level. Do you understand? ”

” The early Xuan level, then But master! This celestial star is too powerful, and even invited a mysterious warrior to come but the security guard is too extravagant. ”

“That’s not that, otherwise, how do you think the starry sky will stand up here?”

For ordinary people, the Xuanji Warrior is already a very good master. Therefore, Along is naturally very powerful in their eyes.

Earring man thinks so too. After sending Aaron, he stood on the steps upstairs, arms folded across his chest, with a smile on his face, a very confident expression, “Aaron, there are distinguished guests today Now, the action is quick! ”

” The boss is assured, within three strokes, I want him to fall. “Along glanced at Chen Fei, disdainfully.

Some follow-up security guards coaxed with a light smile behind them.

“Dragon brother mighty, defeat him by three strokes!”

“Dragon brother, you are still modest. To deal with this kid, how to use three strokes, one stroke is enough.”

“Dragon brother, come a fierce, let everyone Open your eyes. ”

………… In a roar, Along’s expression was also very proud, squeezing his fists, looked at Chen Fei dismissively, coldly said:” Boy, ready to die? it ”

Chen Fei faint glanced at Aaron a cold channel:.” nonsense do so much to hands hurry, I do not want to waste time ”

“You – a death wish or something, “Aaron was furious, immediately With a scream, a pair of iron fists hit the chest of Chen Fei fiercely. Seeing that terrifying momentum, I completely wanted to knock Chen Fei down with one move.


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