MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1368



Chen Fei said solemnly: “Since you can’t be with him, you should make it clear to him early and let him die. Instead of doing so now, you promised him twice and again. In this way, instead In addition to his hope, others will misunderstand. ”

” I, I understand! “Chen Ziling bowed his head.

Seeing this, Chen Fei said, “Emotional matters can’t be entangled with ambiguity. I don’t understand it now, and it will only become more and more troublesome in the future. If you can’t speak for yourself, I will go to Luo Feng to make it clear. Today’s party We are not going. “So

, Chen Fei will go to Luo Feng to make it clear.

However, Chen Ziling pulled Chen Fei at once and said, “Brother, don’t!”

“Uh–” Chen Fei frowned and looked at Chen Ziling in a puzzled way.

Chen Ziling muttered: “Brother, I understand what you mean, and I know what to do. It’s just that things can be said after today’s meeting, can you?”

“I can assure you that after the meeting, I will definitely say to Luo Feng Clear, no longer confused. “Chen Ziling looked at Chen Fei with a pleading look.

Chen Fei could see what else he could say, but he could only sigh and said, “Well, today’s party, I will go with you.”

“Thank you brother! Brother, you are the best.” Chen Ziling smiled and hugged Chen Fei’s arm kissed directly on Chen Fei’s cheek.

Luo Feng, who was not far away, saw this scene and couldn’t help but tremble, the smile on his face stiffened.

But he could only keep suggesting in his heart, “Mr. Chen is Zi Ling’s brother, brother! It is impossible between them.”

At this time, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling also came over, Chen Ziling said: “Luo Feng , Let’s go. My brother will go with us tonight, is it okay? ”

After hearing this, Luo Feng recovered and quickly nodded and said with a smile: “Of course. Mr. Chen is able to come to this party, it is our luck, we are warmly welcome.”

Immediately, the three people got on the car and started the car.

About a small hour, when it was getting dark, Luo Feng’s car stopped in front of a narrow alley.

The three of them got off and walked along the alley toward the inside, surrounded by old and quaint courtyard houses.

After walking for more than a hundred meters, Luo Feng stopped in front of a courtyard with red lanterns, and said to Chen Fei and Chen Ziling: “This is it? The well-known bars are full of people, so we often stay in This party. ”

Chen Fei and Chen Ziling glanced at the large courtyard, and they couldn’t help but reveal a look of surprise.

As the yard looks a bit old, even dilapidated. But in today’s capital city, every courtyard can be said to exist like a golden house. Any building can be easily worth more than 100 million yuan. And even if there is money, but there is no certain relationship, it may not be possible to buy a yard.

It can be said that in the current capital, having a set of courtyard houses is a symbol of money and identity.

And Luo Feng they held a meeting in this quadrangle courtyard, which also shows that people in their circle, whether they are rich or expensive, are not young people in the upper circles of the capital.

Walking into the courtyard, two burly bodyguards came up immediately on both sides. At first glance, they were professional trainers, and their strength was definitely above the Xuan level.

Muscle tension on them at any time in a state of war, can be issued instantly attack

hit. At the same time, the bulging clothes around their waists outlined the outline of the guns, and also shocked the younger generation.

However, in the face of Luo Feng, the bodyguard apparently knew him. He immediately relaxed and nodded and bowed to

say, “Luo Shao, you are here.” Luo Feng pointed to the two behind him and said, “They are my friends, Come and play with me, all right! ”

” Luo Shao’s friend, of course. Three please! “The bodyguard respectfully said.

Luo Feng nodded and walked inside.

When they came to the courtyard in the middle of the courtyard, Chen Fei immediately heard a burst of dancing music and saw the flashing lights and dancing girls dressed in the surroundings.

The entire courtyard was almost dressed as a hot nightclub bar. Many young men and women carried wine glasses and danced fiercely in the courtyard, and the atmosphere was very hot.

Chen Fei glanced at it and immediately understood. After all, it was young people who gathered at this party, and they still liked the nightclub and bar set, so they simply moved the decoration of the bar and nightclub to this courtyard house.

As soon as Luo Feng arrived, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention and came over to greet each other. Luo Feng also responded one by one, but was polite.

Naturally, some people noticed that Chen Fei and Chen Ziling behind Luo Feng, especially the handsome Chen Ziling, attracted the eyes of many young men and could not help but step forward to ask.

Luo Feng glanced at Chen Ziling with a smile, and then introduced: “These two are my friends, Chen Ziling and Chen Fei, I will bring them to play together.”

Hearing that Luo Feng’s friend, plus Luo Feng looked at Chen Ziling With smiling eyes, some people seem to understand what they are, and took the initiative to talk to Chen Ziling and Chen Feihan. Chen Fei responded briefly and politely.

“Brother, you are here!”

Suddenly, a clear voice rang out when greeting. Then a figure came over and stood in front of Luo Feng.

Chen Fei looked closely and found that it was a girl of 18 or 9 years old with short red hair and exaggerated earrings on both ears, which was extremely eye-catching.

Luo Feng frowned when she saw the girl, and said, “Why did you make it this way? If you let the family know that you’re going to be scolded again!” The

girl pouted, and she said dissatisfiedly: “Brother, grandpa at home They told me if I was uncle. Why are you young and old-fashioned as they are. ”

” You- “Luo Feng glared at the girl and wanted to reprimand, but thought there were guests in front, too Did not continue.

Instead, he smiled and introduced to Chen Fei and Chen Ziling: “Mr. Chen, Zi Ling. This is my second uncle’s daughter, my cousin Luo Shuang.”

“Luo Shuang, this is my friend. Chen Fei and Chen Ziling.” Luo Feng introduced to his sister again.

Chen Fei and Chen Ziling smiled and nodded at Luoshuang, and extended their hands to greet: “Hello!”

But Luoshuang, when he heard their names, especially Chen Ziling’s name, his eyes could not help blinking, Eyes stared at Chen Ziling for a few seconds, ignoring the two’s active handshake, arms folded across their chests, weird tone: “You are that Chen Ziling?”

“I–” Chen Ziling and Chen Fei frowned at the same time.

Luo Feng saw this, and shouted to Luo Shuang: “Luo Shuang, be polite.”

Luo Shuang pouted, and ignored Luo Feng’s words, but waved to the side and shouted, “Ashan, come here quickly.”


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