MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1361



“You Lan, what did you say? Director Mu said that our instructor has arranged it?” A capable woman with short hair and tights looked at You Lan in surprise and asked aloud.

“Well!” You Lan nodded, looked at the woman, and said, “Sister Tan, this is what Secretary Mu told me personally.”

This hot Tan sister is Tan Bingjie, the captain of the water team of the Wuxing team. , Is also the captain of You Lan. However, Tan Bingjie usually has a good relationship with the team members. There are not so many rules and she is commensurate with her sisters.

At this time, on the other side, a man with glasses, long and thin, with a touch of book gas pushed the glasses, and asked You Lan: “You Lan, did Secretary Mu say that the instructor he arranged for us? People? ”

You Lan shook her head and said:” Captain Lin, Director Mu only said that the instructor had arranged it, but he didn’t say who he was. ”

The man who was angry at the book was the captain of the Wuxing Squad- Lin Anshu.

Lin Anshu heard the words, nodded, and said thank you to You Lan, then stopped talking.

At this time, Zhang Xinyu, who had been frowning and not opening his mouth, glanced at You Lan with an unpleasant voice: “Secretary Mu did not say who this new instructor is, that is certainly not a well-known powerful person. Choose this kind of person When we are instructors, it is a waste of time, it is better to practice by ourselves. ”

You Lan heard the words, said nothing, but frowned lightly.

Immediately, Zhang Xinyu continued: “Besides, not all of them have been discussed before. If you can’t find a suitable instructor, let Laoxing take us to practice. Lao Xing’s strength, we all know that he is also our boss at the same time. It ’s better for us to practice, but it ’s not more suitable than any new instructor. ”

After that, Zhang Xinyu looked at several captains and said,“ How do you feel? Waiting for Director Mu to bring the new instructor over, let ’s comment together, Disagree with the instructor he arranged. ”

Tan Bingjie and Lin Anshu next to each other heard a silence, and then spoke.

Lin Anshu said, “Xing Rui is good. He is the captain of the Jin team. We know each other well. We have been together for many years. His strength is better than ours. If he comes to train, the effect should be good. If it is not A particularly good new instructor, I agree with Xing Rui as our instructor. ”

Wen Yan, Zhang Xinyu’s face showed a look of excitement, nodded to Lin Anshu.

Then, he looked at Tan Bingjie, revealing the color of inquiry.

Tan Bingjie frowned lightly and said, “Xing Rui is good, but I don’t think he is a good thing to be our instructor.”

“Uh-Tan Bingjie, don’t you trust Xing Rui? His strength has reached the ground At the end of the grade, it is a little higher than us. When we are instructors, why is it not a good thing? “Zhang Xinyu asked with a voice.

Tan Bingjie heard that, with a displeased expression on his face, he looked at Zhang Xinyu and said coldly: “Zhang Xinyu, don’t buckle my hat. You have a good relationship with Xing Rui. I am also a teammate and I have no trust or distrust.”

“The reason why I said that he is inappropriate is that he has his own judgment.”

“Then you talk about your judgment?” Zhang Xinyu’s face is not very good-looking, Shen said.

Tan Bingjie said: “First of all, you have to figure out, what is the purpose of Director Mu for arranging a new instructor for us this time

. There is only one purpose, that is, the martial arts conference of the Martial Arts League three months later, and we want to get it by then. Good results. ”

” Everyone knows this. “Zhang Xinyu said.

“I haven’t finished speaking yet, don’t interrupt me!” Tan Bingjie glared Zhang Xinyu with dissatisfaction, and continued, “We all know that the martial arts conference of the Martial Arts League is a gathering of the strongest and the most powerful domestic martial arts competition. ”

“Our Linglong Wuxing squad has good strength and belongs to the top group. But if we want to say that we won the championship, there is still a certain distance. Not to mention that those well-known martial arts sects will send people to participate. Masters, we may not be able to beat it. Plus, China is very rich in resources, maybe some casual martial artsmen will emerge. By then, are you confident that you can guarantee the results of our five-

element team? ” Hearing Tan Bingjie asked a few questions Everyone was stunned for a moment, and his expression was a little low.

After all, Tan Bingjie said all the facts. Although Linglong’s five-element team is good, its strength cannot be regarded as the top. If you do n’t say anything else, let ’s say that the masters cultivated by the Budo Meng, they once played, and they are indeed weaker than the other party.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for an unknown strong man to appear at the Budo Assembly.

Now, they still have a fresh memory. In the martial arts conference more than 20 years ago, the suddenly emerged strong man Chen Mochi defeated many popular players in the dark horse position, and finally won the championship. He was instantly famous and highly sought after.

Later, everyone found out that this Chen Mochi most likely obtained the treasure of the Dragon Tomb, so he suddenly emerged from an unknown person. For a time, Chen Mochi ignited the Dragon Tomb Treasure Event that had been silent for many years, and set off a wave of treasure hunting.

Although after that, Chen Mochi was active in the public only for a year, and then disappeared. However, the event of Chen Mochi’s dark horse winning this time was an inescapable event in the history of the Budo Assembly for so many years. How many years have passed, and there are people talking about it every time.

Looking at the silent people, Tan Bingjie continued: “We are all familiar with Xing Rui, and his strength, I don’t doubt it. It’s just that we are too familiar and want to rely on him to improve the strength of our team within three months. It ’s very difficult to become a favorite to win the championship. ”

“ So, I think, in order to compete for the championship. I think, it is necessary to choose a new recruit instructor, as the so-called unbroken, may not bring us a breakthrough. ”

After listening to Tan Bingjie’s words, Lin Anshu could not help but nod, thinking it was quite reasonable.

Zhang Xinyu frowned, with a dissatisfied look on his face, and said, “Why is it such a simple thing to bring a breakthrough? If the newcomer instructor does not work, will our performance be worse?”

Tan Bingjie said coldly. : “That’s better than

standing still and sticking to the rules!” “You—” Zhang Xinyu was dissatisfied and almost quarreled with Tan Bingjie. However, after all, he was under control at the base, and he asked a short and burly man who had not spoken aside, “Lu Gang, you are the captain of the Turkish squad. What are your opinions? ”

Lu Gang with a flat head and a straight face, smiled and heard, said:” Who is the instructor, I call me. Who can make my strength stronger, I will support who! ”

” A lot of nonsense It’s the same as not saying it! “Zhang Xinyu dissatisfied.

Lu Gang was not angry, hey, he smiled and said: “I am telling the truth, that’s what I think in my heart.”


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