MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1372



Luo Shuang bulged his mouth, a reluctant look, but still bowed his head to apologize to Chen Fei and Chen Ziling.

Immediately, Luo Feng stepped forward and took the initiative to bow to Chen Fei and Chen Ziling, and seriously said sorry!

Until Chen Fei nodded slightly, Luo Feng straightened his body.

Then, he looked at Han Yu, looking serious and cold. “Han Yu, I suggest you immediately apologize to Mr. Chen and Miss Chen for confessing mistakes. I say this for the sake of your Han family.”

“I–” Han Yu wrinkle Frowning, her expression was somewhat reluctant, but after all, it was Luo Feng’s words. After thinking about it, she bowed her head and apologized.

Chen Fei looked at their apology, sneered, and said, “Today I am watching Luo Feng’s face, and my men are merciful, otherwise, today’s affairs will not be so easy to end.”

After finishing, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling Turning around and leaving here, Luo Feng hurried to catch up, constantly apologizing and explaining what happened today.

Behind him, a group of elder brothers and elder sisters puzzled, frowning at this scene. They really didn’t understand why Luo Feng was so respectful to Chen Fei, an unknown pawn, and even had a humble attitude.

You know, he is Luo Shao of the Luo family in Beijing! Absolutely famous.

Luo Shuang was puzzled and kept muttering in his mouth, very puzzled by Luo Feng’s behavior. The Han Yu is looking gloomy, they stared at the back of left direction, eyes full of resentment of color, mouth and teeth:. “Chen Zi Ling, Chen Fei I remember you, and you wait for me, I -”

on At this moment, a ring of music sounded, Han Yu touched the phone, and the name on the phone display suddenly surprised him, “Brother Jian, why are you free to call me!”

“I’m back today on holiday .Where are you playing, I’m going to find you? “Brother Jian on the other end of the phone is the voice of a young man.

Han Yu heard the words, his eyes rolled, and he seemed to think of something. He quickly said: “Brother Jian, I’m here at the Siheyuan. Come on. Come on. There

is something urgent on my side. I need your help urgently.” “What’s so urgent?” “Brother Jian asked.”

“Brother Jian, don’t ask, come here, otherwise it’s too late.” Han Yu urged.

“Okay, okay, I’ll come over right now. At most one quarter, you are waiting!” The other party said, and then ended the call.

Han Yu put away his cell phone, his face tinged with a vicious look.

Beside, Luo Shuang said: “Sister Yu, is Brother Han Jian back?”

Han Yu nodded and said, “It’s my sword brother, he happened to be on holiday today. I let him come.”

Wen Yan said, Luo Shuang could not help There was a look of excitement, “Sister Yu, brother Jian, he is a member of the spirit dragon organization, and he is also a member of a special team. That is the special forces among the special forces, there is absolutely elite!”

Han Yu nodded: “Brother Jian Warrior, a very powerful warrior. Even on the Qianlong list, Jiange is a famous presence on the list. When he comes, I will give them a little color to look at. ”

” Yes, must! Look at that The guy was arrogant, so I wanted to beat him. “Luo Shuang gritted his teeth.” And my brother, I don’t know what went crazy. I was so polite to the guy, it was — ”

At this time, Chen Fei On the side of Chen Ziling, Luo Feng apologized again, and then explained the matter just now.

It turned out

that Na Luo Shuang was the daughter of Luo Feng’s second uncle Luo Beihe. Because the second uncle and second aunt were usually spoiled by spoils, she let her develop a savage temper.

And Han Yu is the eldest lady of the Han family in Beijing. The Han family in Beijing is a small family, similar to the previous Xia family, and even inferior. In general, compared with the Luo family, it is a grade worse.

However, Luo Feng’s second uncle Luo Beihe married the second Miss Han family, that is Luo Shuang’s mother. Luo Shuang and Han Yu can be said to be a cousin relationship.

Because of this, Luobeihe and Luoshuang have been secretly matching Luo Feng and Han Yu in one room. They want the two to be together, so that the Luo family and the Han family can kiss each other.

However, Luo Feng didn’t feel much about Han Yu. Old man Luo Dongfang’s attitude towards the Han family has always been ambiguous, and he did not clearly express his willingness or unwillingness.

Therefore, the relationship between Luo Feng and Han Yu has always been in a dim state.

Luo Feng has no interest in Han Yu, but Han Yu seems to be entangled with Luo Feng. He often speaks in the name of Luo Feng ’s fiancee on various occasions, and wants to make sure the relationship between the two is smooth. .

However, Luo Feng really couldn’t like her and kept avoiding her. Because of the relationship between the two relatives, Luo Feng has not directly torn his face and cleared his relationship with Han Yu.

Unexpectedly, I encountered such a mess today. Luo Feng couldn’t take care of that much, and he became angry with Han Yu directly in public, which was considered to be a point of disagreement between the two.

After listening, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling nodded and expressed their understanding of Luo Feng.

Immediately, Chen Fei was not interested in staying any longer and bid farewell to Luo Feng, preparing to leave. Luo Feng quickly got up and sent away.

However, just when they had just started, a loud noise and footsteps approached here.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Feng looked puzzled, thinking about what happened.

At this time, Luo Shuang Han Yu and Tan Shan walked in proudly.

“Why are you here?” Luo Feng frowned.

Luo Shuang said: “Brother, Sister Yu’s sword is coming. We need to get justice for us.”

“What!” Luo Feng said, frowning suddenly, shouting at Luo Shuang, “What are you doing, this matter has already happened It’s over. How do you— ”

At this time, Han Yu said:” Luo Shao, I was beaten, my face hasn’t swollen down now. The thing is not to say that it will be over. ”

Luo Shuang also Aside, he added: “There is also Ashan, he was also beaten.”

Luo Feng frowned in silence for a while, looked at Han Yu, and said in a deep voice: “Han Yu, this matter is the best for you. As a result, I can tell you that making things worse and continuing to entangle them will definitely do no good to yourself or your Han family. ”

” Really? But, I don’t think so. “Han Yu insisted firmly.

At this moment, there was a warm cheer outside, and a crowd of young people approached the crowd.

Upon seeing this, Han Yu couldn’t help but smile, and waved actively: “Brother Jian, here!”

Luo Shuang and Tan Shan also greeted them, and the brothers and young ladies around them all gathered their eyes. There was excitement in his eyes.

Los seeing the wind, could not help but frown, Chen Fei conspire around, whispered:. “Mr. Chen, things seemed in trouble”


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