MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1362



Zhang Xinyu frowned, then touched his phone and turned to say: “Xing Rui was still out of the task. I called him and asked him for his opinion.”

Tan Bingjie frowned as he saw this. Lin Anshu and Lu Gang, however, had been used to it for a long time, so they didn’t say much.

Zhang Xinyu made several phone calls, but he was always prompted to shut down there. In the end, there was no way, he could only frown and put away his mobile phone, glanced at the captains of several other five-element teams, and said, “Anyway, I disagree with this new instructor.” The

other three were about to speak. At this moment, Director Mu came here with Chen Fei.

Several people saw this and greeted each other, “Mu Bureau, you are here!”

Zhang Xinyu frowned when he saw Chen Fei and Director Mu coming together and said coldly, “How did that guy come?”

Tan Bingjie Lin Anshu and Lu Gang looked at Zhang Xinyu with a puzzled look, with a look of inquiry.

Zhang Xinyu pointed at Chen Fei and said to them: “That guy is the murderer of the Xia Family. Just caught by You Lan and Ma Qi in our base. I thought that Director Mu would directly order him to be locked up, Why did it come to us? ”

Hearing that Chen Fei was a member of the Xia Men Xia family, the rest of them couldn’t help but be surprised, and there was a look of surprise on their faces. At the same time whispered.

“It looks very young, is he really the one who destroyed the Xia family?”

“No, the Xia family is not as good as the first-class family like the Luo family Zhong family, but it is not irritating. Take a little thought, please be a prefect master It ’s not too difficult to protect! Is n’t that kid a master at the prefecture level? ”

” Looking at him and Secretary Mu talking and laughing, it’s not like the person that Director Mu is going to catch! ”


Zhang Xinyu frowned and gritted his teeth: “Don’t be fooled by his surface, the guy is very arrogant. Just now in the office, he also ranted to me.”

Several other people were surprised and wanted to ask about the details, but this Shi Mu and Chen Fei had already arrived in front of them, and several people could only stop the conversation.

“It’s all there!” Director Mu looked at a few people, and then said, “Just now, I let You Lan inform you, I have received all the news!”

“Well!” Tan Bingjie nodded and asked immediately, ” Mu Bureau, who is the new instructor you asked us for? ”

Lin Anshu added:” What is the strength? Did you have any previous achievements? ”

Lu Gang smiled and said,” As long as it can become stronger, what? ” . I have the same instructor, ”

Zhang Xin Yu then gently frown, the channel:” Muslim Council, my advice before or, when Xing Rui feel let our instructors more appropriate. ”

Muju Zhang Wenyan, Chen Sheng said:” your I know all the ideas. I can assure you that the new instructor you invited this time is absolutely qualified and qualified to be your instructor. He is absolutely capable of enhancing your strength before the martial arts conference. ”

Hearing Director Mu If you cut the nail on the nails, it will make the four five-element team captains look surprised, and at the same time they will be more curious.

After all, to the extent of their Wuxing team, the captain’s strength has almost reached the level of the prefecture. If you want to continue to improve, it is very difficult.

From inside and outside the army before they make a lot of known

masters and instructors were over, but after trying, the effect is very general.

Now, Director Mu bluntly said that the new instructors were absolutely competent, which made them surprised and curious, and at the same time, they also did not believe it.

Director Mu understood their thoughts and didn’t say much. He glanced at Chen Fei, and then he launched, with a loud voice announced: “This is Mr. Chen Fei Chen, he is the new one I asked you Instructor. “As

soon as this remark came out, the scene was suddenly silent, and everyone was stunned and looked at Chen Fei with incredible expression.

Even You Lan, who had the best attitude towards Chen Fei, was covering her mouth at the moment, full of surprise, unable to believe it at all.

“Hello everyone, this is Chen Fei. In the next three months, I hope to get along well with everyone and make progress together.” Chen Fei glanced at the few people in front of him and said with a smile.

However, at the moment, they didn’t care what Chen Fei said, almost all of them were surprised.

Zhang Xinyu can be said to be the most excited one, pointing at Chen Fei, and said to Secretary Mu: “Mu Bureau, you are not kidding. Let him, an outside warrior, come to be our instructor?”

Lin Anshu also met With a suspicious look, he said: “Mu Bureau, only three months away from the Budo Assembly, we have no extra time to waste. I am afraid it is not appropriate!”

Lu Gang just glanced at Chen Fei , Asked aloud: “Are you very powerful?”

Only Tan Bingjie, after frowning lightly and thinking, said to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, can you show your strength?”

Faced with doubts and doubts, Director Mu said : “Mr. Chen is not a self-cultivation, he is one of the special instructors of our Linglong organization.”

“One of the special instructors.”

Hearing this, the faces of several people changed again, and they immediately thought of something, and their eyes were even more It looks strange.

“It’s him? More than a year ago, our Linglong organization suddenly added a special instructor.”

“The requirements of the special instructor are very strict. I want to know what qualifications he has to become our special instructor of the spirit dragon.”

“I still want to see his strength.”


Director Mu continued: “What qualifications do they have?” ? I can tell you that before, in Xiangjiang, the special training organized by our Linglong was the responsibility of Mr. Chen. You also know the results of that training. ”

Mentioned this, several people looked at each other and immediately Whispered.

“The results of the Xiangjiang special training were indeed outstanding that time, and they also defeated the foreign martial arts.”

“If that is the case, I’m still looking forward to it.”

“Oh, the Xiangjiang special training is only a branch. We are the five-   element team, the elite of the spirit dragon elite, but it is not comparable to those of ordinary teams. ”


Mr. Mu saw this, opened his mouth wide, raised a smile, and continued:” Still question? Then I Let me tell you, besides that, Mr. Chen is still the number one in Qianlong. “After the remark, several people were really surprised. Even Zhang Xinyu, who was most dissatisfied with Chen Fei, was surprised at the moment.

Because the Qianlong list is one of the lists published by the Budo League, and the Chinese young martial arts under the age of 36 are on the list. Three months later, the results of the contest will affect the rearrangement of Qianlong.


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