MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1377



Luo Beiling immediately smiled and said, “My family has told me a lot about Mr. Chen. Those big things make me admire!”

But Luo Beihe looked at Chen Fei, snorted and turned his head. Go without talking.

Seeing this, Chen Fei didn’t care. After all, Luobeihe is Luoshuang’s father. He had a conflict with Luoshuang at the courtyard party. He didn’t like himself and it was normal.

Now, as long as the old man Luo Dongfang is done, the attitude of Luo Beihe is not very important.

So, after a few words from the greetings, Chen Fei didn’t bother. He went straight to the door and named. “Luo Lao, I came here with my sister-in-law this time. There is one thing I want to ask Luo Lao to help.”

Luo The family obviously knew what to ask for help, and there was no accident. Old Luo said with a smile: “Xiao Chen, you are a friend of Luo Feng. If you have anything to say, as long as my Luo family can do it, we will help.” ”

” Thank you Luo Luo! “Chen Fei Gong thanked, and then said,” Luo Luo, this is the case. The younger sister has been looking for someone, and now there are some clues at hand, leading to the Luo family, so I think Please help Old Luo to find out according to the clues. ”

” It’s not a big deal to find someone! Otherwise, I’ll send someone to find it together? “Luo Dongfang nodded.

Chen Fei didn’t say anything, Luo Feng said at the moment: “Grandpa, the people Ziling is looking for have some privacy. So, they just go find it themselves. We just need to open our Luo family ancestral hall and let them go through the information The

Luo family ancestral hall is not only the ancestral hall dedicated to the ancestors, but also the Luo family’s bookstore, which contains some old materials of the Luo family.

Upon hearing this, Luo Dongfang’s expression was slightly surprised, “Going to my Luo family ancestral hall?”

Luo Beihe said: “Luo Family Ancestral Hall is the place where our Luo family worships ancestors. Dad, let outsiders go in casually, it seems not very good!”

Luo Lao frowned slightly, and seemed hesitant.

Luo Beiling said aloud at the moment: “Dad, it’s nothing bad to look into the ancestral hall. Besides, Xiao Chen went in and just checked some information. Let Xiao Feng go with him, it should be fine. ”

Really just checking the information is okay! But if there are other purposes, it is not easy to say. After all, although our Luo family is good with people, it is not without enemies.” Luo Beihe said.

“Second Uncle, your words are too serious. I know Mr. Chen and Miss Chen, they will not be bad people.” Luo Feng said.

“Luo Feng you are still young, there are some things that are not so easy to distinguish.” Luo Beihe still aimed at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling.

The old man kept frowning and did not speak, as if hesitating.

Seeing this, Chen Fei knew that things were not so easy. Fortunately, he had expected this situation long ago. At this time, he did not panic. He found a jade bottle and said to Luo Lao: “Luo Lao, the Luo family can let us be guests. We are very grateful. For this, I specially prepared After receiving a small gift, I also asked Mrs. Luo not to be dismissed. ”

” This is— “Mrs. Luo looked at the jade bottle with a look of inquiry.

Chen Fei explained with a smile: “Luo Lao, this is a health pill that I have personally refined. It has the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life. Some minor problems of the body, dizziness and insomnia can be solved by taking one. Long-term take it, to extend the life

life a year or two, it should not be a problem. ”

the elderly live longer hear such a thing, his eyes could not help but looked over, face some excitement,” so magical? ”

Luo Feng nodded and said, “This health-preserving pill is made by me collecting seven, seventy-nine and forty-nine precious Chinese medicines with a special formula.”

Luo Laowen said, a smile appeared on his face, ready to reach out. Vials.

But at this moment, Luo Beihe sneered and stopped in front of Chen Fei, with a bad smile on his face, and said: “Strong body and longevity will cure all diseases. How can I sound so street-like? What about the scammers? ”

” Again, extend the life of one or two years. I am afraid that even those holy hands of the Chinese doctors who treat the nobles in the Red Wall can’t guarantee it. I don’t know how Mr. Chen Fei can compare with him. Those holy hands of Chinese medicine are even more powerful? “Luo Beihe looked at Chen Fei with a questioning tone.

Luo Dongfang was also stunned at the moment, and looked at Chen Fei with a little doubt.

Not waiting for Chen Fei to explain, Luo Feng anxiously justified Chen Fei, “Grandpa, maybe this sounds a little untrue, but if it is the drug Mr. Chen took out, it must be true!”

“Is it true that he took it out? Why?” Luo Beihe questioned.

Luo Feng said: “Second Uncle, you don’t know. Mr. Chen is a doctor besides our school teacher. In recent months, the hot Chengcheng Pharmacy in Beijing is Mr. Chen’s pharmacy. ”

” Chengcheng Pharmacy, defeated that Chengjia pharmacy of Jiangjiajiang Yitang? “Luo Lao also heard the name and couldn’t help but be surprised.

Luo Feng nodded and said: “It is the Chengyao.”

“A pharmacy can only prove that he is a doctor. But this is a health pill, the effect is too blown! It is like an elixir in mythology. “Luo Beihe is still questioning.

Luo Feng continued: “Second Uncle, if to some extent, Mr. Chen’s health pills are not much different from Immortals.”

“Xiaofeng, I know you want to help your friends. But this is too much!” Luobeihe Road.

At this moment, even Luo Dongfang couldn’t help looking at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was confident and said, “Grandpa, in addition to Chen Chengyao. He also opened a company in the capital, Autumn Group.”

“Autumn Group-this, does not seem to have any impression?” Luo Lao frowned Road.

Luo Feng continued: “The autumn group is not well-known, but I said one thing, grandpa you must know. The autumn health wine, that is produced by the autumn group, is also prepared by Mr. Chen.”

“The autumn health wine is actually small. Chen’s products. This— “The old man couldn’t help but be surprised.

Even Luobeihe frowned at the moment, showing a surprised look.

Chen Fei also said at this time: “Luo Lao, the autumn health wine is indeed my formulated product. And this health pill is a variant of the autumn health wine, or the essence of the health wine, which is more effective than the ordinary autumn. Health wine is more than ten times better. ”

Hearing this, Luo Lao was really excited. You know, autumn health wine is popular in Beijing, he naturally tasted it, and really felt the effect of autumn health wine.

And the effect of this health pill is more than ten times that of health wine. It is possible to achieve the effect of prolonging life and extending life for one or two years.


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