MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1378



Old Luo came down from the chair at the moment and reached for his health pills.

Upon seeing this, Luobeihe could not help frowning, and said, “These things I’m talking about are just his words. It’s better to be cautious about things like drugs.”

Luo Feng glanced at his uncle, his tone cold When he came down, he said, “Second Uncle, I don’t think I need to worry about security.”

“Why not worry! Now businessmen, for profit, can’t do anything.” Luo Beihe said unpleasantly.

Luo Feng said: “Mr. Chen is not an ordinary businessman. He is also the winner of our China Special Contribution Award. The certificate was personally signed by Director Qi of the Food and Drug Administration.”

“And Mr. Chen won the” Special Contribution Award “. It was because he developed the ephedra oral solution, and authorized the formula of the oral solution to the health department for free, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands and even millions of people in China. ”

Hearing this, the Luo family who were present were all surprised .

“Special Contribution Award, that’s a very rare reward!”

“Ephedra oral solution, I know, that’s really a life-saving magical drug!”


Luo Luo smiled at the moment and said, “Xiao Chen made this for the people Contribute, I believe in him! ”

Even Luobeihe, who has been deliberately stabbing, can’t say anything about the level of credit for Mahuang Oral Liquid. Can only frown on the side, displeased watching the old man come down from the seat in person, and chat with Chen Fei enthusiastically.

The old man put away the health pills, and after a few chats, he agreed to let Chen Fei and Chen Ziling go to the Luo Family Ancestral Hall to check the information.

Chen Fei and Chen Ziling couldn’t help being overjoyed, thanked the old man, and then took Luo Feng with him, ready to go to the Luo Family Ancestral Hall.

But just as they were about to leave, a clear voice suddenly broke into the living room, “No, Grandpa, they can’t let them go to our Luo Family Ancestral

Hall !” This cry made everyone in the living room look all at once. Looked over.

Under the eyes of everyone, an 18-year-old girl trot out. Chen Fei looked closely and found that the girl was no one else, but Luo Shuang who had met at the Siheyuan party a few days ago.

Seeing Luo Shuang, Luo Feng Chen Fei and Chen Ziling could not help frowning at the same time, a worried expression appeared on their faces.

At this time, Luo Luo heard the cries of her granddaughter and couldn’t help but reveal her curiosity and asked, “Shuang Er, what did you mean just now?”

Luo Shuang heard the words and looked at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling. And then said: “Grandpa, I mean, you can’t let them both go to our Luojia Ancestral Hall.”

“Luo Shuang, what are you doing!” Luo Feng frowned at this moment and sighed.

Luo Beiling also said with a

deep voice : “Luo Shuang, this is our lord’s business, you don’t want to intervene indiscriminately.” Luo Luo also said at the moment: “Shuang Er, what’s the matter with God, wait till you tell me. Now, I’ll send Xiao Chen to the ancestral hall first. ”

After all, Yangsheng Pill is very attractive to the old man, so the old man didn’t take Luo Shuang’s words in mind.

But Los cream was looking strong, Luo pulled the old sleeve, and said: “Grandpa, do not let me fly that Chen Ancestral Temple ah Luo Luo family that will give us a great deal of trouble!.”

“Trouble “” Luo Luo couldn’t help frowning now, showing a puzzled look.
Luo Beiling frowned and shouted: “Luo Shuang, Mr. Chen is a valuable guest of my Luo family, don’t play foolishly, just play around here.”

At this time, Luo Feng also immediately vocalized and explained to Luo Luo, “Grandpa , When we went out to party a few days ago. Luo Shuang and Mr. Chen had a little friction. She had some misunderstandings and dissatisfaction with Mr. Chen. So, what is happening now-”

Luo Lao Wen Yan said, nodded suddenly, a pair of Clear look. Immediately patted Luo Shuang’s hand and said: “Shuang Er, grandpa has something to do now, your business, wait for a while.”

Obviously, Luo Luo also regarded Luo Shuang’s words as a little girl’s temperament, Didn’t care much.

But at this time, Luo Shuang was low-faced, holding Luo Luo ’s sleeves unscathed, and continued: “Grandpa, I ’m not mischievous. I mean really, if you let them go to our Luo family ancestral hall, they will really give Our Luo family is in trouble, and it is still a big problem. ”

” Luo Shuang, you are still talking nonsense. Go on! “Luo Beiling drunk.

Luo Shuang’s father Luo Beihe glanced at her daughter, and then said: “Dad, Shuang Er is not a nonsense. Since she said that, there must be a reason. We might as well listen to her and talk about it.”

“This “” The old man hesitated a little, and finally nodded. “Well, then let Sher talk about what is going on?”

Then, the old man glanced at Chen Fei, slightly With apologies: “Xiao Chen, it’s really embarrassing. I can only ask you to wait a little longer.”

“It’s okay, please help Luo Luo!” Chen Fei nodded.

Immediately, the Luo family left the living room and went to a small room on the side.

In the small room, Luo Luo looked at Luo Shuang and said in a deep voice: “Shuang Er, let’s talk, what the hell is going on?”

Luo Shuang took a breath and said, “Grandpa, Uncle, Dad. If we let that Chen Fei enter our Luo family ancestral hall, then we would offend the Xing family.”

“Xing family, what Xing family?” Luo Bei Lingyi Time has not thought of which Xing family.

Luo Shuang said: “Uncle, this is the very low-key Xing family in our capital. The Xing family with the hidden family standing behind him.”

After Luo Shuang mentioned this, several people were all startled, and his face was amazed.

“The Xing family in the hidden family? How could it be!”

“How could Mr. Chen have a relationship with the Xing family?”

“This is impossible! Luo Shuang, don’t you bullshit!”

Luo Shuang’s eyes firmly said: ” Uncle, cousin, I do n’t have any nonsense. This is the truth. The story goes like this, then Chen Fei … In the end, he offended Xing Rui. Xing Rui ’s identity, as everyone knows, is Beijing Xing The family members. ”

Then, Luo Shuang quickly clarified what he had heard.

After listening to it, everyone in the Luo family couldn’t help but be surprised, with a strange look on his face.

“How could it actually offend the Xing family, which really caused a lot of trouble!”

“Xing Rui, that is a famous warrior among the younger generation, who has the strength of the late prefecture level, and it is from the Linglong Gold Squad. The captain, ranked seventh on the Qianlong list, is a real master! ”

” If Xing Rui really offends, that is a big trouble. We Luo family, it is best not to get   involved . ”


Several people in the Luo family talk With an excited expression.

Old Luo frowned, his expression sinking.


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