MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1375



Tan Shan made several phone calls and finally got things clear through his family relationship.

Finally, after hanging up the phone, he put down his phone, his expression a little surprised and dull.

Luo Shuang and Han Yu couldn’t help but frowned, reached out and shook Tan Shan, and urged: “Tan Shan, you said, what did you hear? Then Chen Fei, who is it?”

“A Shan, what are you doing ?” Suddenly, hurry up! “The second girl urged.

Tan Shan recovered, took a deep breath, and then said: “Then, Chen Fei, it’s really amazing.”

“What?” The second female frowned.

Tan Hill then looking serious, the channel: “I’m looking for my family to find out, that just two days before Chen Fei went Linglong ABP, was appointed deputy director of Mu Linglong organization is chief instructor of the five elements squad.”

“What , The chief instructor of the Wuxing Squad? Well, would n’t that mean that it was Brother Jiang ’s boss. No wonder Brother Jiang just did— ”Han Yu said in surprise.

Tan Shan continued, “Moreover, the original captain of the Wuxing Squad Fire Squad, Zhang Xinyu, because he opposed Chen Fei as an instructor, clashed with him and was directly defeated and expelled from him. He has now left the Linglong organization. It is precisely because of this, As the deputy captain of the fire squad, Han Jianjian was promoted to the captain of the fire squad. ”

Wen Yan, Han Yu and Luo Shuang were all in amazement. They didn’t even think that the promotion of the brother of the sword was actually supported by Chen Fei Blessing.

At this moment, the second woman was silent for a while, her expression worried and frightened, and she felt awkward. For a while, she did not know what to do.

Tan Shan saw this and wanted to comfort the second daughter. He said, “You don’t have to be too nervous. My family said that Chen Fei’s temper is not bad, and he will not retaliate against us at will. Moreover, Chen Fei himself There should also be something to deal with, and there should be no time to manage us. ”

“What’s the matter?” The second woman asked casually.

Tan Shandao said: “I just said that Chen Fei was appointed as the captain of the Wuxing squad, and Zhang Xinyu, the captain of the fire squad, objected and was expelled. And that Zhang Xinyu and Xing Rui, the captain of the Jin squad, had a good relationship, and Xing Rui was still the five elements The strongest presence in the squad has been the captain before, and Xing Rui was originally appointed as the chief instructor. As a result, Chen Fei took the position. ”

” It is said that Xing Rui is very dissatisfied with this. He recently went out After returning, I should go to Chen Fei’s. ”

” Xing Rui is not a nuisance. Chen Fei is too busy to deal with him, and he should have no time to look after us. “Tan Shan said.

What he said was to comfort the two girls so that they don’t have to worry so much and relax.

As a result, after listening to the second girl, she narrowed her eyes and glanced at each other, seeming to think of something, and then a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“Xing Rui, then Chen Fei actually offended Xing Rui!”

“Originally, as the instructor of his Linglong Wuxing Squad, we were really a little scared, but we didn’t expect that he offended Xing Rui. Ah! ”

” Now, we don’t have to worry at all. Then Chen Fei has to worry about himself and how long he can jump! ”

” Oh, there’s a good show to watch. ”


Tan Shan couldn’t help but see, Exposing his doubts, he asked the second daughter: “What do you mean? How–”

& em

sp; Han Yu glanced at Tan Shan and said: “Don’t you know Xing Rui’s identity?”

“What Identity? Xing Rui’s Xing family is not very powerful! In Beijing, it can only be regarded as a second-rate family! “Tan Shan puzzled.

Luo Shuang glared at her boyfriend and said, “What do you know! This Xing family in Beijing is just a guise. The real Xing family is much more powerful. Even our Luo family is in the real Xing family. In front of him, he is not an opponent at all. ”

” How could the Xing family be so powerful? “Tan Shan surprised.

Los Frost: “The rumors Xingjia is a hidden door Xingjia family of the capital, just a real stronghold Xingjia out of it, the real Xingjia, we can not guess existence..”

“Hidden Aristocratic family! This— “Tan Shan was shocked, his face showing a look of disbelief.

As a powerful official in the capital, he naturally knew the strength and branch of the major family forces in the capital.

According to the current situation, the Luo family Zhong family is considered a first-class existence; below, the original Xia family Han family, plus their Tan family, is regarded as a second-class existence. As for other family forces, there is a slight difference, but the strength is basically within this range, not much difference.

It is said that there is a stronger presence on top of such a first-class family as the Luo family. That is the legendary family of hidden gates. Each of the hidden gate families is a behemoth, and its strength is much stronger than that of Luo and Zhong.

It’s just that the hidden family has always been low-key hidden, and to a certain extent, they will never know their existence.

Now, Tan Shan heard that Xing Rui’s Xing family actually came from a hermit family, which naturally surprised him.

“Is this, is this true? Hidden family, then, that’s really powerful existence!” Tan Shan said with surprise.

Luo Shuang and Han Yu nodded and said, “It should be true. The rumors about the Xing family had existed more than a decade ago. Many large family patriarchs have visited the Xing family in person.”

“And, you think about it, for so many years. The major family forces in the capital have fought endlessly, and there are not a few powerful mergers that have been destroyed, but the Xing family has always been outside these battles and has not participated at all. How could those big families leave the Xing family with such a piece of fat. ”

After such a reminder, Tan Shan felt more and more real when he wanted to, and his expression could not help changing.” If it is true, then Chen Fei will suffer. a. ” ”

Well, that’s not a sure thing? that Chen Fei then worse, to have a family of powerful hidden door? get into Xing Rui, he may have to suffer. “Los frost Road.

Han Yu also said: “In this way, we don’t have to worry at all.”

Immediately, the three people were relieved, feeling relieved.


On the other side, at the moment, on the way back from the gathering in the courtyard house.

Chen Fei saw Chen Ziling with her head down and pursed her lips, her expression sullen, and she could not help but frown lightly, revealing a touch of worry, looking at Chen Ziling, and asked softly, “Zi Ling, why are you upset? It was just now Luoshuang and Han Yu’s affairs affected you? ”

Chen Ziling shook his head and said:” No. Brother, I’m fine. ”

Chen Fei looked at Chen Ziling and said in a deep voice:” Zi Ling, do you have any concerns, Can you tell me about it? ”

” Brother, I– “Chen Ziling hesitated, looked at Chen Fei, and for a while did not know how to speak.


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