MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1370



Luo Shuang sneered aside and said: “Chen Ziling, don’t pretend. I tell you, this is Han Yuyu, a person from the Han family in Beijing. It is my future sister-in-law, my brother’s fiancee. Now, do you understand?”

Upon hearing Luo Shuang’s words, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling immediately understood that it seemed that this Han Yu had misunderstood that Chen Ziling and Luo Feng had a close relationship, so he came to warn him to find fault.

Chen Ziling quickly explained: “Luo Shuang, Han Yu. You misunderstood, I–”

Waiting for Chen Ziling to finish, then Han Yu interrupted her words coldly, saying: “No excuses, you are like this The woman at the bottom, I ’ve seen more of the fact that I ’m trying to get up to the children of the rich

family . ” “ You can go out to sell or find other people, I do n’t care. But Luo Feng is not someone you can contaminate. The status is very different from yours. It ’s not that you like the bottom of the low-end goods can delusion. You better know your identity status, do n’t be delusional, and Toad wants to eat swan meat. ”

Originally, I wanted to explain Chen Ziling, when I heard this, His face sank involuntarily.

Chen Fei was even more angry. He brushed up and stood up, staring at Han Yu, and said in a deep voice: “Looking at your relationship with Luo Feng, I won’t do it. You apologize to my sister immediately.”

“Apologize? Ha , What do you count, and ask me to apologize. “Han Yu disdained,” Luo Feng called you a friend, you really thought you were equal to Luo Feng when he was his friend. ”

” I tell you, you are Luo Feng’s A dog, a pug wagging behind him and begging for pity. And I am Luo Feng ’s fiancee, the future hostess of your pug. I ’m getting off now, have you heard that? ”Han Yuju was condescending and proud of Chen Feidao. .

Luo Shuang also sneered with his arms beside him: “Oh, my brother told you and Yan Yuese, do you really think you are a person? It’s ridiculous.”

After finishing, Luo Shuang turned around and said to Han Yu and Tan Shan: “Sister Yu, A Shan, let’s go. No matter how much we are with such low-end people, we will all be laughed at.”

Then, the three together Ready to leave.

But just when they were about to leave, Chen Fei shook his body and appeared in front of them. His eyes were cold, staring at the three people, and said coldly: “I asked you to apologize, did you hear me?”

“Dare you stop us? Road! “Han Yu frowned and shouted,” Go away now, did you hear that? ”

Luo Shuang also threatened:” Are you trying to offend our Luo family and Han family? Don’t give me away! ”

Chen Fei Shen said: “You don’t apologize to my sister, so I don’t want to leave today.”

“Oh, apologize to the bitch woman. Stop telling jokes.” Han Yu glanced at Chen Ziling, then sneered.

Immediately, she stepped towards Chen Ziling, stretched out her right arm, and slapped directly towards Chen Ziling. At the same time, she arrogantly said, “This is my apology, do you want it?”

After all, Chen Ziling is a master of martial arts, naturally not When Han Yu slapped him, he jumped slightly and avoided Han Yu’s slap. But his face sank immediately, “What are you doing!”

“I’m going to teach you a shameless woman who doesn’t know how to be shameless!” Han Yu didn’t expect his slap to fall through, he froze for a moment, and then he slapped again.

This time, Chen Fei really angry, regardless of Han Yu Luo wind fiancee is a direct stature of a move, pulled out a residual

shadow, appeared in front of Han Yu, striking thrown a slap, pumping in Han Yu’s face , With a very clear sound.

Han Yu was stunned for a moment. After a few seconds, she recovered and covered her swollen cheek, looked at Chen Fei with amazement and resentment, gritted her teeth and said: “You, how dare you hit me!”

“! Pop” Chen Fei walk away is a slap in the face, without any kind of smoke on the other side of the cheek Han Yu, and Li He said, “apology.”

“You – ah -” Han Yu Tong Hu was beaten up stand up.

Luoshuang next to him recovered at this moment, and hurried over, shouting, “What are you doing? How dare you dare to fight Yujie, you are looking

for– ” Chen Fei stared coldly at Luoshuang Body, cold voice: “Shut up, don’t want to be beaten, just roll away.”

“You, you dare to let me get away. I, I-Ah Shan, get out and teach this guy who knows nothing.” Luo Shuang again It was anger and anxiety, and he quickly called his boyfriend Tan Shan.

Tan Shan glanced at the corner of his mouth suddenly, with a sneer, squeezed his fists, and walked towards Chen Fei, “Boy, I was mad at me just now. Now, I should get it back.”

“You choose yourself Stop it and let me do it! “Tan Shan looked at Chen Fei proudly.

Chen Fei glanced at him, spit directly Lenghe a word, “Go!”

Then, Chen Fei Yu Han’s eyes continued to fall on him, Chen Sheng shouted: “! Apology”

piece of ignoring their appearance, suddenly really Tan Hill Angrily, he stared at Chen Fei fiercely, and banged out. “Looking for death!”

Beside, Luo Shuang pulled Han Yu, whose cheeks were swollen, back to the back, looking at this with resentment.

“It’s too much, this guy, it’s too arrogant. How dare you beat Yu Yu? I let Ah Shan teach him a good meal.”

“To learn a hard lesson, and that bitch woman, they are together.” Han Yu Manchu said with resentment.

At the same time, the movements here naturally attracted other people’s attention, and they could not help but look over here, and at the same time there was a lot of discussion.

“How is it over there? Fight up.”

“The two men, not less Los bring it? How and Han Yu Luo cream on up?”

“I heard that woman is not indecent, seduce less Luo. Is Han Yu and Luo Shuang met, so we have to learn a lesson. ”

” It’s Tan Shan’s shot! The Tan family is a martial art family, Tan Shan is a martial artist in the early stage of the Xuan class, and the kid is going to suffer. ”

” Oh, The woman is also at a loss for some reason. Is it unclear what her identity is? I want to hook up with Luo Shao, which is ridiculous. Now I ’m taught, it ’s time to go too! ”


a group of people who are watching the drama and have no intention of coming to intervene in reconciliation. .

At this moment, in the face of Tan Shan’s fierce offensive, Chen Fei didn’t put him in the eye, kicked it out directly, and kicked him accurately on Tan Shan’s belly.

The furious Tan Shan hadn’t smashed his fists, and immediately howled, and then flew straight out of the body, knocking down a lot of tables and chairs, and finally hit a tree in the courtyard, and then stopped.

Everyone was shocked when they saw it. They didn’t even think that this guy actually dared to deal with Tan Shan, and Tan Shan was really defeated, so quickly.


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