MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1364



After a while, her complexion changed, her face was surprised, and she said, “I, I feel that my lower abdomen Dantian has become more active, and the true breath of my body is surging faster. becomes faster. ”

immediately, Tanbing Jie on the side of the fist of the testing machine waving a few punches, but extremely surprised,” my boxing ability, a direct upgrade to this, which also amazing. ”

see Tanbing Jie magic Many people suddenly appeared surprised, and their expressions were eager to try.

“Is anyone else going to try? There are not many medicines on me. If I miss this opportunity, I will wait for the next batch.” Chen Fei said.

Wen Yan, a member of the soil team rushed up, “Instructor Chen, I want to try.”

“Yes!” Chen Fei handed the pill to the other party.

After taking this pill, the burly man soon responded, similar to Tan Bingjie just now. Immediately, he also walked towards the boxing machine and wanted to test how much his strength had increased.

But when he was still some distance away from the boxing machine, he suddenly stopped and his expression froze, as if he had encountered something unexpected.

This situation made the excited team members nervous again. Worried about whether Chen Fei’s medicine is toxic and has side effects.

“What’s going on?”

“Why doesn’t Hadron stand still?”

“Hadron, go ahead and test your punches.”

“What’s going on, the expression is not right, do you want to call the doctor?”

“No accidents ?” Come on! ”

… ……

as the argument grows louder, and the skepticism of the crowd increases.

The player named Hadron sat directly cross-legged in front of the boxing machine and closed his eyes tightly without saying a word.

This situation has made everyone more curious and puzzled, and at the same time worried about Chen Fei’s drugs. Even the three captains looked dignified and nervous.

Some people are already anxious.

“Wrong, this situation, call the doctor!”

“There is definitely a drug problem.”

“This new instructor, really do not fly, or Zhang Xin Yu right ah!”

“Fire squad who go timely ah!”

…… …

As soon as the questioning sound almost reached its zenith, Chen Fei said, “Did you not even see him meditating?”

Wen Yan, everyone stunned, then looked closely, and only then found that strong Zi’s ​​posture does indeed seem to be meditating.

For a time, everyone was stunned and even more surprised.

“Well, what the hell is going on? Why did you suddenly meditate and practice?”

“The drug, or is there a problem, why wouldn’t it happen?”

“I don’t feel credible about this kind of thing. It is better to be cautious.” ”

……… In the

voice of discussion, the meditating strong son suddenly began to swell and become stronger, and then burst into a burst, just like an invisible true yuan lotus, bursting in the air, bursting everyone Attracted all of her attention.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is this really breathy, is it explosive?”

“Hadron is in danger.”

“Haha, I, I broke through, I broke through to the prefecture level, and I finally broke through.” In the voice of everyone’s worry, Hadron suddenly opened his eyes and jumped from the ground. , Shouted with excitement.

When he shouted like this, everyone

looked at him in amazement, and then there was constant discussion.

“Breakthrough, Hadron, are you really meditating and practicing!”

“Hadron, are you now a master at the ground level?”

“I remember that Hadron had been trapped in the level of Xuan-level peak for two years. There is no way to break through all kinds of methods, but now — ”

” “I feel good now, and my body is full of strength. The pills that Instructor Chen gave me are definitely good things. After I took it, Dan Tian became hot, really Yuan surged and finally broke through. Moreover, I didn’t feel any discomfort. “Qiangzi smiled excitedly.

Then he trot for a while and came to Chen Fei, a little speechless, “Instructor Chen, thank you. I, I don’t know what to say,

I– ” Chen Fei patted his shoulder, Laughed: “No need to thank, train well, improve your strength, and strive to perform well at the martial arts conference, which is my biggest thanks.”

“Yes, instructor Chen. I must work hard to complete the task!” A military salute immediately retreated with excitement.

Then, Chen Fei glanced at everyone and asked again: “Who else do I need to use my pills?”

With the actual case of Tan Bingjie and Qiangzi in sight, the team members were immediately excited and crowded over.

“I want, Instructor Chen, give me one.”

“Instructor Chen, I have also been stuck in the level of the Xuan-level peak for a long time, help me!”

“Instructor Chen, my surname is Chen, and I am a family. Give Let me! ”


A bustling voice sounded, and the scene was a bit chaotic.

At this moment, Lin Anshu suddenly shouted, “Give me peace, you are soldiers, members of the spirit dragon, what does it look like, what kind of system is it.” After

being so drunk by Lin Anshu, the players suddenly calmed down and dared not be crowded again At the same time, standing in line at the same time, after all, they still have the consciousness of being a soldier.

However, just after they were quiet, Lin Anshu took the opportunity to come to Chen Fei and squeezed out a smile, saying: “Instructor Chen, look at me so thin, I need to make up, please give me a pill first “”

Seeing this, the scene was silent, and then it seemed to boil like hot water, and it boiled.

“I’m relying on it, Captain Lin, you’re fooling!”

“Captain Lin, I didn’t expect you to look so gentle, but this kind of person!”

“Instructor Chen, Captain Lin is ridiculous, this is unfair, the medicine cannot be given to him.”

“Captain Lin, take me one, I am also very thin, I also need medicine!”

Finally, Chen Fei issued all the pills on his body, promised to prepare the second batch of pills immediately, to ensure that everyone has After the share, this made the noisy and excited crowd quiet.

Later, the person who took the pill directly began to meditate and practice, maximizing the role of the pill. Those who did not take medicine for a while, Chen Fei also taught them a set of exercises to let them practice.

These people were a little unhappy at the beginning, but after the first practice, they were pleasantly surprised to find that Chen Fei’s exercises were so amazing that they were much better than theirs, and the speed of practice increased a lot.

Suddenly, there was another voice of excitement and gratitude in the field.

In addition, Chen Fei sometimes pointed out the specific practice of the team members, and each time they could accurately point out their existing problems, allowing them to solve their problems and improve their strength.

It can be said that after only a long time, this group of five elements team members who had doubts about Chen Fei was completely conquered by Chen Fei at this moment. One by one with emotion in his heart, the instructors invited by Mu Bureau were indeed extraordinary. Qianlong ranked first, and indeed they were not ordinary people.


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