MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1373



“What’s going on? Is the person called by the other party very powerful?” Chen Fei asked.

Los wind nodded the channel: “.. That’s Han Yu’s cousin, childhood martial arts in the military, the strength of very powerful now Linglong into the Special Forces, is the elite of the elite”

to hear this Chen Fei couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. Instead, he remembered his five-element team as an instructor.

Luo Feng saw Chen Fei’s unexpected expression, but thought he was worried, and then said: “My Luo family and Han family, after all, are also relatives. I will talk about it

later , there should be no problem.” On the other side, Han Yu had already greeted the tall young man, and fell into the arms of the other party, with a slight coquettish voice: “Brother Jian, you are finally here.”

“Yu’er, you are so big, how come Coquettish! “Brother Jian rubbed Han Yu’s head, and then he saw Luo Shuang and Tan Shan next to him, and nodded and greeted,” Xiao Shuang and Tan Shan are both here! ”

Tan Shan nodded. , Look at the sword brother’s eyes a little yearning, but also a little afraid.

Luo Shuang, excited and intimate at the moment, grabbed one of Brother Jian ’s arms and said, “Brother Jian, why are you free today?”

Jian brother was in a good mood, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. I had a training session, so I took a special day off. Besides, I was inside. I was recently promoted, so I wanted to come back and talk to my family. ”

” Brother Jian, you have been promoted. That’s great! “Luo Shuang clapped.

Han Yu was also full of excitement, holding Brother Jian, and said, “Brother, what position are you now? Strength is promoted again?”

Jian Brother smiled and said, “Not yet, how can it be so fast. Just us There were some adjustments in the troops, and there was a vacant position, and I replaced them. ”

“That’s also Brother Sword, you are awesome, otherwise why you are the replacement, and no one else.” Han Yu said with a smile.

Brother Jian smiled, and then said: “Okay, no more chatting. Well, you are so anxious to call me over, what the hell is going on?”

Mentioned this, Han Yu and Luo Shuang suddenly fell together His expression was displeased.

“Brother Jian, we have been bullied. Even Sister Yu has been beaten, and Ashan.” Luo Shuang said.

“What? Someone dared to hit you here?” Brother Jian frowned, and then asked, “What’s the specific situation?”

Then, Han Yu and Luo Shuang told things quickly, of course, in their mouth, things Adding oil and vinegar, they have completely become the bullied party, and the other party is extremely fierce.

After listening, Jian Ge couldn’t help but look cold and shouted: “There is such a thing, it’s too much. Bullying my sister Han Jian, I must ask him to pay the price.”

“Lead the way, I’m going Look, who is that arrogant guy? ”

After that, Jian Ge and his entourage came to Chen Fei and they came over fiercely.

Upon seeing this, Luo Feng couldn’t help but take a step forward and said to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, wait

a minute , I’ll negotiate first.” The other on-looker younger brothers and sisters, at this moment, look like a good show, watching the upcoming confrontation Both sides kept talking.

“Now, there is a good drama to watch. Han Jian is back and the kid is suffering.”

“Not really! Han Jian is a member of the Linglong Wuxing Squad, an absolute master of martial arts, beating the kid abruptly, I am afraid It’s all

light. ”

“Oh, the arrogant guy, don’t look at this place, it is going to suffer now. I’m afraid it’s too late to regret it.”

“However, looking at Luo Fengluo Shao’s appearance, it seems that he is going to look for the boy ? ” ”

impossible! Luo Han family and relatives have this, plus wind and Luo Han Yu closely, no need for two common friends, and Han fell out of it! totally not worth ah! ” ”

look Well, what is the matter, no   one can tell us now. ”

……… In the

voice of the argument, the other party came over vigorously, and looked at this side.

Luo Shuang and Han Yu were all smug, and as soon as they came over, they immediately shouted at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling.

“You two, my brother the sword come, you two, do not roll over to apologize to admit!”

“Want to die, now kneel admit, or else such as the sword brother shot, then you beg for mercy too late.”

…… …

“Luo Shuang, you shut up!” Luo Feng saw it, sipped at Luo Shuang, and then stepped forward, his eyes fell on Han Jian, ready to speak, “Han Jian, things may be a little misunderstood, I- ”

But at this moment, Chen Fei suddenly came up and said to Luo Feng:” Luo Feng, don’t trouble you. I’ll do it. ”

” But-“Luo Feng looked surprised and worried.

But at this time, Chen Fei has stepped towards the other party, looking serious.

Han Yu saw this, his eyes sinking, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Dare to be arrogant. Brother Jian, it’s me who beat him, you should teach him a meal.”

However, after talking, Han Yu found that there was no movement around him. I couldn’t help but pulled Brother La Jian’s clothes and said, “Brother Jian, what’s wrong with you? Get started!”

At this time, Chen Fei snorted and said, “You just give him another hundred guts He didn’t dare to do it to me! ”

” Uh, what are you talking about! “Han Yu frowned, and then continued to pull the clothes of his brother Jian, reminding him.

On the other side, Luo Shuang stared at Chen Fei with a vigorous look, and said, “I don’t know how good or bad the guy is, he’s dying, he’s still talking madly. The strength of Sword Brother is not what you can Resist. Wait a minute, you will know. ”

” Brother Sword, Brother Sword, what’s wrong with you? “At this time, Han Yu looked at Han Han, froze for a while, his face stiff, and his forehead covered with sweat, and he couldn’t help but wonder Color. Pulling Han Jian fiercely, but Han Jian is like a stone carving, there is no movement at all.

Instead, Chen Fei came to Han Jian at the moment and said lightly: “Han Jian, I didn’t expect to meet here today, you are quite idle!”

Han Jian only recovered when he heard Chen Fei’s voice. , Quickly said: “Chen Jiao-”

When the other party’s words were not spoken, Chen Fei gave Han Jian a look, stopped his words, coldly said: “Speak, this matter, what should I do Solved? ”

Han Jian saw that Chen Fei didn’t want to expose his identity as an instructor of the five-element team, and he didn’t dare to say anything.

Immediately stood upright, his forehead full of sweat said: “Please ask Mr. Chen to punish!”

Chen Fei waved his hand, said: “The punishment can not be discussed, their affairs, you solve it yourself!”

“Yes, Mr. Chen!” Han Jian nodded respectfully and said yes.

Immediately, Chen Fei turned and went back.


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