MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1363



Moreover, the captains of several five-element teams are also well-known existence on the Qianlong list.

Among them, Lu Gang ranked 15th, Tan Bingjie ranked 17th, Zhang Xinyu ranked 19th, Lin Anshu ranked 20th. In addition, Xing Rui, the captain of the Jin team, ranked seventh in the Qianlong list, the highest ranked presence among several people.

As the people on the list, they know very well how difficult it is to enter this list. How fierce the struggle is to face if you want to enter the top ten, top five, top three.

But now, Director Mu told them that Chen Fei, who looked soft and weak and inconspicuous in front of him, actually existed at the top of the Qianlong list. This really surprised them and felt a little unbelievable.

Zhang Xinyu laughed directly and said: “Mu Bureau, don’t be kidding. Just this guy, Qianlong is at the top of the list. Oh, this is absolutely impossible.”

Just when Zhang Xinyu questioned, Lin Anshu next to him had already figured out the tablet Check the computer on the website. After a while, he found the relevant information, and said in surprise, “Hey, the martial arts dragon ranked first, Chen Fei. Suddenly rises, the strength is strong. Even Zhu Kuishan and Zhu Lao of the martial arts alliance, treat him The evaluation is quite high. This photo is really him! ”

Hearing Lin Anshu’s voice, several people turned their heads and looked at it. After confirming that the information on the website was Chen Fei, they were even more surprised.

They really don’t understand how Chen Fei, like this guy, actually got to the top of the Qianlong list.

You know, there is that one in the Budo League. The top of the Qianlong list was always occupied by him, but now it is squeezed by a sudden unknown soldier, which is really ridiculous.

“Lin Anshu, is the website real? Wouldn’t it be a fake website?” Zhang Xinyu said.

Lin Anshu said with a sneer: “Zhang Xinyu, your joke is not ridiculous at all. Do you think I will make such a low-level mistake?”

“If it is true, how is it possible-” Zhang Xinyu is not used to Chen Fei.

Director Mu saw this, frowned with dissatisfaction, and said coldly to Zhang Xinyu: “Zhang Xinyu, although the Wuxing Squad has certain autonomy. But you must be clear that I am the deputy director of the Linglong organization and appointed Chen Fei as your New instructor, this is an order, not to discuss with you. Understand? ”

Director Mu’s attitude suddenly became serious, which surprised everyone.

Zhang Xinyu changed his face, and immediately said: “Yes, Mu Bureau, I understand! I follow the orders of the superiors.”

“Then train well, and after three months, I will see the result.” Director Mu sneered. , And then glanced at the other team members, turned and stepped away.

When I left, I patted Chen Fei gently on the shoulder and said, “Xiao Chen, if someone doesn’t listen to you, you can report to me at any time, I will handle it.”

“Yes, I understand, Thank you, Director Mu. “Chen Fei nodded gently and then saw Secretary Mu leave.

As a result, several people looked at each other with a serious expression, and the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing.

Zhang Xinyu glared at Chen Fei fiercely and said, “I don’t care what background you have, what relationship you use, let Mu Bureau support you. But what I can tell you is that you want to be the new instructor of our Wuxing team , The

first one of my fire team did not agree. ”

Facing Zhang Xinyu’s cruel words, Chen Fei nodded with a smile and said,” I remember, do I have anything else to say? If I don’t say anything, I want to start The first training class. ”

“You–” Zhang Xinyu looked at Chen Fei, who didn’t mean to listen to his words. He couldn’t help but look away, and immediately turned around to leave. At the same time, he ordered the members of the fire squad, “All members of the fire squad listened Ling, leave here. I will also give you special training. ”

Suddenly, a group of people headed by Mudge, after hesitating a little, immediately followed Zhang Xinyu and left.

Chen Fei watched them leave without stopping. Instead, he looked at the remaining people and asked with a smile: “Is there anything to leave? If you want to leave, you can join together now, otherwise I will wait for my training class to start. It ’s too late to leave. ”

The following people heard the words, throbbed, and looked at each other. Someone wanted to leave. But the remaining few captains did not make a statement, they were not good enough to leave casually.

After staying silent for a while, when no one was leaving, Chen Fei smiled and said: “It seems that you are recognizing me as a new instructor?”

Lin Anshu pushed his glasses and said, “Not enough, I just temporarily included you on my list of available for investigation. ”

Lu Gang smiled and said:” Me too, I want to give it a try! ”

Tan Bingjie looked at Chen Fei and smiled,” I Believe Mu Ju ’s vision, I also believe that Qianlong list is not randomly arranged. So, I look forward to your performance. ”

“ Thank you! ”Chen Fei felt a little surprised and nodded with a smile for Tan Bingjie ’s trust.

Immediately, he said loudly, “Since you haven’t left, please ask some of your team captains to gather the staff of your respective teams. I’m going to take the first training class.”

Although still doubtful, the three still went fast Gathered his team members together. There are not too many people. There are only twelve people in a team plus the captain, and only thirty-six people in the three teams. Together with some members of the lively team, there are about forty people.

Chen Fei stood on a platform, glanced down from the top, glanced at the people below, and felt the strength of their power. They felt their realm of strength and nodded. In the early days, it was a very powerful existence. ”

” Everyone who can achieve such a level, strength and talent are self-evident, and I will not say much. The biggest problem you are facing now is how to short-term Quickly improve his strength within a period of time. ”

Wen Yan, the players, including several captains, nodded involuntarily and immediately showed their expectations.

Chen Fei looked at the eyes they were looking forward to and said loudly: “The way I solve this problem is to cooperate with my special medicine to stimulate the potential of your body and make your strength progress faster.”


“Will not be What prohibited things right “? ”

there side effects? ”


face a variety of questions, Chen Fei does not explain anything, directly to work out a couple of pills, he broke and said:”? Who wants to come try ”

Everyone was hesitating, Tan Bingjie came out first after a few seconds, took Chen Fei’s pill, and swallowed it directly into his abdomen.


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