MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1360



Director Mu shook his head and said firmly: “No, you must be Xiao Chen, no one else can do it. Moreover, the martial arts competition of the Budo League is about to start, and you want to improve the strength of the team in a short time. Xiao Chen, you are undoubtedly the best candidate. ”

” Budao League, contest? “Chen Fei remembered the last time he went to Xiangjiang and informed himself of the two brothers and sisters Lin Hu and Lin Lu who were ranked in Qianlong List, as if they were Budo League. People. As for the contest, he is not clear.

Muju Chang Chen Fei looked puzzled expression, explained:. “Chen, Wu Road Warrior League is a league we Huaxia Wu’s organization, we Linglong players almost always a fighter, but also a lot of martial Union” and

“In order to promote Budo development, so that Budo human progress together. once Budokai nationwide martial Union every four years, will be organized, so that the country’s military gathered together to carry out martial arts have a competition. ” ”

excellent results, not only a variety of The benefits of awards are also likely to be selected by many special departments of the Zongmen family on the spot and selected as their own members. It can be said that the Budo congress of the Budo League is a carnival of all Chinese martial arts. ”

” Our Linglong organization also participated After this martial arts meeting, I want to get a good result. But with their current strength, it is definitely not enough. So, I want Xiao Chen to give them a special training for them. ”

Chen Fei understood, but understood The meaning of Director Mu. With a wave of silence, Chen Fei sighed and couldn’t help but say, “Director Mu, as far as I know, the members of the Linglong team are all elites. The Wuxing team is even more elite among the dragons. As their instructors, I am afraid that some people will not be convinced Come on! ”

Director Mu heard this, his eyes widened, and said,” Xiao Chen, you are our special instructor of the spirit dragon, and you are also the first young martial arts strongman on the Qianlong list. Who doesn’t agree with you! ”

” This -“Chen Fei still hesitated.

Director Mu immediately squeezed a smiley face and said, “Besides, Xiao Chen, you are an apprentice of Mr. Xuanyuan. It is their blessing to receive your special training. If you know your identity, I am afraid you will come to special training. the people have a crush. ”

mention” Regulus old man “these words, Chen Fei could not help but surprised a moment, he surprised to see the Muju Zhang everywhere,” Muju Zhang, how do you know – ”

you know, Mu The old Mr. Xuanyuan in the mouth of the Secretary is Chen Fei’s master, who was called the “old man” by Chen Fei on the phone.

Although the old man also has such a domineering reputation as “Xuanyuan Jiangshan”, for many years, Chen Fei, who has been calling his old man, has really been unable to lay Tianwu Mountain on the chair and lie on the chair and watch the small movie. , Linked to the overbearing and noble name “Xuanyuan Jiangshan”.

Faced with Chen Fei’s surprise and doubt, Director Mu sighed and explained: “Xiao Chen, don’t be surprised. The thing that appointed you as the special instructor of Linglong was that Mr. Xuanyuan personally called and ordered, so I know you and The relationship between Mr. Xuanyuan. ”

” And, thirty years ago, I admired Mr. Xuanyuan’s supremacy and went to Tianwu Mountain to find an old gentleman to learn from the teacher. But desperately, my talent was dull and I didn’t get the old gentleman’s Favor, in the end, only got a few words from the old gentleman, and then came down the mountain. ”

” Now think of it, the failure of that year is still a great regret in my heart! “Director Mu said with a sigh of emotion.

Immediately, he looked at Chen Fei, smiling, and said, “If I succeeded in apprenticeship, now, Chen, would you still call me Brother? Alas, it’s just a pity for me-but, anyway, Mr. Xuanyuan I have always remembered the instructions of me. He is my master in my heart. ”

After listening to Chen Fei, he was even more surprised, but he did not expect that the deputy director of Linglong, the big man in front of him , Even once wanted to worship the old man as a teacher, but eventually failed.

Even so, Director Mu looks like a regret and nostalgia, and it seems that he can get a few words from the old man, which is a gift from the heavens.

The old man ’s tall image in Secretary Mu ’s mouth completely surpassed Chen Fei ’s expectations. At one time, Chen Fei had some doubts about whether the sleazy old man he had been with for many years was the same person as the “Xuanyuan Jiangshan” in the mouth of Secretary Mu. .

“Little Chen, Brother Chen. Looking at Mr. Xuanyuan’s face, you can agree to my request.” Director Mu looked at Chen Fei expectantly.

All things said about this, and the old man was moved out. How could Chen Fei not agree, so he nodded and said: “Well, Director Mu, I promised you to be an instructor. However, I still have some things in the capital, I am afraid I cannot stay in the base for closed training. ”

Mr. Mu quickly said:” Xiao Chen you are a special instructor, you do not need to conduct closed special training. You only need to instruct them at a critical moment. Usually, Xiao Chen can freely enter and exit the base. ”

Linglong headquarters is a country like this In the top-secret place, Chen Fei had only access, and Director Mu gave Chen Fei great autonomy.

After discussing the matter of being an instructor with Director Mu, the two of them went out of the office together without delay, preparing to meet the Wuxing team and start special training directly.

You Lan, who was waiting outside the office, was originally worried about Chen Fei because of the affairs of Zhang Xinyu and Xia’s family.

But when she saw Chen Fei and Director Mu smiling all over, and they walked out of the office with a warm relationship, she couldn’t help but stunned, rubbing her eyes, whispering, “Here, what’s going on? Mu Why is the Secretary so intimate with Chen Fei? And, is this smiling face still the Secretary Mu Ningbian Mu? When he usually treated us, he did n’t have as many smiles as he does now! ”

You Lan was surprised and dull. At that time, Director Mu looked over and said, “You Lan, go to the Wuxing Squad to inform me about the instructor’s affairs. I have arranged it.”

“Yes!” You Lan recovered from the consternation, hurriedly saluted and said yes, and then trot to inform the news.


At this time, deep in the base, in a large martial arts practice room, dozens of martial artists were busy.

Some are working out with various special training equipment, some are meditating cross-legged, closing their eyes to practice, and some simply go to the ring to practice directly.

Among these crowds, four men and women around the age of 30 sat in the corner, and You Lan came over to them and said something. After the four of them listened, their faces could not help but show a surprised look, and then they began to discuss.


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