MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1374



Upon seeing this, Luo Shuang and Han Yu, who were originally ready to watch the show, suddenly looked surprised, and looked at it strangely.

“Brother Jian, this, what’s going on?”

“How did you let him go! Brother

Jiang, we– ” Han Jian snorted, staring at Han Yu and Luo Shuang, and said sharply, “Say, just now What the hell is going on? ”

” Brother Jian, it’s us who was bullied! How are you– “Han Yu and Luo Shuang cried in surprise.

“Shut up for me, you don’t know how bad you have been.” Han Jian saw it and took a sigh, then came to Luo Feng and asked about the details of the matter just now.

Luo Feng naturally told the matter again. After listening, Han Jian looked somber, staring at Han Yu Luoshuang and Tan Shan, and said sharply: “You dare to challenge first, and dare to slap Mr. Chen. Now, all apologize to me in the past. Mr. Chen doesn’t forgive you, you don’t want to come back. ”

” Brother Jian, how are you– “Han Yu and Luo Shuang’s expressions with reluctance suffocated in their hearts.

Han Jian stared at them fiercely and shouted, “Did you not even listen to my words now? Or, you want me to do it yourself.”

After all, Han Yu was still afraid of his cousin, and he dared not say much. Looking down and apologizing. Luo Shuang and Tan Shan saw this and could only bow their heads to apologize.

Chen Fei was not interested in worrying about them. After a few simple warnings, he got up and left. Luo Feng and Han Jian quickly and respectfully sent away Chen Fei and Chen Ziling.

It has been watched that Chen Fei and Chen Ziling’s back disappeared, and then the two returned from the outside to the courtyard.

At this time, many younger brothers and young ladies in the courtyard looked at the two men with different colors, their eyes full of doubts and inexplicable colors.

They are very strange, why the two are so respectful to Chen Fei, such a stink boy, and even a little afraid.

Han Yu and Luo Shuang felt very stubborn at the moment. They were well-known big ladies in the capital. They were beaten in public on this occasion, but they did not retaliate or say anything. Instead, they were taught a lesson. This is really They couldn’t help it.

Han Yu lowered his head with a dull expression, and ignored Han Jian when he came over.

Han Jian knew that his sister was angry with her, and sighed, the voice became softer, and said, “Yu’er, still angry with Brother?”

“Huh, I’m not angry!” Han Yu exhaled, Although he said that he was not angry, his expression was different. “Anyway, I was beaten, humiliated, and it was not a big deal. What can I be angry about?”

Han Jian heard the words and said with a long heart : ” Yu’er, I’m your brother. Do you really think that I wouldn’t think about you? ”

” How can you return that sword brother-“Han Yu was puzzled.

Han Jiandao: “I did that, but it’s actually good for you! Mr. Chen’s status is not ordinary,

and he can’t be provoked.” “That kid, his status is not ordinary? What can he do to be unusual, is not a foreigner Are you a stupid kid in Beijing? “Han Yu and Luo Shuang both looked puzzled.

Han Jian heard the words, but he looked dumb and whispered: “Don’t talk nonsense. I tell you that Mr. Chen’s strength and identity are not what you see on the surface.”

“Offending him, there is really no benefit. Only give The two of us are in trouble. “Han Jiandao, seeing that the second woman was still a

face of disbelief, continued to persuade,” Luo Shuang, if you don’t believe, don’t want to think about your brother Luo Feng, why did he treat Chen Fei is so respectful, do you think your brother is a fool? ”

“My brother was fascinated by the vixen beside him, so I just—” Luo Shuang grumbled.

Han Jian paused and said, “Mr. Chen’s identity and strength, I can’t reveal it casually. Anyway, I’m definitely not his opponent in front of Mr. Chen.”

“Brother Jian, are you kidding me? You But the members of the Linglong Wuxing Squad, the martial arts masters at the early stage of the prefecture level, how could it not be the opponent of that guy? “The two women disagree.

Han Jian sighed and said, “Will I laugh at such things? There are some things I can’t tell you. But there is one thing I can tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” The second woman looked at Han Jian curiously .

Han Jian said in a deep voice: “A while ago, you know what happened to the Xia family in Beijing, did you know?” When

referring to the Xia family, Han Yu and Luo Shuang nodded angrily to express their understanding.

Han Jian continued: “The man who destroyed the Xia family is Mr. Chen Fei Chen.”

“What, how is this possible?”

“Brother Jian, are you kidding, absolutely kidding!”

“That’s the Xia family, he One person, how is it possible — ”

Han Jian looked serious and firm:” I didn’t joke with you, I can tell you solemnly. The Xia family was destroyed by Mr. Chen alone. And, Mr. Chen has other Identity and strength are not something we can provoke casually. ”

” So, I just asked you to apologize to Mr. Chen for admitting mistakes. Now, you should understand my good intentions! “Han Jian explained.

The second woman was dazed for a while, and it seemed a bit difficult to accept this kind of thing.

After all, the Xia family is an absolute big family in Beijing. Although it is weaker than the Luo family, it is stronger than their Han family. The big family of this level was destroyed by Chen Fei alone, and after the destruction, he did nothing wrong.

This result alone shocked and incredible the second daughter.

Han Jian looked at the dull second daughter and said, “You think about it, don’t do this stupid thing anymore. I have to go back first. Today, I have to go back to the army to explain this, otherwise I will give Mr. Chen If you leave a bad impression, things will be bad. ”

” You also go home earlier, don’t cause trouble anymore. If you have time, find Luo Feng to take it, and then go to apologize to Mr. Chen! ” Instructed, then left, and went back directly to the troops.

Han Yu and Luo Shuang looked at Han Jian who had left firmly, and could not help but frown lightly, feeling that things seemed a little untrue.

The two girls glanced at each other and said, “What’s wrong with Brother Jian, it seems a little scared? Isn’t that Chen Fei’s identity really powerful?”

“And, Brother Jian also mentioned the troops. Could it be that The guy is also related to Brother Sword’s Spirit Dragon Force? ”

” Why not ? Let’s find someone to see what happened to Brother Sword in the army! “Han Yu suggested.

Luo Shuang heard the words and immediately nodded, then thought of something, his eyes lit up, and said: “Yes, Ah Shan can. His Tan family is a martial art family, his family is related to the Linglong troops, you can inquire.”

“Yes , Hurry up and let Tan Shan call! “The second woman hurriedly pulled Tan Shan over, and the three of them summed up and called the phone.


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