MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1366



“Yes, you don’t believe me, that person who can take you away. But, you don’t have to come back in the future.” Chen Fei was not interested in arguing with him, and said coldly.

“Leave and leave, who do you think you can scare?” Zhang Xinyu said coldly, shaking his hand to leave.

But what made her unexpected was that, except for March, who followed him, the other members of the Fire Squad did not mean to leave at this moment.

“What are you doing?” Zhang Xinyu dissatisfied.

“Don’t you listen to Mr. Zhang’s words?” Machi also shouted.

Several team members looked at each other, and then a 28-year-old man with a thin figure stood up and said to Zhang Xinyu: “Captain Zhang, we have seen the teaching effect of Instructor Chen. There is no need to be angry. After all, The purpose of all of us is the same for the victory of the Budo Conference. ”

” Han Jian, what do you mean? “Zhang Xinyu frowned.

March next to him also pointed at the man, “Han Jian, you have to remember that you are only the deputy captain of the fire squad. Boss Zhang is the captain, do you want to usurp the position?”

“You shut up for me, This is not your part! “Rare stared at Ma Qi fiercely, and then looked at Zhang Xinyu firmly,” Team Zhang, we all want to stay. If you insist, then, we ask to join other teams. ”

After hearing this, Zhang Xinyu’s face was extremely ugly, and his anger was obviously gathering.

His team members openly requested to join other teams, which was a heavy blow to his captain. Moreover, not only in the face, if the superior knows this, he will also have doubts about his ability, which will affect his future.

“Han Jian, good, good!” Zhang Xinyu stared at the rare, nodded angrily.

Immediately, Zhang Xin Yu turned his head and glanced at the crowd, Chen Fei who finally fell, broke and said: “? Since you have been to deceive him, that I let this guy in the end how you look at the strength of”

finished, Zhang Xinyu screamed, his right leg stepped on the ground, and with the power of the rebound, he rushed out fiercely, and the big punch of the sandbag hit the Chen Fei fiercely.

Everyone didn’t expect Zhang Xinyu to suddenly launch an attack on Chen Fei.

Lin Anshu Tan Bingjie and Lu Gang’s captains shouted “no” and rushed over to stop Zhang Xinyu, but they were too far away, but they were too late.

Seeing that Zhang Xinyu had rushed to Chen Fei, the offensive was almost inevitable.

At the moment, Chen Fei was still indifferent, looked at Zhang Xinyu, and said coldly: “You can think about it, the consequences of your doing so!”

Zhang Xinyu shouted sharply: “Tear through you liar, I am for the whole The Wuxing Squad thought. ”

” Really? “Chen Fei said softly, then shook his head.

“Take me a punch!” Zhang Xinyu burst into a bang and fists slammed. This punch, with great momentum, almost exploded into the strength of Zhang Xinyu’s mid-level realm of 80%, and everyone was shocked for a while.

“Team Zhang is moving!”

“It’s too fierce, this punch! Can Instructor Chen take it?”

………… In

countless arguments and burning eyes, Chen Fei faced Zhang Xinyu’s punch and shot it head-on. With a palm, he greeted him.

A snapping sound made the two sides collide together.

Immediately, a scream rang out, and Zhang Xinyu flew out, and fell to the ground. His right arm was bent and twisted, and he was completely deformed.

Zhang Xinyu even sprayed blood in his mouth, his forehead cold and sweating, and the whole person was so painful that he grinned and howled.

And Chen Fei, put away his right palm, came quietly, came to Zhang Xinyu, looked at him condescendingly, and said coldly: “Now, do you know the consequences of your hands?”

“You, how dare you hurt I. I am the captain of the Linglong Wuxing Squad. If you hurt me, you will provoke the Wuxing Squad and the entire Linglong. I– “Zhang Xinyu was still full of resentment, staring at Chen Fei’s threatened teeth.

However, Chen Fei has not spoken yet.

At this time, a thick voice sounded, “You can’t represent the Wuxing Squad, let

alone the entire Linglong!” Hearing the voice, everyone looked at it and found out that it was Director Mu Ningbian Mu who was surprised.

Zhang Xinyu also looked surprised, and wanted to explain: “Mu Bureau, I

just– ” “No need to explain.” Director Mu interrupted Zhang Xinyu’s words, and said in a deep voice, “I have given orders before, Chen Fei Will serve as the new captain of the five elements team. Your behavior, if you are light, it will be a gang and suppress the dissidents; if you are serious, it will be against the military order. ”

” From now on, you don’t have to stay in Linglong. ” Voice, then waved people to take off the badges on Zhang Xinyu’s uniform and the logo of the Linglong organization on the chest.

This meant that Zhang Xinyu was expelled from the spirit dragon. This was a result that everyone had never imagined and could not help but feel shocked.

Zhang Xinyu was also surprised for a while. After a few seconds, he recovered and quickly shouted: “Mu Bureau, don’t fire me. I am the captain of the fire squad, I have done credit for the organization, I–”

Director Mu waved his hand and let people drag Zhang Xinyu down.

Immediately, he looked at Chen Fei and said, “Xiao Chen, I’m sorry, letting you encounter this kind of thing is our Spirit Dragon’s mistake.”

Chen Fei nodded and said softly, “It’s okay, it’s just a trifle.”

“Well, then, the matter of the five elements team is left to you to handle, and I will not participate.” Mu Director patted Chen Fei’s shoulder and left.

At this time, the following five elements team members looked at Chen Fei’s gaze, all changed.

If they were just surprised by the magical effect of Chen Fei’s medicine before, then now, Chen Fei’s one-shot defeat to Zhang Xinyu really revealed his strength to them and really convinced this group of people.

For a while, everyone below looked at Chen Fei’s eyes, and they all became hot.

Chen Fei smiled and said, “Next, I will formally become your new instructor. Does anyone have any comments?”

“No!” A neat shout sounded.

Chen Fei nodded his head and glanced, but still found a figure shrunk in the crowd. Although he tried his best to hide his existence, Chen Fei quickly caught him, not anyone else, it was Zhang Xinyu’s follower, Ma Qi.

For this kind of flat-footed dog leg, Chen Fei was not interested in keeping him in the squad and waved him directly.

Then, Chen Fei re-appointed a captain to the fire team to replace Zhang Xinyu. The captain is the former deputy captain Han Jian who spoke before.

The staff was arranged, and Chen Fei systematically formulated a special training plan for each team, mainly to give play to the strengths of their group, and then strengthen the cooperation between each other to achieve a multiplier effect.

Although there was only one day, when Chen Fei left the Linglong headquarters base that evening, all the members of the five-element squad were conquered by Chen Fei.


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