MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1367



When Chen Fei took a military vehicle and left from Linglong Base.

In the corner of the base entrance, Zhang Xinyu, who had taken off his uniform, carried a simple luggage and stared at Chen Fei in the direction of his departure. He gritted his teeth and said: “Chen Fei, you caused me to be expelled from Linglong. , Which has caused my years of military career to be in

vain . ” ” I swear, I Zhang Xinyu must pay for you. “Zhang Xinyu gritted his teeth, then touched the phone, and reached a number,” Xing Boss, I am Zhang Xinyu. I am not in the base, I have encountered something here … ”

Chen Fei calmly passed for two days after returning from the base of the Linglong headquarters. The class had just finished this afternoon, and the sister Chen Ziling came to Chen Fei. A flattering look, “Brother, will you be free?”

Chen Fei immediately looked up at this girl, and said in a deep voice, “Speak, what’s the matter?”

“Brother, I’m Your sister. If it’s fine, can’t I come to you? “Chen Ziling pouted.

Chen Fei gave her a white look, a posture of turning around to leave, “If it’s okay, then I’ll go.”

“Don’t, brother, don’t go.” Chen Ziling saw this and quickly pulled Chen Fei, and then said, “Brother, I have a little thing that I want you to help. ”

Chen Fei heard, suddenly looked at Chen Ziling with such an expression, and then sighed, and said,” Say, what’s the matter? ”

Chen Ziling said:” Brother, nothing serious. That is tonight, I am going to a party and want you to go with me. ”

” Party, what party? Who are there to attend? “Chen Fei asked.

Chen Ziling said: “It’s the gathering of the younger brothers and sisters in Beijing, all of them come from the younger generations of some famous families in Beijing.”

“Why would you want to attend such a party?” Chen Fei said, looking at Chen Ziling in surprise. After all, in her impression, Chen Ziling didn’t like the party of the young and handsome brother Ao Jiao.

“I didn’t want to participate, someone invited me to go!” Chen Ziling hugged Chen Fei’s arm for a while.

Chen Fei did not like this kind of party and was unimpressed. “This kind of party is boring. I do n’t want to go. You go alone!”

“Brother, don’t you worry, throw me a weak woman on that occasion, Don’t you worry about me? “Chen Ziling looked at Chen Fei with a pitiful look.

Chen Fei did not eat this set and said: “You are also a master in the early days of the Celestial Universe. What are the dangers to those younger brothers and sisters! I will not go.”

“Brother, you don’t know, Master, he The old people do n’t allow me to use force at will. Besides, my strength is empty, and the actual combat ability is very general. If you meet a real master, it may really be dangerous. “Chen Ziling said.

Chen Fei still did not move, “I still have class tomorrow, and I don’t have time to accompany you to go crazy!”

Chen Ziling saw Chen Fei really unmoved, suddenly raised his mouth, glared at Chen Fei, silenced for a while, and then said: ” This party, I went with my boyfriend. ”

” Ah! “Chen Fei was stunned, then startled, stared at Chen Ziling, and said,” What are you talking about? Who are you talking to? go together? ” ”

and my boyfriend, and, if you go too late, then I might not come back at night. “Chen Chi Ling deliberately blinked

eyes, looked at Chen Fei Road.

At this time, Chen Fei could not ignore it, and quickly said: “When do you have a boyfriend? Who is the other person? What does the family do? What is the way?”

Chen Ziling turned around, sighed deliberately, and said, “My brother doesn’t want to go with me, but also ask what these are doing? Alas, I still go with my boyfriend.”

Chen Fei heard, feeling his forehead. The green muscles on the floor were beating, and remembering the old man’s instructions to himself, he could only say: “Don’t sigh, I will go with you.”

“This is my brother!” The little girl changed her face instantly and came over Embracing Chen Fei’s arm, she said coquettishly.

Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but get a black thread, feeling that he seemed to have been caught by the little girl again.


Half an hour later, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling met at the gate of Beijing University.

Chen Fei looked at the time and could not help asking: “It’s almost time, why hasn’t your boyfriend come yet?”

Chen Ziling gave Chen Fei a white glance and said, “I’m not in a hurry, what are you doing so anxiously? Jealous? ”

” What kind of jealousy do I eat? I’m worried that you have a bad eye, so I found a squinted and crooked mouth. “Chen Fei pouted.

“Brother, do you think my vision is so bad?” Chen Ziling gave Chen Fei a white look.

Chen Fei was about to refute. When a car came over, Chen Ziling saw him and said to Chen Fei: “Brother, people are here.”

Seeing this, Chen Fei gathered his eyes and looked at the black Mercedes-Benz sedan.

The car stopped and walked out of the figure of a young man. Just looking at the figure, it was tall and thin, and it seemed good.

When Chen Fei saw that the figure walked out of the car completely and showed his face, he couldn’t help but be surprised. “Luo Feng, why are you?”

Luo Feng heard the exclamation, looked up and found that it was Chen Fei. After a slight surprise, he smiled and said: “Mr. Chen, you are there too!”

Chen Fei stared at Luo Feng and stepped out, making a noise Dao: “Luo Feng, you are to Zi

Ling— ” Chen Ziling came over and hugged Chen Fei’s arm at once. He pulled him aside and said, “Brother, stop talking. You misunderstood. ”

” What am I misunderstanding? Why don’t you say that your boyfriend is Luo Feng, I– “Chen Fei asked.

Chen Ziling pinched Chen Fei’s arm and said, “Brother, my previous words lied to you. Luo Feng is not my boyfriend, and I have no boyfriend at all. Luo Feng is just the person who invited me to the party? We There is no special relationship. ”

” Then why— “Chen Fei still didn’t believe it.

Chen Ziling gave Chen Fei a white look and said, “It’s not my brother. You don’t come with me. You have to tell me that you have a boyfriend before you come! I can’t help it.”

“Really just lying?” With Chen Ziling, a pair of unbelievable looks.

Chen Ziling nodded firmly and said, “Is there really no boyfriend? I was just invited to go to this party with Luo Feng.”

Mentioned this, Chen Fei still frowned for a while and said: “Last time, Luo Feng please You go to a concert. You are invited to this party again this time. Would you not understand what he meant? ”

” I’m not stupid, of course I understand. It’s just that I don’t feel anything about him, it’s impossible for him Together. “Chen Ziling said with a lip.


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