MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1369



With Luo Shuang’s cry, a young man in his early twenties came over. The man is tall and has muscular lines. At first glance, he has worked hard.

After the man came over, he greeted Luo Feng actively, “Luo Ge, you are here.”

Luo Feng nodded gently, and then wanted to introduce him.

But at this time, Luo Shuang spoke first and introduced to the man: “Ashan, they are friends brought by my brother. One is Chen Fei and the other is Chen Ziling.”

Especially the two “Chen Fei” and “Chen Ziling” At the time of the name, Luo Shuang’s tone deliberately increased. The man immediately seemed to understand something, and looked at the two of them, his mouth slightly raised.

“Hello, my name is Tan Shan. The Tan family, I’m Luo Shuang’s boyfriend.” Tan Shan smiled and extended his right hand to Chen Fei.

Luo Feng introduced Chen Fei to the side: “The Tan family is our family of martial arts in Beijing. It has been rooted in Beijing for more than 60 years.”

Chen Fei knew Luo Feng meant to make some friends.

Since the other party was kind, Chen Fei reached out and prepared to shake hands with this Tan Shan.

But at the moment when the two men’s right hands were held together, Tan Shan’s face suddenly changed, and his right hand violently squeezed towards Chen Fei.

He is a martial arts man, and his strength is not bad, reaching the early stage of Xuan level. Under such a sudden force, if the average person is caught off guard, it is highly likely that the palm of your hand will be crushed directly.

Realizing the unexpected behavior of Tan Shan, Luo Feng couldn’t help but stunned, and immediately frowned and shouted: “Tan Shan, what are you doing? Mr. Chen is my friend!”

Tan Shan looked like hell, he said: “Luo Ge, I Just say hi to new friends and make a joke, what are you doing so nervous? ”

“Tan Shan, you–” Luo Feng frowned.

At this time, Chen Fei made clear that the other party was not well-intentioned, and suddenly he was not polite, his right hand was forceful, but his face was as usual, even with a smile of greeting, “Hello, I am Chen Fei.”

“Hey, I want to compare my strength. Find the dead guy—” Tan Shan’s palm noticed Chen Fei’s strength, and immediately sneered in his heart. Then he continued to increase his strength and wanted to teach Chen Fei a little lesson.

However, do not wait for his strength to come out. Immediately, he felt that Chen Fei’s palm was like pouring steel. No matter how much force he used, he could not squeeze the opponent’s palm.

Instead, Tan Shan’s own palm was pressed down a little bit by the force of Chen Fei’s right hand, and he felt that the bones were all being cracked a little bit, making a clicking sound.

“You–” Tan Shan was shocked and gritted his teeth to resist. But it was not useful at all, but ushered in greater strength and more severe pain.

Tan Shan couldn’t bear it any more, and couldn’t help but cried out, “Pain, pain! You let me go, you let me go.”

Chen Fei relaxed his right hand slowly , Tan Shan suddenly backed away, rubbing his red right hand, staring at Chen Fei fiercely, gritted his teeth and said: “How dare you dare to

yell at me, Lao Tzu is going to kill–” Luo Feng said without a word A deep anger rang, “Tan Shan, pay attention. Mr. Chen is my friend.”


Emsp; “I–” Tan Shan wanted to say something, at this time Luo Shuang pulled his arm and gave He winked, so that Tan Shan calmed down, said nothing, and followed Luo Shuang to the side.

Seeing her sister and boyfriend leave, Luo Feng could not help but frown, sighed, and then walked towards Chen Fei, apologizing: “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect my sister they would–”

Chen Fei said indifferently: “It’s okay, the kids are just fooling around, I didn’t care about it.”

Luo Feng expressed his gratitude, and then took Chen Fei and Chen Ziling to swim in the yard. Let’s talk about the relationship.

However, Chen Fei was not interested in these so-called connections at all. After a few steps, he turned around and returned to find a corner to sit down and eat.

It was Chen Ziling, as if he was really interested, and Luo Feng greeted with a smile and a greeting.

Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but get curious and whispered in his mouth: “When did Zi Ling turn around? Didn’t she usually like these red tapes most? Why have all of them changed now? Is Zi Ling really like Luo? Wind? “For

a time, Chen Fei frowned, looking down and thinking.

I don’t know how long it passed. Chen Fei noticed that there was movement around him. He looked up and found that Chen Ziling was sitting next to him somehow, eating a steak with a big mouthful.

“How did you come back?” Chen Fei asked in surprise.

Chen Ziling said: “Luo Feng and his friends are going to talk about business. I am bored when I see it. I just got hungry and had something to eat.”

“What’s wrong, brother? What do you mean by your eyes? Don’t you want me to come back? “Chen Ziling asked back.

“No, of course not. I just talked about it casually.” Chen Fei shook his head and suppressed his doubts. He was ready to go back and ask clearly what was going on. During this time, the sister and sister seemed to be turning around, and some were not like her.

Immediately, the two brothers and sisters simply hid in a corner to eat and drink.

Just as the two were enjoying themselves, a sneer sounded in front of them, “Poor ghosts are poor ghosts, they haven’t eaten anything good, just look at them and eat! They’re going to laugh at the dead!”

Chen Feihe heard the voice Chen Ziling raised his head and suddenly saw Luo Shuang holding his arms in front of him, with a mocking look on his face.

Beside Luoshuang, her boyfriend Tan Shan naturally followed. At the moment, she also had a resentful expression, staring fiercely at Chen Fei.

“Do you usually smell like that at home?” Chen Fei frowned, staring at Luo Shuang, coldly.

“You—” Luo Shuang heard the expression, wrinkled his expression, and gave Chen Fei a fierce glance, but then withdrew his gaze, fell on Chen Ziling, and said, “Sister Yu, it’s her. Woman. ”

With Luo Shuang’s voice, beside her, a gentle and elegant woman with shawl and long hair came over. It’s just that the woman’s gaze to Chen Ziling is fierce and fierce, which is completely inconsistent with Wen Wan’s dress.

The woman came to Chen Ziling step by step, looked at Chen Ziling in a condescending manner, and then said coldly: “From now on, you better leave from Luo Feng immediately. Otherwise, I’m welcome to you.

“Uh-I-” Chen Ziling heard the words, confused, a little unclear.


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