MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1376



Chen Feidao: “Recently, you seem to have changed a little bit. Especially for Luo Feng, before you were completely false with him, but recently accepted his invitation frequently, and he was very close. But you again to me Say, you don’t like Luo Feng at all. I want to know, why is this? ”

” I, I– “Chen Ziling’s tone of voice supports us, I don’t know how to speak.

Chen Fei rubbed Chen Ziling’s head and said softly, “Is there anything else to hide in front of brother? Besides, you can say it, I can help you think about it, maybe I can solve it faster, yes Not right! ”

” Uh– “Chen Ziling was silent for a while, then seemed to make up her mind, nodded, looked at Chen Fei, and said,” Brother, you are right. I shouldn’t hide you, I’ll tell You said it. ”

” Well, you said, I’m listening! “Chen Fei nodded.

Chen Ziling took a deep breath, then looked at Chen Fei, and said, “Brother, actually, I approached Luo Feng to investigate my parents’ affairs.”

“What!” Chen Fei was shocked when he heard this. A look of surprise.

He and Chen Ziling, both orphans adopted by the old man, have lived with the old man since they were young, and do not know about their parents.

Chen Fei did not think about going to find his parents. He also thought that Chen Ziling, like himself, did not care about his parents.

But three years ago, it seemed that someone had found Chen Ziling and revealed something about her parents. However, when the old man stopped him at that time, things did not continue.

Originally, Chen Fei thought this was just a minor episode. Unexpectedly, Chen Ziling kept this incident in mind and secretly investigated his parents.

“Hey, does he know the old man?” Chen Fei asked.

Chen Ziling shook his head and said: “Three years ago, Master drove away the man, I knew he didn’t want me to know this. So, I have been hiding him from investigating my parents. I don’t want to make him angry, I don’t want to make him sad. ”

” And this time, I ran away from home and came down from Tianwu Mountain. It was because I found some news about my parents, so I wanted to investigate in Beijing. ”

Chen Fei listened to Chen Ziling Then, he immediately said: “The news you investigated has something to do with Luo Feng?”

Chen Ziling nodded and said, “Yes, it has something to do with Luo Feng. Or to be precise, my mother and Luo family should have a relationship. “It’s

just that things have been investigated here, and I can’t go on. I broke the clue, so I wanted to open a breakthrough from Luo Feng and find out what happened to my mother.” Chen Ziling said.

Hearing this, Chen Fei understood why Ziling suddenly changed during this time.

After a moment of silence, Chen Fei said: “Now, what are you going to do?”

Chen Ziling shook his head and said: “I, I don’t know. Originally, I wanted to investigate slowly by contacting Luo Feng. But now, me and His contact seems to have misunderstandings and will also cause trouble. So, I, I have no choice. ”

Chen Fei said:” Then why don’t you tell Luo Feng directly, go to Luo’s house and ask to understand. ”

Chen Ziling shook his head. Dao: “I used to knock on the side, but Luo Feng didn’t seem to know very well, and the matter involved the secrets of the Luo family. They seem to be reluctant to mention this matter.”

“Ah-so!” Chen Feidun After a while, he immediately said, “My relationship with Luo Feng is okay. It is better to take you directly to the Luo family and make clear our requirements. See if the Luo family can reveal some relevant clues.”

“But, but— — “Chen Ziling hesitated.

Chen Feidao: “Zi Ling, don’t worry. It’s always good to try it. Even if it’s unsuccessful, we don’t have any losses!”

“I–er–brother, I listen to you.” Hesitated, Chen Ziling finally bit Head, agreed.

Chen Fei rubbed Chen Ziling’s head with a smile, and said: “In the future, there is nothing else, don’t be bored. Say it, brother will help you solve it, do you know?”

“Well, I know. Thank you brother!” Chen Ziling Leaning on Chen Fei’s arms, his head gently rubbed, his eyes narrowed, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, like a happy kitten.

The next day, Chen Fei made a phone call to Luo Feng and offered to visit the Luo family. He also explained that he might have some things that need his help.

Luo Feng heard the words, suddenly overjoyed, and promised to come down.

So, one day later, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling came to the Luo family together.

The Luo family is a first-class big family in Beijing. It is not an ordinary place to live, but a huge house with an area of ​​thousands of square meters. The retro decoration of blue bricks and red tiles gives a simple and heavy feeling.

The car stopped outside the courtyard, Luo Feng greeted with a smile, and then took Chen Fei and Chen Ziling into the Luo family compound.

The Luo family is worthy of being a first-class family in Beijing. Although it is rich, the family is not the kind of splendid decoration like an upstart, but a simple and elegant decoration with a breath of ancient Chinese scholars, making people look very comfortable. .

Coming to the living room, some people had already delivered hot tea.

Drinking tea while chatting a few words.

A few minutes later, someone told us, “Master is here!”

Luo Feng got up immediately and greeted him. Chen Fei and Chen Ziling also put down their teacups and stood up smiling.

Immediately, the two saw Chen Fei carrying an old man in a blue robe and slowly walked out.

Behind the old man, he also followed two middle-aged men in their forties or forties. One person has a suit and leather shoes, and looks calm; the other person is dressed in a luxury casual dress and is dressed quite young.

After a few people sit down, then to Los wind Chen Fei and Chen Zi Ling describes it, “Mr. Chen, Chen purple spirit. This is my grandfather Los Oriental, this is my father Luo Northridge, this is my uncle Los North River.”

Then he also introduced from the Chen Fei and Chen Zi Ling, “the grandfather, father, uncle. this is what I talk about with you in Chen Fei Chen. Chen’s sister who is also my classmate, Chen purple spirit.”

introduction to When Chen Ziling was in, Luo Feng’s tone was a little rejoicing, and he kept looking at his father and grandpa. He seemed to want to see their attitude towards Chen Ziling.

After the introduction, Chen Fei took the initiative to say hello: “Boy Chen Fei, met Luo Lao, Luo Beiling and Mr. Luo Beihe. Thanks to the Luo family for letting us be guests!”

Chen Ziling immediately followed his greetings.

East Los nodded, smiling, and said: “You’re welcome, Mr. Chen Chen young, high-strength power, is the capital of man, come over to my house guest Rockwell, that’s our luck..”


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