MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1379



Luo Feng was anxious and defended Chen Fei: “Grandpa, don’t say whether this matter is true or false. Even if it is true, Mr. Chen Fei’s strength is definitely not lost to Xing Rui. Even, Mr. Chen’s The strength is even stronger than that of Xing Rui! ”

After all, Luo Feng had seen Chen Fei show his strength in person. Moreover, when the Xia family was destroyed, Chen Fei was followed by Situkong at the mid-level realm and the white claws at the late-level realm, and later he subdued the black god at the mid-level realm.

This lineup is already stronger than many big families. And so many masters surrender to Chen Fei, Chen Fei’s strength and background is definitely not that simple.

But, ranging from Los wind to speak their minds, Los North River Lengheng soon, retorted: “!?. Los wind, you’re talking nonsense bar that Chen Fei of strength, energy and Xing Rui, compared kidding.”

“Besides, Even if his martial arts strength really surpasses Xing Rui, then it is useless. Behind Xing Rui is the hidden family, that kind of behemoth, but our Luo family ca n’t match it. He Chen Fei alone, how to fight That Xing family? “Luo Beihe asked.

“This–” Luo Feng was speechless for a while, because he also knew that the hidden family was too terrible, and he was not an opponent. Therefore, he could only argue, “Chen Fei and Xing Rui have both met. It is because of an instructor that he offended Xing Rui and offended the Xing family. This is too far-fetched! Maybe, Xing Rui didn’t care about this kind of thing at all. ”

Luo Shuang said aloud:” Cousin, you’re a bit self-deceiving. You don’t know Xing Rui’s aggressive temperament. We don’t know. We think he knows himself ‘S instructor’s position was robbed, his good friend was expelled from Chen Fei, would he not be angry? ”

” This– “Luo Feng was a little speechless.

“Besides, even if you are right. But how can our Luo family take risks in this kind of thing. Even if only 1 in 10,000 is possible, we can’t be lucky.” Luo Shuang said.

Luobeihe immediately spoke out to help her daughter: “Yeah, this kind of thing can’t be a fluke. After all, if Chen Fei really enters such a secret place as our Luojia Ancestral Hall, in the eyes of outsiders, our relationship is definitely not It’s the same. The Xing family is guilty. We can’t justify it! ”

Luo Lao listened to these words, the expression on his face became more and more gloomy, and the health pills originally held in his hands were now placed on the wooden table beside him. .

Luo Feng saw this, anxiously said: “Grandpa, things are not as bad as we thought, let’s calm down, let’s discuss for a long time!”

Luo Beiling also said: “Dad, Xiaofeng is right. We don’t want to be ourselves first To scare yourself, let ’s talk to Xiao Chen, let ’s see what he said! ”

Luo Laowen said, his expression slightly improved, paused, and nodded,“ Talk to Xiao Chen again! ”

Then, Several people walked out of the small room and returned to the living room.

Chen Fei and Chen Ziling immediately got up and saw that Luo Luo’s face was a little strange, and suddenly he felt a little bit uncomfortable. However, Chen Fei bowed his hand to Luo Luo and greeted him: “Luo Luo!”

Luo Lao nodded gently, and then said: “Chen Fei, I have some questions, I want to ask you to prove it, I hope you can say truth. ”

Luo old this strange tone and shade

Shen cheeks, gently let Chen Fei frowned. But he immediately said: “Luo Luo please, I must know everything.”

“Well!” Luo Luo nodded, then looked at Chen Feidao, “Did Mr. Chen become the instructor of the Linglong Five Elements Team a few days ago?

” Uh-“Chen Fei was amazed, a little surprised, and then nodded,” This is indeed the case, I have just been an instructor for a few days. ”

After hearing this, Mr. Luo nodded and glanced at each other with two sons. He continued to ask, “Did Mr. Chen have had a conflict with Zhang Xinyu of the fire team during the election of the instructor, and he was expelled from Linglong.

“This is indeed the case!” Chen Fei nodded again.

“This–” Hearing this, Luo Luo’s face grew deeper and deeper. He took a deep breath and continued to ask, “Did Mr. Chen be your instructor? Have you discussed with Xing Rui, the leader of Wuxing Squad Gold Squad?”

Chen Fei felt a little strange and laughed: “Xing Rui At that time, I was not among the spirit dragons. I did not discuss with him. Moreover, my instructor was appointed by Deputy Director Mu personally. It should be unnecessary to discuss with Xing Rui as a team leader! ”

Chen Fei’s words seemed a bit disappointing. Meaning, but in Luo Lao they sounded like thunder, making their face even more ugly.

Luo Lao sighed and waved his hand. Suddenly, some people sent the jade bottle containing the health pills to Chen Fei.

Chen Fei looked at the Jade Bottle with a puzzled look, “Luo Lao, what does this mean?”

Luo Lao said, “Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry. The request you made earlier, our Luo family couldn’t agree. So This health pill, you take it back. ”

” This-“Chen Fei asked in a puzzled way,” Luo Luo, why is this? If the Luo family feels that my sincerity is not enough, I can add another bottle Health pills. Or other medicines and even martial arts exercises are fine, as long as Luo Lao speaks! ”

Luo Lao shook his head and said,” This is not a matter of Gong practice. This matter, our Luo family, can’t agree on how ”

Chen Feigang just wanted to say something. At this time, Luo Beiling Shen Sheng said to Chen Fei:” Mr. Chen, this is not a question of remuneration. Rather, you offended Xing Rui and offended the Xing family. Things are a bit troublesome. ”

“Mr. Chen, you’d better go to Xing’s family now and apologize for admitting mistakes, maybe you can save some before things get worse.”

Listening to the long-spoken words of Luobeiling, Chen Fei felt a little strange, and said: “I just act The instructor is not offended Xing Rui. Moreover, even if offended, in my strength, you do n’t have to be afraid of him. Old Luo, you may think more. ”

Luo Beihe heard the words, suddenly sneered and said out loud : “Crazy and ignorant guy. Offended Xing Rui, did you say nothing? Do you know how strong the Xing family is?”

Luo Shuang also looked like a gloat, “You just continue to blow it, when Xing Rui comes back, you’re done. ”

Luo Lao sighed, then shook his head, and looked like he didn’t want to speak much.”

Chen Fei was a little puzzled. At this time Luo Feng came to him and quickly explained the background of Xing Rui and the Xing family.

After listening, Chen Fei frowned lightly, then looked at Luo Luo, and said: “Luo Luo, if you are worried about the revenge of the hidden family, I do n’t need it. I am not afraid of this hidden family. Even if they do, I have the strength to repel them. ”


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